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Just curious to find out what your favorite scenes were in New Moon? And do you think the soundtrack was perfect for the movie?

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I love the soundtrack. Particularly Hearing Damage & Satellite Heart. DCFC & Muse are a given. I don't know how old many of you are but when I was a teenager The Lost Boys were in the cinema and the music played when the family were coming into town was People Are Strange by The Doors which I thought was perfect for them coming into town. In Twilight when Bella comes into town they played Full Moon by The Black Ghosts. Also perfect!! I'm hoping I'll find something like that when I see New Moon. I also thought like Di that Supermassive Black Hole was perfect for the baseball scene in Twilight. I was totally blown away by how much I loved the Twilight soundtrack. I even have my 4 yr old twin girls asking for Eyes On Fire, Bella's Lullaby & what they call the Twilight Happy Days song "Go All The Way".
Nikki (Rosalie) wore a wig thru New looked just awful! I thought the Cullen's looked really different & hated the contacts they wore this time. They didn't look much good at all.
I agree. Rosalie's hair was awful. She's supposed to be breathtakingly beautiful. That hair wasn't anywhere close unfortunately. In some scenes in Twilight Rob/Edwards lips looked overdone with colour. But still stunning and sooooo handsome. I also thought Alice's style was changed in NM. Liked here better in Twilight.
I agree with you with the soundtrack growing on you. Tho, once I saw the movie.....I adored the soundtrack! Love 'Band of Skulls - Friends' & 'Thom Yorke - Hearing Damage', especially when the wolves were chasing Victoria thru the forest & Bella was making her way to the was brilliant. The 'Equinox' song doesn't do much for me.
You know, I like the Equinox song, but I don't recall where it was in the movie. Friends is an awesome song!! My friends are so beautiful. I heard that whoever chooses the music had over 20 CD's worth to choose from. I want to know what all the songs were. I don't listen to the radio much anymore as I have such great CD's x 2!! :D
I agree with Michelle love the soundtrack although I love the Twilight soundtrack also but they are very different just like the books. My favourite scene in the movie OMG there are so many the one's that stick out is when Bella goes to Jacob's after his mono illness and he tells her to go away, brilliant scene in the rain it was freezing apparently so really felt for Taylor but the emotion was brilliant, the chase with the wolves and Victoria the Special effects and music were fantastic. I love the months passing by and I loved the breakup and the reunion, the volturi. That's it, the entire thing was fantastic not to much to complain about in fact I can't think of anything other than maybe Alice's vision of bella being a vampire I didn't get the costumes. I hope Eclipse lives up to NM it is now the benchmark for me.
Yes! How funny was Alice's vision! Why didn't they have Bella in a pair of jeans and a shirt jumping over a lake with Edward? Or ..... Eating? LOL
The Wolf scenes were fantastic in New Moon and the scenes with the Volturri were also impressive, although Alice's vision of Edward and Bella running thru the forest caused almost everyone in the ciinema at the time to burst out laughing....personally a vision of Edward and Bella up in one of the trees flying from tree to tree would of been a better visual.
To be perfectly honest, I don't remember any of the songs. I think I was so wound up with the visuals, I forgot to listen to the music. Luckily I am going again on Thursday. Will pay more attention to the music this time. Should be easier since I will not so distracted by the hotties second time round.

As for my favourite scene I really loved the dream sequence in the meadow at the beginning. I think because I wasn't expecting it and they totally nailed the meadow this time. It was just like I pictured it. I also really liked the scene when Jacob comes to Bella's bedroom to tell her to remember the story on the beach. I think that was really touching. Loved how her hand lingered on his abs when she put her hand out to stop him.
it does help second time around to pick out the songs. went again last night and picked them up. though i got suxed in again by the story and actors and the music faded out. the scene in the classroom when they r watching romeo and juilet is now one of my favs its such a great scene between Edward and Bella.
I saw it last night. I know I'd read the books, but I still thnk it's soooo awful for Bella to choose at the end between Jake & Edward. I am all for Edward but I love Jakeyboy too )-: I don't want anyone to lose. I loved the dream sequence also.
I know. How terrible was it to watch that end bit. To see the pain on Jacob's face. Can you imagine how hard it will be in Eclipes.


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