The Twilight Saga

 2 sisters had a night out and a strange gun blinds and shoots them knocking them unconscious that in the morning they woke up in clothes that are bigger realizing that they shrunk to 6 inches.







Elena/16/sweet, likes to have fun/


shrunken size




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Normal size

 6 inches



should we start

did you find a pic for your character's shrunken size?

Yep just put it up there !!

ok how should it start? Should they start shrinking instantly or slowly shrink or begin to shrink as they notice there clothes getting bigger.

umm slowly shrinking....

ok wanna start us off like at there house or somewhere?

Yeah sure


Elena wake up and started towards her bathroom thinking about what happen at night was just a dream.

Anna was still asleep in her bed thinking she is dreaming of last night.

Elena looked in her mirror think something is wrong. She tryed reaching up to get something off of her cabnet that was there but she couldnt reach it she always could.She starts to freak out.

Anna fell out of bed hearing her sister freaking out. "Ow" Anna said rubbing her head.

Elena ran to her sister."I shrunk ". she whined and stomped her foot."How is this possible".


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