The Twilight Saga

Sophie is a pretty sweet girl, who usually stays to herself, and never even pays attention to who her mom is dating. But now, her mom just got married, to a vampire! A guy that has three vampire sons! Tell me that isnt weird? Sophie has to learn to live with trouble making, noisy, and annoying new brothers now?!?!?!?


Chapter One:Meeting The Jones Boys

I was finally here...sadly. I looked up in awe at the huge house that they lived in. I could not believe it was my first day meeting my three new brothers, I was really hoping they were polite, and poised boys. Although, I don't get out much, so I have no idea what they will be like. I didn't really even care too much, I had to be here, I was only fifteen, so obviously, I couldn't just leave. I could not believe I was going to be the youngest. I heard Garrett was sixteen, Samuel was seventeen, and Brennen was eighteen. I had already been given this long talk about how they were vampires and crap. It was all a lot to take it. I hadn't believed my mom at first, but Daniel (my new dad) had proved it, by reading pretty much every thought I had ever had in my entire life! Could you tell me that is not creepy?

I walk into the house, where I see one boy run past me with a phone, who is now being held down by another one, and being teased, and punched by the other. My eyes widend hoping he was okay. Daniel walked in behind me with my bags, he sighs, "And those are your brothers..." My mouth dropped. That could NOT be the. Seriously? What if they kill me?!?!?!? They look like they could do harm. The one who had been doing the punching ran up to Daniel, "Dad! Tell Garrett to give me my phone back!" I heard a boy from the back pipe in, I am going to guess Garrett, "But Dad! He texted Lexi off my phone! I realize the only way to get revenge is by texting Morgan off of his!" Daniel sighed and rolled his eyes, "Garrett! Give him his phone back! Now!!!!" Garrett walked over and pretented to give the other guy his phone and he actually threw it on the ground, breaking the screen, "Ooppss? Did I do that?" He asked, obviously not caring. The one who owned the phone tackled him to the ground and started punching him in the face, it startled me when Daniel screamed, "STOP! Now! Boys, Sophie, and Sarah." He gestured to me and my mom. It was weird somebody calling my mom Sarah;not mom. Garrett got up and came over to me, "Garrett, and Sarah I met you at the wedding." Wow! Polite! The one whos phone broke cam over to me, "Brennen." He said, obviously not caring. The next one came up to me and shook my hand, "Samuel." He smiled, his long sleeve slid up a little bit and he quickly covered it. Daniel stopped and looked at him, "Samuel, what is that on your arm?" Daniel asked. Garrett got back up, "A tattoo! Your welcome dad!" Samuel looked over at Garrett, "What did I do to you?!?!?!?" Garrett widened his eyes, and he pointed at the bruise on his cheek, "This happend like ten minutes ago!!!!!!!"  Samuel started walking towards Garrett, but Daniel grabbed him by the arm, "When did you get this?" Daniel asked. Samuel looked down, " months ago." Samuel grinned. I could see Daniel trying to control his anger when he asked threw gritted teeth, "Do you have any more?" Samuel shook his head no. Daniel looked over at Garrett. Garrett grinned, "He should take his shirt off." Samuel looked at Garrett with an Im going to kill you later look. Daniel sort of gestured for Samuel to take off his shirt. Samuel shook his head, "I would rather not do tha-" Daniel cut him off by ripping the shirt off. There was a HUGE tattoo on his shoulder." I tried my best not to smile, so I just looked down. Samuel looked over at me, "What are you or something Little Miss Perfect?" I looked back up at him smiling, "What are you grounded?" He started to respnd but Daniel just said, "Yes! You are, for three weeks, and I don't know what else yet, I will have to think about it! Room.Now." He demanded. Samuel ran upstairs in a speed that amazed me.

Garrett laughed at me widening my eyes, "Never seen that before. Huh?" He asked, and I shook my head no. When Brennen started to go up to his room, he stopped at me, "Look, if you want to make it in this family, dont tell Garrett anything, and don't socialize with Garrett at all...the results..." He pointed upstairs towards where Samuel went. Garrett smiled an evil smile, "Just for that, I bet dad wants to know you are going to a tatto artist soon, huh?" Brennen turned around, "I bet he also wants to know that you are suspended from school for two weeks!" He snapped back. Garrett just looked down and ran upstairs, and Brennen followed. I could tell this was going to be a CRAZY journey.



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I need 3 to 5 comments to continue writing. I will put up chapter 2 as soon as I get that :)

Actually, maybe three or four likes would work too :))))

Hopefully I can get more likes so Chapter 2 can go up today!!!!!

