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I just needed to know. Had I made the right decision by leaving? All I knew was that I would never place her in a dangerous situation ever again. Jasper’s attack had opened my eyes. She would never be safe with me or my family. I also was sure of the love that would always stay in my heart; she still was the only reason for being. 


I heard them from a distance, her laugh sounded almost happy. There was just a tiny rough edge to it, but that would also fade when given time. I could see that he would be good for her, I could hear him screaming out loud the love he already felt for her. It took me everything not to show myself. I felt a pain deep inside: a pain that would have broken my heart if I had a thumbing heart. Once more I realized that she had changed everything around and about me. 


Once more I looked back, just a little more time and she would realize that her future was with this boy, Jacob. I started running, and for the first time, I felt how it was for Esme when she cries.


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Chapter 4 

He continued, "Jasper has came across a vampire. But not a normal vampire, the boy is a half-blood. His mom was a human and his dad a vampire. Sadly she died at his birth and he was brought up by his aunt. She became a vampire after he had bitten her when she wanted to approach him and her sister’s body right after the birth."

I wanted to say that Melly had something else going on, she was part werewolf too. But Carlisle gave me no chance.

"Bella, please just listen to what I have to say. This boy was born about 150 years ago. He was fully aged after a good 5 years and has never aged since, like his body knew when it needed to stop aging."

All I could do was stare at him. If this could be true, if this was true, that would mean that Melly would stop aging in about 4 years and never age again after that. Or would the werewolf part be a problem? When they stop switching they start aging again. And would Melly have the ability to turn into a wolf? And... I looked confused.

"Bella, I know there is the werewolf part, but it's my belief that Melly will stop aging in about 4 years. After that there are 2 possibilities. The first one is that she stops aging for eternity just like we vampires do. The second one is that she will age but at a normal speed, like when a werewolf would stop switching."

I felt hope and tried to restrain it. But I felt it in every cell of my body, my heart was singing a song so hard it was throbbing. And all I could do was smile and hug Carlisle with joy, not out of pain.

"Carlisle, thank you so much. You've done so much for me and Melly. And this news is more than I ever could have dreamed of. This means that I will have Melly in my life for many years, many more than I ever could have dreamed of. .... Mmm, Carlisle, ...let's just say that she will be able to switch. When would she be able? When I think of the other wolf pack members it depended on the proximity of vampires. But she is also part vampire, so what does this mean?"

Carlisle sighed. "These are some questions that I don't have an answer to, Bella. You know what the symptoms are, so pay attention. And also don't do this on your own, Bella, you need support. The wolf pack members and elders of the Quilleutes know much more about the first change. And we cannot forget Victoria, she is a very patient vampire and I'm sure that she's still somewhere on the lookout for you and also for Melly."

With all that has been going on, and most importantly, my sorrows about Melly, I had forgotten about Victoria. But the moment Carlisle mentioned her, I knew this was true.

Carlisle continued "I've already spoken to the Quilleute elders, Jacob and Sam. So whenever the Quilleutes are unable to make sure that you're watched, we will take over."

My face must have looked hilarious. I love the Cullens; I always have. Mmmm ...except for Rosalie, maybe. She really hadn't liked me. I had been happy when Alice and Carlisle had come back into my life. I almost had been thankful towards Victoria for making this able. And of course there was Esme, she had avoided seeing me, but Carlisle had told me that she still missed me every day. She had given Carlisle things for Melly like the little golden necklace and the heart shaped medallion.

"I'm going over to Leah’s place for one week; I need some time to think. After that, I need to go back and start looking for a home for me and Melly. But not in Forks, that would be just too much. Maybe that in time I ...."

Carlisle nodded and I saw he wanted to ask me something.

"Carlisle, what is it?"

"Bella, Esme asked me to pass this request on to you. She asked if she could find you and Melly a suitable home. She has already talked to Alice about this to get a vision of what you would be looking for. This would give her great pleasure and some peace."

I thought about it for some time. "Carlisle, you can tell Esme that I trust her completely and that I will be glad to accept her help. But could you please ask her that she comes to visit Melly and I once we are settled in? That would in return give me great pleasure. And I know that Rosalie hadn’t liked me, but every one of you, is welcome to visit us," I ended my request in return.

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