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I have never feel like this before, I have never feel like there is someone you can’t live without , it’s too difficult to choose between your life , love and your best friend , but when you have to choose you should choose the right one ….


This week was very busy Alice was planning for my wedding, and she was asking me if I like this color or If I hate it , and if I want a band in my wedding , but all of this wasn’t difficult , the most difficult thing was going to my friends and invite them to the wedding , I hate to think how they will think about me when I go and invite them .. but I don’t care because I will be with Edward  , Edward was with me all most every night , we were go out a lot I was stick with him as a glue as usual .. It’s raining outside , but it was warm in my room I’m sitting on my bed and talking to Edward by the phone , I didn’t see him  from 3 days he was in MODE helping his sister Avie at the work , I really miss him it’s very boring and sleepy and stink without him.. ‘ love ,are you still with me?’ he asked and his voice was full of worry ‘ya ,sorry I was thinking’


‘Thinking about what?’ he asked with his voice back to normal .


‘About you , about that I can’t live without even for days it’s too hard and difficult’ I said with a law voice at the end , and I was sure that he was smiling the smile that I love. 


‘Really? You was thinking about all of this, I miss you and I will come back tonight’ tonight? Am I the luckiest girl on the earth?

‘I’m so so so happy I really miss you very much I can’t wait antel tonight’ finally I was going to see Eddie after 3 days from waiting him every night and asking myself what is he doing right now? Is he happy? How he feel right now? ..


‘Bella .. where are you ?you are thinking a lot?’..


‘ya .. can’t stop thinking of you’ I said with a soft voice 


‘ me too, I will call you later ok?’ he asked .


‘ ok’ I didn’t want to stop listening to his voice but ..whatever..






‘can you please promise me something?’


‘ I know , I know ,  I promise you I will take care of myself and try to not fall at the washing machine’


He laughed ‘ good , love?’


‘ what?’


‘sweety I think you should sleep you are very tired’  


‘no , I will wait antel  you come back’


‘please honey sleep and when I come back I will wake you up , ok?’ he said with a law voice

‘ok whatever you want’ I didn’t really want to close the line but he was right I couldn’t fight the sleepy feel I was very tired .


‘ bye’ I said.

‘ bye , take care’  then the line was dead .

I put my head on the pillow I was thinking about Edward and how he is so kind .. after a few seconds I fall asleep..                                        

I couldn’t see anything it was too dark at my room , I don’t know why the lamps around my bed was off but I don’t care because I felt his icy hand around my waist , I was really happy finally he is here I put my hand on his face searching for his lips , he was cold and icy very still like a stone but it doesn’t matter , he was Eddie my Eddie the one that I couldn’t live without , I could feel his beautiful smile touching his   perfect  face ..

‘welcome back’ I whispered .

‘that sounds nice’ he said.

‘I missed you really it was like years not days’ I pressed my lips on his , it was so sweet but as usual I was sure that I have only seconds antel he pulls me back , but he didn’t and I was really happy .. after a few minutes when his lips was on my jaw .

‘I missed you’ he said .

‘I missed you too, it was like there’s no air and it’s hard to breath’ I said with a soft voice .

‘you know I felt the same but it was like half of me was with you’ he took a deep breath and after that he said ‘let us stop talking about this , what you would say about kidnapping you tomorrow?’

I kissed his cheek ‘you know that you can kidnap me any time you want’

‘ok , what about going to cinema tomorrow ?’

‘good idea , I want to watch a classic movie or a romantic one but only with you and no one else’ I said with my hands on his shoulders he took my right hand and kissed it OH HOW I LOVE HIM..

‘of curse only with me , you should sleep now’

‘WHY? I don’t want to waste any single second I spend with you’..   

‘I will be here with you just sleep you look very tired.’ He was right as always ..

‘ok , ok , just let me give you something first’

I put my lips on his cheek and give him a kiss …

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He was waiting for me in his shiny Volvo the music was classic and soft , I wore a white t-shirt and an old jeans , he was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans he really look like a hot model he was so beautiful..I put my hand on his ..

‘are you ready ?’

‘ yes sure’….

I put my hand on his …

‘ are you ready ?’

‘yes sure’ I said with a huge smile on my face.

He stopped the music and turn the radio on , there was an old song from 50’s he was singing with it at the end of the song he said ‘I’m sure that you get bored of this old song’

he changed the channel it was a song for linkin park he was singing with it and the next song and the song after it too , I laughed then he looked at me and said ‘what’s funny?’

