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So, I've decided to feature some of my work and other things in this gallery!

I will also share a few sites I use personally, and even show you all some  brushes that I love using!

Feel free to ask me for advice or help!

Feel free to snatch any gifs or anything else, just ask me first.

Hopefully you'll have fun every time you visit this gallery!



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(More Links to Come in The Future)

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This song focuses on anti-bullying, and it is by the fantastic Megan & Liz.

The title is in the banner =).

I adore the video, and you should go ahead and watch it.

Lovely...haven't heard of this song but now I'm going to listen to it! 

OMG, Thanks Claire! Nice GIF, LOL.

Hi Everyone!

As some of you may have noticed, my face is back to Dianna for 2013.

Now, back to the past, this time last year, Leighton Meester was my face. This is the FIRST profile pic of Leighton in 2012.

Wow, I am just noticing the difference myself ^.^.

I hope I can do this again next year to see the differences.

But wow, I can't believe this. =O

Do you have some before/afters?

Feel free to post them.

Happy (early) 2013 guys!

(Just in case I'm not around) ^-^


So cool Nikki! It's crazy how much all of us have changed from last year xx

I loved your old profile pics, but I'm obsessed with your new ones haha.

Your effects and text have changed the most I would say. You seem to go for a softer-looking effect in your profile pictures now, which looks super amazing.

Can't wait to see what happens in 2013!!!

AWW! Thank you!

Your work has looked great lately as well!

What a nifty idea Nikki!

I have to say, I do love your new ones. 

And Dianna was one of my favorite people you've used. :3

I think she fits you. =)

I don't even remember who my face claim was at this point last year. xD

Hehe, thank you xDD

I think yours was like, Taylor Momsen or Lea Michele.
LOL, one of the two I believe.

Ohp. I really like this!

Yay! Thanks!


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