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here is New Sun, a story about Jacob and Nessie but about Leah too!
Leah just appear more often, chapters more to the front.
this story is already in Freedom and New, but this is the major site, so, we decided post here too.
i hope you like it. this was made by one of my Best friends, and she put her heart and head in this. so, i hope you like it!
we are portuguese, so maybe you can find some mistakes. Sorry! : &

please reply and tell me what you think, and tell your friends about New Sun

Disclaimer: I in no way own any of theses characters. SM does although I might throw in a couple of my own.

chapter 1 , 2, 3 and 4 - page 1
chapter 5 - page 2
chapter 6 - page 3
chapter 7 - page 4
chapter 8 - page 5
chapter 9 part 1 and part 2
chapter 10 - page 7
chapter 11 - pag 8
chapter 12 - pag 9
chapter 13 - pag 10
chapter 14 - page 11
chapter 15
chapter 16 part 1

chapter 16 par 2 

chapter 16 part 3 

chapter 17

chapter 18 part 1 

chapter 18 parte 2 (click to read!)



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omg plzz plzz update soon
please write more soon i love this story and wnt more!!
yeh plz im dying here
I´m really really sorry.

But i have been buzy with college.

xoxo : )
Hi twilighters!!!!!!!

I know that my absence is unforgivable! But here I am, with one more chapter of New Sun!

So, to remember very quickly what happened, here is a resume:
1. Nessie and Jacob started dating, Edward didn´t accept very well! Nessie and Jacob ended up the dating.
2. In a moment that Nessie and Jacob were almost without talking to each other, Taylor (the bestfriend of Nessie), asked her to go with him to the prom. She said no, because didn´t make no sense go to the prom, if her date wasn´t Jacob.
3. Jake and Nessie return their relationship.
4. Emily has an accident and goes to the hospital. Sam is desperate and flees. The wolves and the Cullens go search for him together.
5. Nessie stay again without a date to the prom, because Jacob doesn´t know if he will be there in time.
6. Nessie ask Taylor to go with her to the prom.
7. The party is being boring and Nessie feels sad because Jacob isn´t there.
Without anyone expecting, appeared in the party the thieve that shot Jacob in an incident in the beach. The thieve was interested in the diamonds of Nessie´s dress… he took her to the street and asked her about the diamonds. What going to happen?

End of the previous chapter:
"You don’t recognize me, do you?" I provoked him.

"Well, I think that I would never forget a beautiful face likes yours ... but frankly I don´t know, who you are. But we are always on time ... but that lack of respect from my side, my name is David Logan."
“I’m Renesmee Cullen.”

He approached from me again. He grabbed me again. Now was the time. He was so disgusting. I couldn’t think properly.
"Pleasure, Renesmee.”

"Too bad, I can’t say the same." I told him with one icy voice. I pulled my hand back to give him a punch. But at the same moment I heard the voice of a guy.

"What are you think you doing? Let her go! This girl is not for your beak!”
Cap. 16

Part 3


“Get out of here Taylor. He’s dangerous”
“Do you think I’m scared? I’m going to protect you from that monster”

David looked to Taylor, smiling. “We have here a brave man…” and then he went in Taylor’s direction.

Before Taylor gets hurt, I grabbed David´s hand “Come on, there is no need to fight”…I looked toward David ready to seduce him and therefore distract him.

“Taylor goes away. Don’t you see that I’m busy?” I didn’t have another choice but keep Taylor off here, even with this awful way.

“That’s right. We are busy. Go away kid”

But Taylor didn’t let my words persuade him. He knew me to well to see, that I was lying.

He run on David’s direction to give him a punch. I didn’t had another choice but put me in front of that idiot of David. “Stop Taylor. Don’t do that” I tried to display him with the look that everything was fine; that there was no problem.

“Nessie, what are you doing? This jerk wants to hurt you. Why don´t you let me? I can take care of him. He will not hurt you”

“Taylor, please be careful “before I could do something, another guy had given with a stick in Taylor’s head, which fell unconscious on the floor.

“David, what the hell are you doing? I told you to take the diamonds and get out of here quickly. The cops are after you, you remember?

“Yes I know, but apparently the diamonds aren’t real…” he looked again to my dress.

Good, Was what I needed, now instead of one I had two thieves around my dress…when I get rid of them I will have a little talk with Alice! Diamonds in clothes nevermore….

“What are you waiting for get rid of that chick, and take the diamonds? It’s obvious that they are real! Do you think that, that chick would tell you they were real, j******?”

“Ok that’s enough” I said angry

Those guys were starting get me angry. I had to take Taylor out of here, and get rid of those jerks. The problem was that now I had to get rid of two. I didn’t want to show my identity to another. But I had no other choice; I really had to stop them.

The other guy came up beside me, watching in wonder the diamonds.

