The Twilight Saga

A story about Nessie and Jake....I might add up a fight with some Vampires and other werewolves around the globe.....Just hope you'll like it...
Add some chapters if you guys want.... I'll just be waiting in the wings to try and add some more....You know what they say More heads are better than one.

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"You okay, Nessie? You're really pale. Paler than you've ever been" Jake told me. Paler? Was I? I held Jake's face and showed him what I felt. Dizzy, cold, dizzy. He nodded once.
Before I knew it, I was asleep. I felt like flying, I wasn't standing anymore. I must be in Jake's arm, it was so warm.
"What happened?" I heard Dad ask.
"She's fine, she's just exhausted." Jacob answered. "You better be right, dog. Or else I'm going to rip you're head off if something happens to her." My Dad said furiously.
"Calm down, Edward. Maybe, Jake is right. Relax." I heard Mom say. "What's going on?" someone asked. A voice I missed so much. It was Granpa Charlie. "What happened, Bells?"
"She's just...exhausted." Mom answered.
"Apparently the dog made her walk from La push beach to Billy's." Dad hissed.
"I'm sure she's alright, Edward." A familiar voice said. It was Sue Clearwater, Seth and Leah's mother.
"Yeah, Edward. She might just be exhausted from the long walk. Don't blame Jacob." Billy muttered. Jacob's Dad was a very familiar voice I could never forget.

Sheesh, Talk about harsh, Edward. She's just exhausted. I thought as loudly as possible. Come to think of it, that wasn't even a long walk. For a vampire atleast, she could've complained.
"The problem is that she's not all vampire, she get's exhausted!" Edward screamed at me. Nessie then took a good grip on my shirt. I guess, she's not liking one bit of this conversation.
"You think," Edward said. "She's demanding me to stop shouting at you," he added. I smiled and said "Now, there's a shock."
"And, she's commanding you to shut you're mouth." That caught me off guard. I saw Edward fight a smile. HE was enjoying the time that his daughter was scolding me even when she sleeps.
"Alright, break it up you two." Bella finally interupted. "This isn't going anywhere, Jake put Renesmee down on the couch." she commanded.
"Okay," I agreed.
hey best thing to do is to start something about nessie and jake start to really get cometted and then nessie get nocked up and then edward starting it with jake
oh yes, it was really good... keep writing...
so good...please keep it up!!!
keep writing please


I put my Nessie down on the couch. And went back to where I was standing.
"Carlisle, what do we do? What's happening to her?" Edward asked. The doc put his hand on his chin and started thinking. Boy, do I wish I knew what happened. This is starting to freak me out.
SNIFF, SNIFF I began. Someone was out the door. Another leech, but he wasn't part of the Cullens. Who is he?
"Someone's outside," Edward then said.
"I know, I've been hearing strange footsteps outside since yesterday." Bella added. Yesterday? Why didn't she tell Edward? Or why din't Edward knew? He's a mind reader right? He should've heard his thoughts before.
"Actually, I was out yesterday. And with all you're fantasies about my daughter, too loud. I can't hear anyone else heads anymore." He explained.
Right. I thought. He rolled his eyes and flickered them to Nessie. She looked so fragile, for once.
"Well, that figures." I muttered.
"I'll get it," Bella said. Doc fang, well, still thinking. Edward had his poker face on. I couldn't make out what he was thinking.
"Yes?" I heard Bella ask.
"Hello, Ma'm." I heard someone answer.
"What can I do for you?" she asked.
"Well, I was just here out of curiousity," The guy chuckled. "I heard that, this coven doesn't feed on human blood."
"Well, yes." she muttered.
"Really? I haven't encountered any other coven like this, other than Kate." he answered.
"You know...Kate? From Denali?" Bella asked.
"Well, yes. You know them?" he asked.
"Bella, honey, who's at the door?" Edward finally spoke.
loved it!! haha
I have some ideas for the story If anyone want's to hear it

post soon :D
Oh please keep going what happens next


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