‘ It’s looks like there is nothing you don’t know , you really know every single word in the songs’

‘when you hear it one time you save it’

‘don’t say you because you are the only one who can’

After minutes of singing and laughing the car stopped we arrived to the restaurant

‘so what do you want for your breakfast ?’ he asked

‘apple pie .. maybe’ I ‘m not sure if I’m hungry ..but whatever..

‘ok , you want to eat at the restaurant or outside?’ he asked I really don’t want to eat inside because the last time I went to a restaurant with Edward all the girls were staring at him and I don’t blame them..

‘Bella you still with me?’

‘ya.. ok I think I will eat outside’

Then he took my hand and we walked side by side… the waiter was looking at him like she might fall down , she was tall with dark red hair and she had a slim body..

‘can I help you ?’ she was talking to Edward like I wasn’t their beside him , I hated the way she look to him I really wanted to slip her face and tell her to move her eyes out of my boy…

‘yes , can I have two bottle of water and one apple pie please?’

‘ya , sure’ then she went to bring the order

‘ are you ok?’ Edward asked with his hand on my cheek

‘yes everything it’s ok but I really didn’t love the way that she is looking to you’ I felt my cheek turn red

‘don’t bother yourself she don’t look beautiful like you love’ he laughed

‘can you share?’

‘it’s not funny but you look very beautiful with your blusher’ good now I feel like I will melt…

After few seconds the waiter came with the order and Edward paid then we left

‘would you like to go to the park and eat your breakfast ?’

‘that will be great’

We went to the park there weren’t many people there we sat on the grass and we talked about many things like collage , the wedding … the time ran very fast ..

Edward put me on his lap we were talking about Alice and how she does her best at planning to the wedding …
‘So ... When you are going to invite your friends?’ he asked

‘I don’t know when ... maybe tomorrow’ I really don’t want to go and give them the invitation by myself and for sure Jessica will need more details..

‘Bella ... Love I have good news’ he said with a smile on his face.

‘Really?! What?’

‘look their’ I turned my head and see what he was talking about.. OMG all of my friends was sitting their , talking and playing … all of them … they didn’t look to me I think they didn’t even notice that I was their

‘Ed … what are they doing here?’
chapter 3 :

‘they wanted to have some good time together before they go to college’…’they wanted to call you but they didn’t find you at home’

‘ok .. what do you think I should do .. should I go and talk with them or we should leave?’

‘do whatever you want but I think it’s better if you go and talk to them’

‘but what if I slipped and told them about the wedding.. I know that I should tell them but right now I’m not ready’

‘love I think that you don’t have a choice right now because they already have notice you’ WHAT?!! OH NO.

‘hey..Bella , hi Edward .it’s good to see you here ..’Jessica said ..

‘hi.. what are you guys doing here?’ I really couldn’t find anything to say.

‘we wanted to spend some time together.. would you like to come and sit with us?’ I miss my friends but I wanted to spend all my day with Ed…-_-

I looked to Edward and then I said ‘ ya … sure I would like to’ I hold Edward’s hand and went with Jess.

‘hi Bell where did you disappeared ? we thought we won’t see you again’ Mike said .

‘I was kinda busy’ WHAT SHOULD I SAY?!..

‘busy at what?’Eric asked , WHY HE SHOULD ASK? Should I say to him it’s not your business…NO..

‘at things Eric sorry I can’t till you’

‘ok .. then you will stay here all the day?’

‘no we were going to leave after a few min.’ we weren’t but that what I want.

‘ good thing that we saw you before you leave’ Ben said .

‘ ya ..’

‘ so Bella when I can go out with you?’ Jessica asked .

‘tomorrow … can I come to your home tomorrow?’

‘yes that will be great I really want to talk to you’

‘so Bella when I can go out with you?’ Jessica asked.

‘tomorrow…can I come to your home tomorrow?’

‘yes that will be great I really want to talk to you’

‘ok then I will see you tomorrow .. bye guys’

‘bye Bella see you soon’

I went back to Edward and we went back to his car…

‘we are going to go to the DVD store ?’ I asked..

‘ya … I wanted to buy a movie and watch it with you’

‘why aren’t we going to the cinema tonight ?’

‘ will watch a movie in the cinema and the other one in my home’

‘that means that I will sleep in your home ?’

‘ya..that great .. but what we will say to Charlie?’

‘we will say to him that Alice want to take your opinion at the wedding plans’

‘ok.. so which movie we are going to watch in your home?’

‘I don’t know’ after a few seconds we arrived it was a big DVD store..

‘what do you want to watch comedy , scary?’ he asked..

‘comedy’ we went to the comedy movies side it was hard to choice there were many funny movies..

‘ it’s hard to choice’

‘you are right’ then his phone rang

‘ hi , chris’

‘I’m fine thanks for asking’

‘what ?’





