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**Credit to Claire for flower stock**

Welcome one and all!

Because spring fever is in the air, I decided to use a flower stock in my header to represent spring, and "springing forward"!

I am Nikki by the way, and will be willing to teach any pupil willing to learn!

I use several free websites to gather everything I need to create my final graphic in GIMP.

GIMP is a free program that you have to download.

I have personally used it for roughly a year or more and have had no problems with the program GIMP itself.

Here is the link to directly download GIMP.

If you would like to learn more about the program, just to be safe, feel free to visit

Below are some of the other sites I plan on incorporating in instruction, click the links to visit and begin getting to know them:

Okay, as far as tutorials go, I like doing them in units or sections. One for Basics, one for Applying Basics, so on and so forth.

I also post tutorials either on a discussion, in message form, or in Word Document form.

I shall willingly post all forms, but I usually post in both discussion and Word Document form.

AND, if it is a short tutorial, I post it as a comment here!

I pre-post lessons I plan, and add links as I post them, so if a word isn't click-able but it is under the tutorials section, that is why.

Okay, so good luck as pupils, and feel free to look around visitors! Always share your tutorial results as a comment here!




**Links may be a bit off, just scroll down if it isn't the right place.*

How To Make an Artificial Gradient

Vampirization, Edits (with layer modes)

Text-On-GIFS (via LunaPic)



Text Placement



Sweet Spots and Shape (inspired by Claire J. Darling ^-^)

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Well, I want to know all of you a bit better than I already do.

So, here is a form I made for you all to fill out!

Your Name:

Favorite Celebrity:

Favorite Shows:

Celebrity Crush:

Any experience with GIMP:

Can you open Word Documents?:

Favorite Color:

Something Random about You:

Fictional Character You Are Super Similar to:

Here is my responses.

Your Name: Nikki

Favorite Celebrity: Tie: Demi Lovato and Leighton Meester

Favorite Shows: Merlin, Once Upon a Time, Gossip Girl, Vamp Diaries

Celebrity Crush: Paul Wesley

Any experience with GIMP: Yes, plenty ;)

Can you open Word Documents?: Yes

Favorite Color: Clear

Something Random about You: I am a total spazz when I drink coffee.

Fictional Character You Are Super Similar to: I would say I'm similar to Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl

Your Name: Niya

Favorite Celebrity: Ariana Grande

Favorite Shows: Pretty Little Liars, Vamp Diaries, The Lying Game

Celebrity Crush: Taylor Lautner

Any experience with GIMP: Tons

Can you open Word Documents?: Yes

Favorite Color: Pink&Black together

Something Random about You: I'm very crazy and sometimes doze off!

Fictional Character You Are Super Similar to: Cat in Victorious

Hello Pupils:

I know, the term doesn't start until April, but I just wanted to give a quick opening statement.

Well, when I teach pupils, I like to start from the bottom up.

No, not because I feel I need to baby you, but because when you build a tower, you don't start with the little flag on the top right? Otherwise, it will fall down.

Also, you may know how to do something, but I do it COMPLETELY differently. So we can teach each other.

Also, I don't want to sound like I'm from another universe when I say an unfamiliar term, so that is why I want to start with some basics.

HOWEVER, most of the basics will go by before you can say Nikki needs nummy num nums twenty times slow.

And then, we can apply the basics, and get to the fun stuff!! YAY!

Okay, well, just wanted to let you know!



Your Name: Claire

Favorite Celebrity: (GAH! SO hard!) Lea Michele?

Favorite Shows: Glee, Gossip Girl, Smash, Sailor Moon, Once Upon A Time

Celebrity Crush: Darren Criss.

Any experience with GIMP: Bunches! =D

Can you open Word Documents?: Yup!

Favorite Color: Orange

Something Random about You: Uhh, I really like toaster strudels. :3

Fictional Character You Are Super Similar to: Hmm, well, I'm not very good at judging myself, but I've been told that I am similar to Rachel Berry and Spencer Hastings. :3

Haha, Glee, Gossip Girl... TRIPLE G! XD (I rhymed too! LOL)

Anyway, WELCOME!


Okay, well, the term's day one is here!


So, a tutorial, well, more of a lesson will be posted shortly. More like a few short lessons, xD.

I want basics to go by quickly, so hopefully we can get to textures on Saturday =)

Remember, this is just a goal, so we may be behind or ahead of textures by the end of the week.

Okie dokie?


The Document version of "Meet the Toolbox" is attached.

I will often refer to the document versions of tutorials and lessons as the "default" version, because they are the ones I post most often, but I may also for short tutorials or vocab lists just post them as a comment.

Now is also the time to tell me if you need the comment version instead.




1. PEN NAME-the name you sign with on graphics that isn’t your real name. For example, I sign almost everything on TTS by the alias Nikki, but it isn’t my real name.

2. STOCK-an image of a background or an unknown person/model.

3. TEXTURE-the background of a graphic made of several images and elements.

4. CLIPBOARD-the items you copy/paste are put on a thing called a “clipboard”.

5. LAYER- a section of a graphic; examples being: background, layer mask, layer 1, texture…ECT.

6. MERGE-to make 2 or more layers one layer.

7. CANVAS- your first layer in a graphic

Ok :-)



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