The Twilight Saga

 2 sisters had a night out and a strange gun blinds and shoots them knocking them unconscious that in the morning they woke up in clothes that are bigger realizing that they shrunk to 6 inches.







Elena/16/sweet, likes to have fun/


shrunken size




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"You don't look short." Anna stood up noticing she is the same height, and her clothes look a little bigger.

"See i told you". she complained."I bet it has to do with last night." she pionted out.

"Did you feel that?" Anna said feeling tingling.

"Did i feel what ". She asked looking down at herself.

(What happen to the Bella, and Stefan rp?)

Anna began to shrink again as her clothes slowly fall off.

(I cant at the moment i dont know how im gonna write it first)


"Um i think we are shrinking".She hugged her clothing as they got big on her.

Anna began to panic as her hands receded into her sleeves.


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