‘no way’

‘I said NO’

‘ok then see later…bye’

I laughed then he looked to me ‘what’s funny?’

‘I think I know which movie I will choice’

‘really?! Which one’

‘this one’ I took YES MAN movie and put on in his hand then he started to laugh with me…
chapter 4 :

We spend a good time at the store we bought new CDs and talked about the wedding music.. when we left the store it was dark outside we really spent a long time there … I don’t believe how the time ran so fast when I’m with him…

‘so are you hungry? You didn’t eat for a long time’

‘ya I’m hungry’ I was really hungry this time..

‘what do you want to eat?’

‘anything..let’s go to that restaurant the one that’s beside the cinema’


We went to the restaurant I ate salad and Edward was talking ..after half an hour we left then we went to the cinema …

‘which movie do you want to watch?’

‘scary one’

‘what do you think about watching SAW’

‘there’s a new one?’

‘ya …’

‘I want to watch a movie about vampires’



‘ok let’s go’

The movie makes me laugh it’s funny what people think about vampires and it’s funny how Hollywood describe and Edward were the only one who is laughing all of them were screaming after 2 hours the movie finished …

‘so what do you think about it?’

‘it’s funny’

‘really? I thought they wrote scary movie’

‘ya but it’s funny how they think that vampires are they think that all of them are evil and killers they don’t know that there’s lovely and kind vampires’

‘I’m glad that you think that..let’s go home’

Driving to home didn’t take long time that’s because of Edward way at driving he was driving to fast as always.. when we arrived to home he opened the door for me like a gentleman

‘hi bella how are you?’ Esma said

‘hi , I’m fine thanks for asking’

‘where’s everyone?’ Edward asked

‘they went to buy something’

‘ok .We are going to set in my room do you want anything ?’

‘no thanks son ‘

Edward hold my hand and we walked to his room .. I set at the middle of his bed my new favorite place then he set beside me

‘ I think you should change your clothes .. Alice put your pajamas in my closet, I will go and bring a juice for you ok?’

‘ok’ I changed my clothes quickly and after a few seconds Edward came back.. he gave me the juice then he turned the light off and played the movie..

We laughed a lot it was very funny and it makes me think about saying yes for everything but I think it will be difficult at the movie finished but I still laughing

‘it’s bed time’

‘ ok mama’ he put his arms around my waist and I put my head on his shoulder then I fall a sleep..
chapter 5:

When I opened my eyes I didn’t find him beside me but I found a beautiful red rose on his pillow and a paper under the rose , I took the paper and started to read it…..

“it was to hard to leave you but I should go Alice told me to go and buy
Something ,I left my heart with you I won’t be late I promise ..Take care
Love you…”

I smiled and put my head on the pillow and started to think about him as usual , after a few minutes Alice opened the door and said ‘ can you please stop thinking about him and come and help me’

I jumped out of the bed ‘sure I will help you but after I go to the bathroom’

‘ok Don’t be late’

I went to the bathroom and took a shower , brush my teeth and dried my hair then I went to his room and wore a black skinny with a blue shirt then I went downstairs …

‘ finally’ she said .

‘so you want from me to help you in what ?’

‘I want your help in nothing’

‘WHAT?!.. why you told me that you want my help’

‘I just wanted to talk to you is that’s so hard?’

‘ no I’m sorry Alice I didn’t spent many time with you and I’m sorry that I’m not helping you in the wedding’

‘it’s ok I don’t need your help.. I just need from you to go and invite your friends’

‘OH’ I stand on my leg ‘ I should visit Jessica today’

‘ya you should..take this inventions and go and invite her she’s waiting for you’

‘I thought you want to talk to me’

‘ya we will talk later’

‘ok , bye’


I ran to my truck and started to drive to Jessica ‘s home I was really nerves how should I tell her that I’m getting married ..

The way to her home didn’t take long time , I went to her door and started to knock it .. the door opened and Jessica was standing behind it ..

‘hi Bella’

‘ hi , jess’

‘c’mon enter’


‘you didn’t come here from long time’

‘ya I was busy’…

hope you like it

Good job . i like it ..
thanks mary .. i'm glad that's u liked it
awesome story
Keep going plzzzz it's an amazing start
thanks and i'll keep going
the new charaters:

* Avie ( edward's sister ):

Selena ( edward's best friend ):

Chris ( edward's best friend ):

really nice choice in the names ,, cool >> as u ^.^
i like avie alooot ..
waiting for the new chapter .. i want to read about her ( Edward's sis )

thanks mary and soon i'll write a chapter about her


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