The Twilight Saga

okay hi guy's I was sitting in my room last night and just came up with some silly little theory thats all in my head but listen to this


Edward loves Bella no matter who she chooses

Jacob loves bella only when she is human

sure he loves her as a vampire but not as in a relationship love

therefore I think Edward loves her more because he will always love her



Maybe you have all came up with this already and I was to stupid to think about it till now

oh and no effence to all you team jacob fans cause hes still awesome!

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yup kinda got that while i was reading the books.....i think a wicked twist wudda been if she chose jacob at the end of eclipse.....jus the "wudda, cudda's" you think about after reading a story....
Ya I do agree with that. Bella wasn't meant for Jacob anyways. Now he has Nessie! XD

That is so right. I also suspected that. Jacob is such a young naive idiot


thatz soo true..great theory....dnt feel bad i relized the same thing like a month ago


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