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A different ending to New Moon changes everything!!!!


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I just needed to know. Had I made the right decision by leaving? All I knew was that I would never place her in a dangerous situation ever again. Jasper’s attack had opened my eyes. She would never be safe with me or my family. I also was sure of the love that would always stay in my heart; she still was the only reason for being. 


I heard them from a distance, her laugh sounded almost happy. There was just a tiny rough edge to it, but that would also fade when given time. I could see that he would be good for her, I could hear him screaming out loud the love he already felt for her. It took me everything not to show myself. I felt a pain deep inside: a pain that would have broken my heart if I had a thumbing heart. Once more I realized that she had changed everything around and about me. 


Once more I looked back, just a little more time and she would realize that her future was with this boy, Jacob. I started running, and for the first time, I felt how it was for Esme when she cries.


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Will try will try to go as quick as I can. Thank you!!!
awww, this is greAT!
Thank you!!!!!
love it can't wait for next update!!
Thank you!!!!
I'm writing but my editor is on vacation so wont post anything before next friday.

i LOVE this story.
a little confused though?
isit just edwards thats left?
becasue alice + carlise are still around?

anyways keep me posted? x
I love this story so far. Very interesting plot. So is there romance on the way for Bella, Edward, or someone else. Please update soon.

Will be updated soon!!!!


And thanks to all you patient readers of my fan fic(s)!!!!

New reader

Love your story. Keep me updated!!!

Thank you (again hehe). Will do!!!


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