The Twilight Saga

A story about Nessie and Jake....I might add up a fight with some Vampires and other werewolves around the globe.....Just hope you'll like it...
Add some chapters if you guys want.... I'll just be waiting in the wings to try and add some more....You know what they say More heads are better than one.

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Can't wait til yhu post the nxt chapter ii luv it.!

I agree cause i dont think that would fit right in the story, but interesting chapters though.


Hmmp. . . I thought out as loudly as I could. Dad was annoying me. . .again. I can't seem to find the right description for my irritating father. And, to think. . .saying all these things about him when he's constantly reading every thought I have. Huh He really should LAY OFF sometimes, he's crawling into my PERSONAL SPACE!
Dad chuckled. I sighed. He still thinks I'm ridiculous. How could this day get any worse?
"Oh, I almost forgot." Aunt Alice said, he voice filled with excitement. I've got a bad feeling about this. I flickered my gaze to Dad. He then mouthed She's been planning this all day. Like that ever has a good impact on me. So, my calculations are, if I start running now, she might not catch me. But, the bad side of that is, she'll predict what I'm thinking, and the whole things blown off. I sighed. Getting away from an Aunt who hunts you down like a Fashion Maniac, is hard. Especially, if she has supernatural powers. I heard my father chuckle, again.

"Well, we best must be going. . ." The leech named Luke said.
"Too, soon?" Bella asked.
"Ryan and I ought to get back to Alaska, the others might be wondering where we are. . ." He explained.
"Oh," was all Bella could say.
"Well, feel free to come and visit." Edward added.
"And, thank you. You've cured our dear Nessie." Doc Fang said with a nod. Then, the brown haired bloodsucker shook hands with everyone, also Luke who suffered from LUKEimia. . .But, what I hated more than any other thing these. . .leeches have today was. . .when The black haired leech shook Nessie's hand and kissed it.
That made me what to rip the guy's head off. As the 2 leeches strode off outside, I wanted to follow them and torture them and and and. . .and, Edward the mind reader heard everything. . .
I fell slump at the chuckles I heard from him. The bloodsucker's home was silent, other than Mind reading father, Edward. I moaned.

The visitors left. It was fast losing their scent inside the house. I looked at Jake. Hmm. . . He looks. . .pissed. Why? Hmmm. . . I hadn't done anything. Dad hasn't? my Aunts? nope. What?
Oh shoot! Luke kissed my hand!
Dad chuckled. I grumbled.
"Hey Jake," I said.
"What?" he said in a quivering voice. "you okay?" He inhaled deeply and then let go of the air when he said "I'm fine."
"Are you mad?" I asked.
He smiled a bit. "A bit, but, it's okay." he answered. At least his anger was gone.
I like it its fuuny, post soon plz:D
is nessie a full vampire im confused?
No, she's not. . .it was just an illusion created by the vampire "RYAN" of which I added. . .
Sorry, for my late replies. . . I don't really go online on the this site very much. . . But, you guys would like me to write something. . .Don't hesitate to ask. . . You can add me on my facebook account my email is "" ^_^


"I'm back!" Aunt Alice shouted. Her voice echoed in my head, it sent chills down my spine. I shivered. She brought back a dozen or two boxes of shoes and shopping bags. I gulped. This was going to be a long night.

I moved closer to whisper at Jake's ear. "Do you have any idea how to deal with an Aunt who hunts you down for a runway show?" I was hoping for an encouraging answer to escape. But, he just said "Oh, c'mon Nessie. Are you seriously going to waste all of this?" I closed my eyes in horror and then moaned.

As usual Dad chuckled. Argggh!

"Nessie!" A beautiful female velvet voice called out. "Nessie!"

"What is it Aunt Rosalie?" I called back. She then came in the living room.

"Oh, there you are." She smiled. Her sparkling smile almost melted me. "Say, Esme and I are going to Seattle. And, I was wondering if you and Bella would come." she said. Hope then finally came. I was going to live!

"But, Nessie was going to have a runway show." Aunt Alice complained.

"We can always do things like this on. . .certain. . .times. . ." I mumbled. "Hmmmp," she huffed. "Just not today. . .But, I. . ." I sighed. "I promise. . .we'll do this. . .Later." Oh, I did not want to say that.

"Great!" Aunt Alice smiled. She was full of spirit again. Though, that promise is not pleasant. Nu-uh, nope, not a bit. I gotta plan my escape route.

"So, it's settled then. Let's go." Aunt Rosalie gladly said.

"Well, what about Edward and the others?" Mom asked.

"Actually, Bella. It's a girl's night out. Alice why don't you tag along too?" Esme added.

"Sure," Aunt Alice said, all perky. Which also creeps me out sometimes. I shivered. So, anyway Girl's night out. So, that means.

"No, Jacob. We have other things to do here. If their having a girl's night out we're having a bachelor party." Dad muttered.

"Uh-huh, Bachelor Party?" Mom said.

"I knew you guys we're up to no good." Rosalie added.

I chuckled under my breathe. Way to go, Dad! I thought as loudly as possible. Now, that's Karma for always snooping around my head.


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