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okay hi guy's I was sitting in my room last night and just came up with some silly little theory thats all in my head but listen to this


Edward loves Bella no matter who she chooses

Jacob loves bella only when she is human

sure he loves her as a vampire but not as in a relationship love

therefore I think Edward loves her more because he will always love her



Maybe you have all came up with this already and I was to stupid to think about it till now

oh and no effence to all you team jacob fans cause hes still awesome!

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that is so true!!! i actually thought of that AFTER i read breaking dawn... yah lol.
edward's love 4 her no doubt is an unconditional love.fortunately she loves him as much eventhough she's got confused by the way she feels 4 jacob for a while. eventually jacob decided he would love her even if she's not human anymore (on BD). But thats too late for him bcus bella already realizd w/ whom she cant live without.
thats so right she made that choice when she first layed eyes on edward. in twilight.
you are right edward will allways love bella no matter what she dose.but iam so glad she chose edward because if she had not things whould have really diffrent.
I agree with all of you...Edward and Bella belong together...
Not really, he didn't love in a relationship way when she became a vampire because he had imprinted on renesmee by then. No offense, but did you think of that?
I did, it may be because I like edward a little bit better jacob is kinda a jerk sometimes. BUT Jacob bascially forces Bella to kiss him ( I mean if someone said they were going to kill them selves I would do what ever it took to save them too) so therefore i think Edward loves her more. trust me though edward defentily has LOTS of flaws too plus he oculdn't imprint on her
i AGREE W U <3
Jacob still loves her unconditionally. Remember in Eclipse, he said, "Maybe even then," refering to loving her after she became a vampire. But the reason Jacob didn't love her romantically after she turned was because he had already met Nessie, and he knew that she would would be IT for him when she grew older. That's why Jacob didn't love Bella romantically.
i did actually think of that when i read eclipse in january this year and well i kind of always thought that edward loved bella more than anyone else
you got that right :P
edward will always love bella, and will always think about her happiness, he would like her to be happy with jacob rather than sad with him (though that will never happen XDD)


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