The Twilight Saga

A story about Nessie and Jake....I might add up a fight with some Vampires and other werewolves around the globe.....Just hope you'll like it...
Add some chapters if you guys want.... I'll just be waiting in the wings to try and add some more....You know what they say More heads are better than one.

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"C'mon in," Bella said.
"Thank you," he answered. I looked at the front door and saw a pale faced guy, black hair, tall, don't think about handsome 'cause that's me. But, he's okay. For a leech.
"Guys, this is Luke, uhmmm, he knows the Denali's and was here out of curiousity about the vegetarian thing." Bella chuckled.
"Hello, Luke." Edward greeted and held out his hand. "Hello, Sir. Pleasure to meet you all." he muttered. Black haired leech took Edward's hand and gave him a hand shake.
"Jake," I heard a weak voice called, it was Nessie. I hurried to the couch and remebered she was sick. This unexpected
I ran my fingers on her face, it was cold. Colder than the usual.
"Renesmee," Bella said, as she hurried to my side.
"Mom," she said again, weak.
"Is there a problem?" The Black haired leech said. "Yes, apparently. One of us is sick, and none of us had enecountered something like this before." Calisle muttered.
"May I?" he asked. I hissed at him, he's not gonna lay a finger on her. Edward glowered at me. Maybe, he trusts this fellow 'cause he can read his mind. But, I don't. You barely know the guy. I screamed in my head. He continued glowering at me.
"Jacob," Bella called, shifting to Edward's side. "Let him pass," she commanded. I hissed again.
"No one touches her!" I screamed.
"Jacob," Edward said, calming his tone. "He's a healer, I read his mind. Maybe, he can help."
I growled.
"Jacob," Bella exclaimed. "I know you don't want to let him touch her, you're scared. But, the thing is...he might help. I know you don't want her to die, neither do I..." Bella couldn't finish. I closed my eyes and tried to control my temper. I was this close to springing into a wolf and rip their heads off.
"Please, Jacob. I won't bite." The healing leech said. I opened my eyes and glared at him, and then gave him space to take a look at my Nessie.
I stood up and went to where Bella stood. I folded my arms across my chest and shifted my gaze on Edward. "Healer?" I asked. He chuckled.
"Not exactly, he's like a vampire that takes away ones pain and puts it to himself. Though, even if he does that. Renesmee's pain won't have any effect on him. Maybe, for just a few seconds but it'll just wear off. Renesmee's not like most of us, she's part human remember. She can feel pain." Edward explained. So, if the healing leech takes away Nessie's pain...then..she won't die. And, Edward won't separate us.
I grinned. The healing leech touched Nessie's forehead and closed his eyes. Nessie's paler face then became normal again. The leech then sat down and closed his eyes. I ran to the couch and bent over to touch Nessie's face. It felt normal now. I sighed in relief.
She was opening her eyes.
"Jake," she called.
"I'm here," I told her, holding her hand to my face. She was finally concious, thank god.
"Thank you," I heard Edward said. He was thanking the Healing leech for saving his daughter. Actually, I was...also thankful. But, don't even mention it. It's so not me. I cringed.
"Thanks, Luke." Bella said.
"No problem," he said.
"What's all the commotion about?" I looked over to the front door. Everyone did, it was Rosalie, with the others.
"What's wrong with Nessie?" Alice asked. Worried as she hurried to the couch where she was lying, She touched her face. "Are you okay?" Nessie nodded and tried to get up.
"Hey, guys. It's my brother Luke!" I heard someone shout. It was Emmett, he knew him?
"Emmett, you're part of this coven?" Luke asked, while he and Emmett shaked hands.
Nessie, stood up and went over to the kitchen. I sighed.
She's hungry. I knew her too well. I followed her.
jacob p.o.v

she went in the kitchen and grabbed an apple
all there was in this leech house
she turned it around thinking of what to say
staring at me
her face
had a sour edge to it
"what"? i asked in confusion demanding an answer
"nothing 'she said curtly walking away from me to her family
i wasn't going to let her get away with this
i gently grabbed her elbow
with a firm grip and spun her around
"why wouldn't u let Luke touch me i was dying of exhaustion "she blurted out
"im sorry Nessy" i began "idk i just couldn't let myself let any other leech touch u even if he is a healer"
i knew Nessy would get over this
"its OK i mean it make sense-"she said finally giving in
she wasnt the type who hold a grudge
she hugged me gently but almost collapsed
something was wrong
her and it had nothing to do with exhaustion
i quickly grabbed her
and carried her in the living room where all the vampires were
everyone stared in shock. . . .
should we keep writing this story???
<333333 jasmine
I was worried about her some thing's serisly wrong with her she's really pail again
I said to Doc.Fang and she's deffently not exousted the leach named lucke came over and tryed to touch her forhead but I screamed at him and said that won't help she'll just get paler in five seconds and then calaps again we need you Doc. fang then Doc. fang came over and so did bella and edward Doc. fang said to get his medical stuff Roasily alice get the hospitil bed
Jasper Emmet go get the ivey Roasily and emmet weare back in a flash they put down the hospittle bed with a thude Jasper and emmet wear back too suddenly the doorbell rang Dr. fang told me to get it but I didn't want to but Idid it anyway of all pepoele it was the pizzaman I told him that he must have the wrong house and then I shut the door in his face and wacked back to nessie
and then I thought of somthing I asked edward how many years has it been sinss the missunderstanding with the voltorie?
he aseked why I told him becuse remember when Alice brought the one who used to be half human half vampier it tock him 7 years to become a ful vampier oh no it's been 7 years bella replid Doc. fang touched her forhead she's pretty cold he said I walked to her side and kissed her lightly on the for head she freezing I got gossebumps all down my spine I hered her call my name she's awake
I said everyone came over to her jacke she said yes I replied you stick like wet dog everyone laught the sunhit her she shined a
brillant dimond color she was a ful vampier she smiled and kissed me and said I'll get used to that and gave me another kiss


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