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*Hey there, all you readers. As some of you may know, I wrote a story called Renesmee's Diary and the unfinished sequel to that story, Never Again. Well, for some odd reason, the story was deleted without a reason... so, I'll repost Renesmee's Diary and continue Never Again on this discussion. I'll repost Renesmee's Diary on a new discussion and add the link later. Enjoy Never Again!*


***Warning: You will not get the whole story unless you've ready Renesmee's Diary. Here's the link to Renesmee's Diary: ***


Sequel to “Renesmee’s Diary.” This takes place a year later and Nayeli and Jacob are a little over a year old, but they look about seventeen years old.




Never Again



Chapter 1

“Ah! Seth, stop it!”


But Seth continued to squirt the water out of the water gun. I started running, but fell onto the grass, laughing my butt off. He stood over me, soaking my shirt and shorts.


“Seth, stop!”


He laughed. “Come on, Nayeli, don’t be such a girl!”


I said, “I am a girl, you idiot!”


He just laughed and attacked me with the water gun. I held up my hands to block the water. Then, Jacob came in with the biggest water gun.


“Say your prayers, Clearwater!”


He blasted the water gun at Seth, and Seth immediately stopped shooting me. I got up and ran away, grabbing my water gun and assisting Jacob. Seth tried to block the water with his hands, but ended up falling flat on his back.


Seth called, “All right, all right! Truce! Truce!”


Jacob and I looked at each other and put down our water guns. Seth stood up, shaking his head so that the water in his hair sprayed us. I laughed as the drops of water flew off his hair and landed all over us.


“Dog,” I said to him.


He smiled. “Thank you.” We all laughed.


I said, “We should start getting ready for the dinner. Dad said that we’re going somewhere really nice.”


Jacob laughed. “He said you had to wear a dress,” he said, taunting me. I stuck my tongue out at him; I hated wearing dresses.


I retorted, “You better shut up before I tell Dad that you left Isaac at home to play with water guns with Seth and I.”


Jacob’s eyes narrowed. “You wouldn’t dare.”


I smiled slyly. “Watch me.” Jacob groaned and started jogging towards the house. Seth and I laughed.


Seth looked at me and said, “Well, we should probably go now.”


I nodded and asked hopefully, “You’re still picking us up to take us to the dinner, right?”


He nodded, a smile on his face, “Of course. I’ll see you then.”


I brushed back a strand of black hair behind my ear, looking down nervously, and waved at him. “Later.”


I started running towards my house, feeling Seth’s gaze on me as I ran. I was home in half a minute. Jake was blocking the doorway, his arms crossed, looking at me with a raised eyebrow.


“What,” I asked.


He smiled. “Just wait till I tell dad you have a crush on Seth. That will cover up the whole babysitting thing.”


I rolled my eyes. “Shut up. No, I don’t.” But Jake just kept smiling. I shoved him out of my way and went inside, hearing his chuckling behind me.


Okay, so I don’t exactly act like a total girl. But, can you blame me? I have a twin brother, a younger brother, and my dad’s werewolf pack was all guys (well, except for Leah). So, basically, I’ve been raised around a bunch of guys. Don’t get me wrong, I love cute clothes and shopping and everything, but I’d rather play football with the pack the guys than go shopping with the girls.


When I got to my room, Aunt Alice was up there, sitting on my bed, smiling.


“Nayeli,” she said in a singsong voice. I groaned; she was going to dress me up, wasn’t she?


I started saying, “Aunt Alice, I-”


“Don’t even start because you know that I will dress you up, no matter what.” She had a sly smile on her face.


I sighed. “Fine,” I grumbled. She squealed. She already had a dress picked out for me and heels that I would probably trip in.


First, Alice made me take a shower, because I smelt like “wet dog.” I told her it was because of the water fight with Seth and that it was nothing, but she made me take one anyways. Next, she did my hair and makeup. After, I put on my dress, careful not to mess up my makeup and hair, and heels. Alice squealed when she saw me in the outfit.


“Nayeli, you look so gorgeous!”