I am putting this up anyways!!!!



Chapter Two: A Rude Awakening.

It was weird that me and my mom were the only ones in the house who slept. I felt like they were going to bite me in my sleep or something... that could be why I didn't sleep half the night. The other half, is probably because since the boys don't sleep, they don't take a break from being NOISY! Finally, I fell asleep at 3:00 a.m. finally.

7:30 a.m.

Is there a hurrican going on? I don't want to open my eyes, afraid of what I might see, I open my eyes, only to see the ground. I heard laughing, and finally I realize I am on someone back, I look over to see who it is, and I am slung over Samuels back. "Put.Me.Down." I warn him. I can hear him laughing, and now I can tell I am outside. "You really want down?" I could see a grin on his face. I just rolled my eyes as I replied, "Yes! I really want down!" I heard him laugh. First, I was happy I was being let down, then I feet felt wet, and now, I am obviously in a pool. Soked. I come up from water to the sound of all three boys laughing. I can believe they threw me pool! "You are insane!" I yell. They just stand there and laugh like they heard nothing. "Fine, Sam, at LEAST help me up!" I plead. He rolls his eyes and then lends out his hand, right when I get a hold of it, I grin, and his eyes widen, I pull him into the pool, and hop out while he is underwater. When he comes up he looks like he is going to kill me, so I run back in the house. I obviously forget that I am soaked, because I am leaving tons of water throughout the house. I can here Sam after me, so I run even quicker. I bump into Daniel, and I quickly say sorry. I can tell he is about to say something, when he must notice Sam behind, I turn around, he looks as angry as ever. Daniel frowns, "What did you do now?" Sam throws his hand up towards me, "She threw me in the pool!" My mouth dropped and I turned back to him and said, "You threw me in first, and I am pretty sure your intention was to do it while I was asleep! You could have killed me!" He just laughed. I heard Daniel mumble under his breath that I was already joining in on family ways, or something like that, and I rolled my eyes. Daniel grinned, and then looked up at us, "I know what you need, quality time together." Sam and I were both pleading nnnooo, that we would do anything else, and he just shook his head, "You need to and you will." Sam shook his head, "No. I.Won't." Sam left to his room, and Daniel smiled, now I was thrown over Daniels back, even my new step-dad! Is this something they do a lot? I was taken into Sams room, and he threw me down on the bed, then he left the room, and of course Sam had to have one of those stupid doornobs, where it locks from the outside in. Sam just rolled his eyes, "Does he realize I can get out?" I looked around the room with no windows at all, "How?" Sam just grinned, "I am a vampire, I could break the wall if I wanted." I looked down, "Cool." I said that without any excitment of my voice, because he obviously sounded cocky. Sam sat down on the bed beside me, "You know, you are a huge pain in the butt!" I just rolled my eyes, ignoring him. But, of course, he continued, "Haven't you ever done anything bad? Gone out of you comfort zone?!?!?" I shook my head no, I am not fond of going out of my confort zone, I like my zone, it is nice and peaceful. "Do something bad." I was about to protest, when he ssshed me, of course I tried again, and he had the same reaction. I just rolled my eyes, and he grinned, "You are doing something fun tonight. Actually...WE are doing something fun tonight." He had an evil grin on his face, and I had a bad feeling about this.

LOL They are definitely going to pull her out of her comfort zone!

Haha, ready for you guys to see what I have in store for the next chapter :)))))

wow gosh crazy brothers lol. I like this, please keep me updated. Oh and a tip. Post new paragraph each time a new person speaks as it gets bit crowded like this and confusing

Thank you, and thanks for the advice, I just get a bit confused on here because I never write fanfictions or anything, I usually write stuff on microsoft word, so I got confused in some places :/ I will surely make the next chapter easier to read :)

No problem :) a lot of people wrote like that until I told them about this and now its easier to read lol . I am glad to help. this is going to be good. I like this

Just a question. if her mom's new husband is a Vampire how come he has 3 Vampire sons? are they adopted? or changed when they were certain age if they are his biological one's

In my head his last wife was like changed right after Garrett was born, and then, when his wife decided to leave, she bit Daniel, and Daniel waited until they were at least old enough to understand and then he changed them. But, I haven't brought it up yet, because it has not came up in anything yet.

Oh fair enough, thanks for letting me know. I was just curious as to why his sons were Vampires as well

Yeah, I don't know if thats exact or not, they may end up being like adopted or something, that is just how I was thinking.


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