The Twilight Saga

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6.)More Complications

  I left a note to my mom explaining my absence.Now I was walking down the street my hands twitching nervously as I entered my doom.

When I got to the door it stood open as if they knew i was coming.

"Come In Lia,"Doctor Cullen's voice said .I stepped over the threshold and closed the door.

"Are you ready?"Laz/Alice asked

"Is anyone ever?"I replied She Laughed .

"Lie down "she said Indicating to the couch.

 I took shaky steps and then lied down.

"I'm sorry for this'"Doctor Cullen said and he bent over m.His lips barely touched my neck when the door burst open and their stood my mom looking as angry as ever.

"Stop this nonsense now!"She yelled looking accusingly at the Cullens.


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