She pulled me over to the full body mirror on my closet door… Wow. I actually looked really pretty. My hair was nice and straightened, reaching to the small of my back. I didn’t have much makeup on. I was in a really cute, deep blue dress. The bodice was tight and the strappy silver heels matched really great with it.



“Wow, Alice,” I said, marveling over how great the dress looked “I look-”


“Like a girl?” She laughed. “It’s about time. You have no idea how fussy you used to be about wearing dresses and skirts when you were little.”


I rolled my eyes. “I was going to say I look really nice. But, now, I take it back.”


She groaned. “You can’t take a joke, can you?”


I smiled. “Nope.”


She laughed at me. “Well, let’s show the world how beautiful you are.”


I rolled my eyes again, but followed her out the door. Alice went to my mom and dad’s room, no doubt, going to fix up my mom’s wardrobe. I decided not to follow and go to the living room.


“Nayeli,” my twin called.


I groaned and walked to his room. I stood at the frame of his door. He was in there, in a baby blue button down shirt and dress pants. He looked at me and laughed.


“Finally, you’re dressing like a girl,” he teased.


I rolled my eyes. “Like I haven’t heard that one before. What do you need?” He held up his tie. I groaned, walked toward him, and helped him put on his tie.


“So,” he asked. “Where do you think we’re going?”


I shrugged, tying the tie under the collar of his shirt. “Dad said something about a ferry boat that he and mom went a long time ago. He said it was someplace really special to mom.”


“Then why do we have to dress like idiots?”


I playfully smacked his arm. “Because it’s their anniversary, stupid. Their second anniversary. And we’re going to be there to celebrate it with them.”


He rolled his eyes. “Can’t I just stay home,” he asked.


I shook my head. “Everyone’s going. Even Isaac.”


He groaned; Isaac was our youngest brother. He’s only four months old, but he looks and acts like a five year old. He’s really cute and sweet, but he hasn’t really found his full personality yet, so he follows Jacob around. If Jacob goes somewhere, Isaac has to go. If Jacob stays home from somewhere, Isaac has to stay home, too. If Isaac isn’t with Jacob, he’ll cry. Jacob loves Isaac, but he gets annoyed sometimes.


“Speak of the devil,” Jacob whispered as I finished tying his tie.


I looked out the door and saw Isaac. He looked so cute in his white button down and dress pants. He already had his tie tied, probably by Alice. His bronze hair was nicely combed and his dark brown eyes glittered with excitement.


“I’m ready,” he said. I laughed and picked up Isaac in my arms.


“You look very handsome,” I said.


He grinned a toothy grin. “Thank you.”


I kissed his cheek and put him down. He started running to mom and dad’s room, saying, “Mommy! I look handsome!” I laughed again.


I walked down stairs and saw dad down there, grabbing a water bottle. He looked really great in his tux. I smiled.


“Wow, dad,” I said. “Nice suit.” He turned around and chuckled.


“You don’t look too bad yourself,” he said, raising an eyebrow at my dress.


I felt my face burn. “Alice got to me,” I said.


He laughed. “I kinda figured that out. You’d just better hope there aren’t any guys there. I don’t really feeling like kicking anybody’s-”


I cut him off, “Dad, calm down. I’ll try not to attract boys’ attention.”


He smiled. “That’s my girl.”


I laughed and hugged him. He kissed my head before letting me go. I decided to go sit in the living room. I carefully lounged on the couch, resting my head on the armrest. I closed my eyes and sighed contently for a second.


“Nayeli,” I heard my mom call. I opened my eyes and sat up, looking around.


“Over here,” She said, at the foot of the stairs.


I looked over at her from the couch and my jaw dropped; I had never seen my mother dress so… amazing. Her red dress flowed so far down, almost covering her feet. But you could just see her silver strappy heels and her toenails, which were glistening red. There was only one shoulder strap. She looked like a Greek goddess. My dad came into the room and he looked just as shocked as I was, his jaw dropping.



“Wow, mom,” I said. “You look great!”


“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” my dad said, looking at her for longer than necessary. I fake gagged. My mother looked at me and gave me that look that said, “There he goes with his compliments again.”


