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Hi everyone -

I just wanted to let you know that there's been a new rule added to the site. We are no longer going to allowed the word "Official" to be in any user name. Names like "Official Kristin Stewart" or "Official Robert Pattinson" imply that you're the real actor or actress, which is impersonation. We can't allow our members to create accounts pretending like they're a person they're not, especially when the people they're pretending to be are actual people who may have a problem with that. This has created a lot of problems amongst members. It starts fights, mainly over who's the real person and who isn't, it's inspired threads giving out fake personal information, etc. We can't tolerate this anymore, so the word "Official" is not allowed in user names anymore. It doesn't matter if you're only using the fictional characters names, like "Official Renesmee" or "Official Jacob Black" that is also not allowed anymore.

We'll treat this like a profile violation, or like any other user name violation. We'll send out a warning to you and give you 48 hours to change your name. If you don't change it, we'll have to ban your account permanently.


The TTS Moderation Team

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