The Twilight Saga

So, I've decided to feature some of my work and other things in this gallery!

I will also share a few sites I use personally, and even show you all some  brushes that I love using!

Feel free to ask me for advice or help!

Feel free to snatch any gifs or anything else, just ask me first.

Hopefully you'll have fun every time you visit this gallery!



My Banner Shop

My Tumblr (quality)

My Tumblr (personal)

My Tumblr (fandom)

My Wattpad

My Deviantart

(More Links to Come in The Future)

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LOVE the texture girly!

Beautiful texture!

Thank you both =)

I'm SOSOSOSOOSOSOSOSOOSOSSOSOOOOOO sorry for the lack of activity guys!

School life has been getting under my skin lately.

As for the Banners-By-The-Lyrics, I'm going to open voting for the Battle of the Bands in a second so that we can start the next category ASAP.

I'm also going to clean up the competition directory a bit (yes, it still exists)

I'm excited for Halloween, I'll tell everyone who I'm going to be in Rachel's Halloween Challenge when I enter =D.

The banner shop: I'm SO SORRY I've neglected your orders. You've been so patient, but it's honestly the last thing on my "i'm back" agenda. So maybe tomorrow, but expect them done by AT LATEST late Saturday.

My GMPG friends, the term is nearly over. I think it ends in a week or so I'm not sure. So I will be posting some review for the finals, and maybe taking a few requests.

Like I said, I can't mentor for this next term because if I'm busy now, forget about the winter.

PS: If anyone is interested in hosting GMPG, please message me, I'll give you all the info you need.

I think that's about it.

Thanks so much, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask =).


I noticed that everyone is going Halloweeny, so I decided to go in that direction too =)

Credit Claire for Texture =)

This looks great girly!

I love your book covers!

They are always so simple and unique!

A perfect combination! 



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