She looked at my dad and said, “I could say the same thing about you.” My dad smiled.


My mom looked at me and said, “Honey, Alice said you needed this.” She handed me a little silver purse. I groaned; will I even been needing this?


“Thanks, mom.”


“Jacob William, Isaac Masen,” my mother called my brothers by their full names, indicating that she meant business. “You’d better be down here within a minute or I’m coming up there and getting you.”


Within seconds, Jacob was rushing down the stairs with Isaac behind him. “Ready,” Jacob said.


“Ready,” Isaac echoed. Jacob rolled his eyes; he didn’t really like being copied.


Just then, there was a knock at the door. I walked over, nearly tripping on my heels. Jacob and Isaac laughed. I scowled at them and opened the door. But all intentions of killing my brothers disappeared as soon as I turned to who was at the frame of the door. It was Seth. He looked so handsome in his burgundy button down and khaki dress pants. His hair looked nice and combed, gelled and probably filled with hairspray or something.


I quickly went out of my reverie before anyone could notice I was staring. “Wow, Seth,” I said. “That’s a really great outfit.”


He smiled at me, looking at me, as well. “Thanks. And you look… amazing.” I felt the blood burn in my cheeks.


Jacob coughed out, “Desperate.” Isaac snickered.


I turned and threw my purse at him.


“Ow,” he exclaimed, rubbing his forehead.


I said, “Woops. Could you pick that up for me, Jake? It flew out of my hand.” I emphasized “flew.” He glared at me and picked up the purse. My parents and Seth laughed; now I knew why I’ll need that purse. Thank you, Alice.


“Nice throw,” Seth whispered.


I smiled. “Thanks.”


He said, still whispering, “You really do look amazing, by the way.”


My face began to burn again. “Thanks,” I sad timidly. Seth smiled.


My dad said, “All right, people. Let’s get to the dinner before the night gets old. Nayeli, Jacob, Isaac, you’ll ride with Seth.” As everyone start scattering out of the house, my dad eyed me suspiciously. I rolled my eyes and shook my head; I knew exactly what he was thinking and it wasn’t like that between Seth and me. We were just friends… sorta.


“Shotgun,” I called as we walked to Seth’s red Corolla.


Isaac whined, “No fair! I wanted shotgun.”


Jacob said, “Don’t worry, Isaac. She only wants shotgun because she wants to sit next to Seth in the car.” He smirked at me.


I turned and hit Jacob with my purse again, hitting him where it counted. Jacob fell onto his knees, groaning in pain. Isaac and Seth started laughing. I smiled.


“I’m sorry, Jake, I didn’t hear you. What did you say,” I asked him, smirking.


He looked up at me and scowled. “Nothing,” he grumbled. Seth chuckled and we got inside the car.


“Well,” he said. “Let’s go.” He put his car in drive and we were on our way.


This was going to be some night.

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Chapter 3 (Seth’s POV)

I ran out of the room as fast as I could within a human speed, but I could hardly think about that. As I flew out the doors, I felt people staring at me from inside and beside the door, but I couldn’t care less about that right now.

I stopped running when I got to the railing of the boat. I started breathing heavily, my head filled with so many mixed thoughts and emotions. Anger. Fear. Sorrow. Agony.


Anger, because of that jerk who was flirting with Nayeli. I knew she wasn’t my girlfriend or anything close to that, but it didn’t change the fact that I still Imprinted on her and felt that connection to her. So, in a way, she technically is mine.


I felt fear because… what if she had feelings for that guy? Then every little attempt I made to hint that I liked her would be for nothing and I would lose her in more ways than one.


Sorrow because she was actually falling for his advances. I didn’t want her falling for him, not only because I liked her, but because it would only end in something tragic, something that would break her fragile heart.


And agony because I just watched as he kissed the back of her hand and saw her blush beautiful scarlet, indicating that she was flirting with him too. The thought of that jerk actually getting somewhere with Nayeli… it was just too painful.

