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Would you like to join the newsletter team?

Basically, you fill out the form at the bottom, an BAM, you've applied.

Now, know, none of the choosing is  personal, columns are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, and who gets what column is based on both your ACTIVITY and honestly what you put on the application.

If we think there is a column that you'd be better at then what you suggested, we'll tell you!

But if you apply, more than likely you'll get  the job.

Now, for the first few weeks, we'll be coming up with column ideas, and once we have enough for everyone, we'll rotate around with who writes what, until everyone finds something satisfying.

So here is that little form.


Your Name:


Do You Make Graphics?:

How Active Are You/What Days are you Inactive:

Do You Do Anything Else (hosting) in the group (admin, GMPG, comps...ect.): (it won't influence you, just column ideas for you)

Do You Have A Column Idea? If So, Please Share!:

Would You Want a More Graphicy or Writing Column?:

If Writing, Do You Want Someone to Edit Your Work?: (Grammar and Spelling)

Will You Subscribe to the Newsletter?:


PS: If you are curious in being an editor of the writing columns, message me.




These People's Forms Have Been Read & Accepted.


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Hi Juliee! I might resend the message since it's been a while. Basically we're going to talk about what we think the newsletter should be like, and ideas =). If there is anything else feel free to ask =)

Okay I just wanted to know what we were doing :)


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