“it’s enough? Yes, you´re right, it’s enough doll, are you going to give me those diamonds or do I have to take them by force?!” His hand was going on my dress’s direction, ready to pull out the diamonds, when I hit on his hand.

“No sweetie, here you don’t touch!” I smiled, it was the moment.

I showed my teeth ready to attack them. Both of them retreated frightened and with a huge panic face. I had no notion how scary I could be for the humans and I smiled of knowing it. But at the same time I heard a noise behind me. I turned to see what that was.

Behind me were two giant wolves. One giant with chocolate brown hair, and other giant with brownish red hair. Now I knew it…it wasn’t because of me that they retreated with fear. It was because of them. Crap, after all I wasn´t that threatening, I thought disappointed.

The two giant wolves growl again, moving towards the two guys that fainted, with the shock of seeing them.

Jacob looked at me, and leaned to touch my face with his nose. I touched gently with my fingers on his nose, feeling the texture of his hair. My heart was pounding for being so near of him again, and I also could hear, his quick heart. I wanted to hug him. After he check I was fine, he took the two guys and him and Quil disappeared into the florest.

A few seconds later Jacob came back, but already in his human form



After we staring to each other during a few seconds, we kissed passionately. I had missed so much his kisses…his smell…

Then I closed my hand into a fist, and I punched him.

After we staring to each other during a few seconds, we kissed passionately. I had missed so much his kisses…his smell…

Then I closed my hand into a fist, and I punched him.

“Nessie! Au! What was that?”
“You should have come earlier! You should be the one taking me to the ball! But you still came in time to save me….”

“Nessie you have to take him to the hospital…he will wake up soon….”

“ Yes you are right….oh true, Did you find Sam? That was why you came?”

He was sad again “Unfortunately, no Nessie. I came because i wanted so much to be with you today, and Quil was crazy to see Clair too….and I’m glad, that I had come….Now take your friend out of here, and check, if he is fine. Then meet me at La Push that I will explain you everything.

So I did that. I caught Taylor kindly, and put him on his car back seat, and then i was ready to take him to the hospital.

“Renesme what happened to Taylor?” It was Vanessa ours classmate and friend. I didn’t had noticed she had arrived.

“Nothing special. Taylor fell and I’m going take him to the hospital”

“But what did you did to him?”

“I? But why do you say that?”

“I saw you get out of the party with a guy. He went after you, and now he is unconscious….”

“Listen Vanessa, it was nothing. He fell and fainted. Now let me take him to the hospital, ok?”

“Ok. Sorry Renesmee. But when I saw him like this…”

“Don’t worry. Let me take him.”

“Ok but I’m going with you” I didn’t had time for more discussions. It could be good, she came with us.

“Fine, get in the car.”

Vanessa was in love with Taylor, but Taylor never looked at her that way. And he had always refused talk with me about her. I never could convince him to give her a chance, even with her incessant requests. Taylor was very shy, well the true is that I was the only one who he liked to talk with. Maybe that was why, I was so close to him than anyone else. He just showed only want to talk with me, just showed trust me. And of course that was him that helped me on my first day of school. Over time I still did several friends, but none like Taylor. Every time I looked in the rear-view mirror and I saw him lifeless, I felt sad. One more time he was like this because of me.

“He is awaking!” Vanessa looked at him with a huge tenderness.

“Nessie! Ouch my head…what happened? Taylor tried to get up, but when he did that he clung to the head and lie back in the seat.

“Well you fainted. Now we are going to take you to the hospital.”

Taylor didn’t asked again about what happened. He understood that I wouldn´t enter into details with Vanessa there.

“I’m fine; I don’t want to go to any hospital”

“No, no way! We have to go see how you are"! Vanessa told him with great concern in her voice.

“ Vanessa is right. It’s better, to see if everything is fine, ok Taylor?”

He didn’t talk again. I could see that he was upset about something. I wanted to help him, I wanted to ask him what was wrong, but I couldn’t talk with him about what had happened with Vanessa there.

When we arrived to the hospital, Vanessa, helped Taylor, get out of the car and took him to the hospital. He was treated quickly, once I was , Dr. Carlisle´s “daughter”. my friends and me had what I could call, priority. While we waited on the waiting room for Taylor I thought again about Jacob. I had to go see him. I had to talk with him. When I wasn´t see him it was a little easier stand the pain. But knowing that I had been near him and I didn’t had a chance to talk to him. I had to see him.

“Vanessa, can you take Taylor home when he leave” And I gave her the keys of Taylor’s car.

“But where are you going?”

“I need to go solve a problem. Tell Taylor that I wish him well, and that I’m going to see him tomorrow, ok?”

She nodded. And I went straight to La Push.

yes i will keep you updated, don´t worry

I have longed for this story to come back to life...and here it is alive and well!! I'm soo happy its back thanks for updateing!!!


i´m really sorry, but i will try to post soon.

Thank you for still follow the story.

xoxo : )
No problem....I love this story and I won't leave it until it is finished.


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