I sat by the edge of the railing, pressing my face against the cold bars of the railing. I felt so sick to my stomach. I looked over the railing, looking down at the water that passed as the ferry sped on its surface. Even though the water mirroring the moonlight’s reflection was a magnificent sight, unlike any other sight in the world, I couldn’t help but think of Nayeli, seeing her beautiful emerald eyes in the sparkling water. I sighed and closed my eyes.

“Seth,” I heard that familiar angel voice calling my name. My eyes snapped open.

She repeated my name, obviously looking for me. I didn’t bother to say anything, partly because I couldn’t find my voice, and partly because she would find me within seconds. I sighed and groaned, closing my eyes again, my stomach having that sick feeling again.

“Seth,” I heard her angel voice breathed out, closer. She probably found me. My eyes opened again and I saw her there, as beautiful as ever in that gorgeous dress that complimented her body, looking at me with such a worried expression, no words could explain. She hurried to my side, kneeling beside me.

“Nayeli,” I said, my voice a little husky. She looked at me with those big, green eyes of hers and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Oh my God, Seth, I was so worried,” she said, sounding like she was about to cry. I was taken by surprise. I gently wrapped my arms around her waist, rubbing the small of her back gently.

“It’s all right, Nayeli. I’m fine.” I held her close to me, savoring every moment that I held this angel in my arms. Reluctantly, I pulled away and looked at her concerned face.

“You don’t look fine,” she noted, looking at me closely. I could hardly breathe with her face that close… if only I could just kiss her right then and there.

She sighed. “What happened back there? Why’d you leave?”

I sighed, scrambling for an excuse. Luckily, I didn’t have to think too long.

“I felt… sick to my stomach.” It wasn’t a total lie, but she thinks I mean that I puked. I nodded towards the water. “I think it might’ve been the shrimp that didn’t cooperate with my stomach.” Okay, that was a lie, but I didn’t want to tell her that I felt jealous about that guy she was with.

She sighed in relief. “You gave me a scare back there,” she said, and as soon as she realized what she said, she blushed scarlet. I resisted the urge to sigh; damn, what I would give to see her beautiful blush.

“Don’t tell me that you’re going all motherly,” I teased, lightening the mood. I half smiled. “Turning into a girl on me?”

She laughed lightly and punched me playfully. “Don’t make me give you another reason to throw up, Clearwater.”

I chuckled and she laughed along with me.

I looked at her closely, noticing the sweat beaded on her forehead and the fatigue in her eyes. I brushed a strand of hair behind her ear, her cheeks turning red again.

“You look tired,” I said.

She sighed. “I look like hell, right?”

I hesitated, and shook my head. “You look amazing.” Beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, like a goddess. I wanted to tell her that and so much more.

Her face turned red and she looked down at the ground, embarrassed. She looked back up at me, her face looming so close to mine. I couldn’t freaking take it. I just had to kiss her. With each second that I looked into her emerald eyes, the desire to press my lips against hers grew to a point where I felt like I couldn’t stand it. Each passing second that our faces hovered so close, the need to feel her lips mold with mine was so immense, no words could explain.

And just as I was about to give in to the temptation, she turned her head away from mine.

“We should head back,” she said. I felt my heart tear just a little, but I nodded. I stood up and held out my hand to her. She took it and stood up with me. As I pulled my hand away, I couldn’t help but notice the little squeeze she gave my hand before she let go. I felt my heart fill with hope for the possibility of there being an “us”.

“Nayeli,” I started, about to tell her the secret that Jake made me keep until he knew that she was ready for it. I didn’t care if he pummeled me to the center of the earth; I was going to tell Nayeli that I Imprinted on her.

“Yeah,” she asked. Then, I started to have second thoughts. What if… what if she didn’t feel the same way I did? What if she only meant for us to have a brotherly and sisterly relationship? I wouldn’t want her to feel like she had to like me.

I smiled weakly. “You up for football tomorrow?”

I thought I saw her face fall just a little bit, but she answered, “Sure.”

We walked back towards the room. I sighed.

I wasn’t going to tell her that I Imprinted on her. Not yet.

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LOL hahahah poor Nayeli she was like expecting for Seth to tell  her "Nayeli.. I love you"


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