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So, I've decided to feature some of my work and other things in this gallery!

I will also share a few sites I use personally, and even show you all some  brushes that I love using!

Feel free to ask me for advice or help!

Feel free to snatch any gifs or anything else, just ask me first.

Hopefully you'll have fun every time you visit this gallery!



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My Wattpad

My Deviantart

(More Links to Come in The Future)

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Replies to This Discussion

Apparently, my reply got messed up when I tried to edit it before the fifteen minutes yesterday. xD

What this originally said something about if you were changing from Dianna or not. xD

Like, I know that you said up there you weren't going to use Lea, but are changing from Dianna?

LOL, no problem.

And I'm not sure. I love Dianna, and there are a MULTITUDE of stocks with her in them, but idk how many more account pics of her I'll make.

If I do change my face claim, I'll probably choose someone like Lana Del Rey or Audrey Hepburn, someone really inspiring, you know? =P

Ah. I understand. That's how I felt when changing from Melissa Benoist. Like I had so many photos and I still wanted to use them. But I felt like I wanted to change at the same time.

Lana Del Ray would be so fun!

So would Audrey Hepburn! At least she was when I used her.

I'm sure whoever you choose you'll do a great job with the photos. You always do!

I LOVE the galaxy stock!

SO pretty!

Agh, thank you. =)

I have the stock if you want it.

Would you mind sharing? It's absolutely gorgeous.xD

Sure =P

Click for full size.

Awe, Thanks girly!

No problem ^-^

Testing a new style. =)

The lyrics are from Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

I'm beginning to like this overlapping text idea :3


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