The Twilight Saga

So, I've decided to feature some of my work and other things in this gallery!

I will also share a few sites I use personally, and even show you all some  brushes that I love using!

Feel free to ask me for advice or help!

Feel free to snatch any gifs or anything else, just ask me first.

Hopefully you'll have fun every time you visit this gallery!



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(More Links to Come in The Future)

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I made this a few weeks ago for my story "The Soulless Project" which is a story I have on Wattpad.

It can be read here.

I made this banner for the Halloween Comp.

It is all about the hit musical Wicked.

It is one of my favorite graphics that I've ever made =)

OOO! I love this Nikki! It's so pretty! The texture work is great!!! =D

Thanks, I found it on Photobucket. There are so many things I can find on Photobucket...

This is the cover of a story I never finished, but had an idea for.

I just love this book cover :)

This book cover is fantastic!

Thanks Eva!

I was having fun with Mask/Block, and ended up creating this =)

I rendered this image of Leighton Meester and came up with this.


I made quite a few of the same texture

Great textures, I love the different variations in color

Yeah, I got creative in


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