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I just needed to know. Had I made the right decision by leaving? All I knew was that I would never place her in a dangerous situation ever again. Jasper’s attack had opened my eyes. She would never be safe with me or my family. I also was sure of the love that would always stay in my heart; she still was the only reason for being. 


I heard them from a distance, her laugh sounded almost happy. There was just a tiny rough edge to it, but that would also fade when given time. I could see that he would be good for her, I could hear him screaming out loud the love he already felt for her. It took me everything not to show myself. I felt a pain deep inside: a pain that would have broken my heart if I had a thumbing heart. Once more I realized that she had changed everything around and about me. 


Once more I looked back, just a little more time and she would realize that her future was with this boy, Jacob. I started running, and for the first time, I felt how it was for Esme when she cries.


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I know it. And will try to post as soon as it's from my head on to the pc.

By the way thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow!!! really good...

sad though...cuz of the imprinting stuff with jacob...
can't wait to see what happens next!
Haha thank you for wanting more!!!!! The biggest part is in my head. And will keep you posted!!!!
Cant wait to read more! Loved it!
Thank you for reading....liking...and commenting!!!!
is melly edwards daughter or jakes and how cn she be a half vamp,werewolf and human?
She's Jakes daughter. And the other part will be explained in one of the next chapters.
Will do. And thank you very much!!!

I always wondered and was sure that he would imprint because of the genetic call to have strong wolves. Bella wasn't the best so he didn't imprint.
Chapter 3

"Mommy?" I looked up into Melly's beautiful eyes. "Did you hear that Carlisle?" By the look of his face, I knew he hadn't. He looked surprised; considering vampires don't miss a single noise. "Melly, was that you?" I asked her while looking back at her. "Yes, Mommy, you looked so sad. I don't like it when you're sad. I love you, Mommy. Everything will be all right.." I was baffled. I looked at Carlisle and started to explain what just had happened. This was so unreal; my little Melly could come into my head while E... couldn't. I started thinking again, trying to find an explanation for this.

"Mommy, who was he? He is pretty!" I smiled and agreed with her on that. Then she looked at Carlisle and he looked at me "What a wonderful gift, and such a smart little lady. And yes, he does have similar features like me. Alice could do that for you, I'll call her." I stood there with my mouth wide open, staring at this conversation. Carlisle left the room; I was guessing that Alice would be here very soon.

"Mommy...Sorry that I scared you like this." I went over to her and hugged her with all the love I felt for her. "You never should feel sorry for your gift, sweetie. You just took me by surprise. Although you're supposed to be 1 year old, you appear 5 and you've never spoken, so...This was a big surprise." I wondered if she would also be able to speak out loud.
Than I heard this sweet soft voice "Of course I can, Mommy."

A few seconds later, Alice came in the room and looked happy. She didn't say one word, but I could see that Melly got this dazzling smile on her pretty face. I looked at Alice and she just shrugged. I gave her my most fierce look and all she did was laugh. Melly amazed me even more. She got off of the examination table and walked over to Alice, well it was more like dancing just like Alice.

After they had left the room, I turned to Carlisle. "This is going all so fast, after another 4 years she will be a woman and how long will it take for her to age and ..." My voice broke, all that's left are questions and worries.

After Carlisle had saved us, I had noticed some changes in my pregnancy. After 2 days, I had demanded that Jake would call Carlisle, otherwise I would drive over there myself. When Carlisle had entered he had been shocked by the sight of my body. My skin tone had become even more pale, the fever rushing through my body had turned me into a big mess. Any food I ate or tried to eat made me even sicker, like my own body rejected it. He started to examine me, and when he could feel the hard womb inside my body, he had known. My body, my womb, that save and cause spot for my sweet baby had betrayed me. It had kept some of the venom and sealed itself, my baby trapped inside of it. Jake, Sam, Carlisle, and I had debated it over an hour. I wouldn't let anyone hurt my baby. Carlisle had asked if Alice could be allowed to cross the boundary to help. And so it happened that 2 days after Victoria's attack, I gave birth to Melly. Carlisle was the one that opened the womb with his teeth to get her out and handed her over to Alice. Alice had whispered, "I can see you," with a dazzling smile on her face. That was all that I had needed to be even surer of the decision I had made.

Carlisle came over to me and got me out of my thoughts. Melly was right: I had been sad and worried these last few weeks. Carlisle took me in his arms and I lost the control over my emotions, tears running over my cheeks. It felt like I was crying out my soul, my heart and it heard so much.

Carlisle started talking. "Bella, I've done some research and I've found something very interesting ..."
Awww.... :( I feel bad for Bella.... when will Edward show up???
Thanks you 2!!! I'm feeling so fattered!!!
omg so sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!
can't wait for more posts!!!!!
writ asap!! please!!!


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