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What do you think about the characters involved in the plot of New Moon? e.g. The Wolf Pack.

I shall be posting my views on them as well as the relationship between Bella/Jake/Edward throughout the book.

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As the only female wolf, I felt sympathy for her, as she didn't have any other wolf females that were more experienced to help her out and cope with her change. Instead she had to rely on the boys and The pack Alpha-Who was also her ex.

Whilst she was depicted as a rather bitter person. I didn't like her that much to start off with,but as the story went on to the other books in the Saga, I felt more sorry for her, for having to cope with the heartbreak of being near her ex, who was with her cousin.

I felt like she was hard to like at first, I think the readers really had to read the book/series more to understand her character and even start to feel sorry for her. Anyone would be heartbroken and bitter if they went what she had to go through.


I rather liked Emily. I felt like she was motherly-time person as she spent a lot of time in the kitchen and she let Bella come into the pack house with no objections. I felt like she was rather welcoming towards her and didn't judge Bella for being with Edward who is a Vampire. Maybe because she knows what it's like to love a mythical creature-Emily has Sam.

As for the Leah/Sam and Emily love triangle-I didn't blame Emily. It wasn't her fault for what had happened between her and Sam. She is human and as we all know, Wolves do not have control over who they Imprint on. While she loves Sam back, she also loves her cousin and feels bad for Leah being hurt.


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