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It is such a big thing to Alice to ask, I can see why she is angry.

Glad to kno u understand her

I love this! It is giving me goose-bumps =)

I really hope you update soon, this just keeps getting better and better!

I will try to update as soon as posible.

5.Final Dicision
"I'm home!"My mom shouted breaking my train of thought."I brought Chinese."
"'K,"I shouted back trying toput some meaning in my voice "I'll be down soon."
I needed time to work on my facial expression I didn't want her to have the feeliwthat something was up.Although something seriously was.Sighing I Troyes down the stairs fixing a permanent smile on my lips.
"How was your day?"She asked as I entered the kitchen.
"Great."I lied.
She answered and I could tell she didn't believe me.She took out two boxes containing Pinaple Chicken.
"Which resterant?"I ales trying to change the subject.
"Chinatown,"she said while emptying the box contenteson a dish.She then took it up and walked out of the room into the dinning room.As I watched her go I thought to myself.Lax/Alice looked capable of protecting her family I mean when your indistructable you could protect those you love couldn't you.I immediately pushed the thought from my mind
"NO!"I said to myself angrily "I.WILL.NOT.DO.IT.!"
"Are you OK?"my mom's voice floated from the dining dolomite into the kitchen.
"Yep."I lied again "Aum,mom I think I'm gonna skip dinner I'm not very hungry."
"If you say so I'll leave some in the refrigerator if you change your mind."
"'K."I said running from the room and to my room.I threw myself on the bed and broke into quiet sobs. It was like that with my face all covered in tears that I fell asleep.

It was dark and figures in a black cloaks moving in perfect harmony towards my house.
"Mom run!"I shouted at my mother but it was too late one of the cloaked figures had already gotten close to her.It pulled her into a hug and like it was about to kiss her lowered it's head to her neck.I heard a blood curdling scream as their skin made contact and then my mom's body laid feeble on the ground all the blood drained from it.
A voice I didn't recognise spoke"If you had accompanied Alice and agreed you could have saved your mom,"It said "but now its too late."

I awoke later gasping for breath.I took up my I-Phone and sent a message to Laz/Alice.


:'( That's so sad.. Please update soon!

I will.

Good thing it was all a dream right.

yep thats why she was panting.her mom isnt acctually dead.

Can she see the future in her dreams? Or is she just worrying?

It is such a big thing she has agreed to do. I hope she can find some peace in it.

best wishes


She is just worrying.She really wants to protect her mom and she thinks doing this is one of the only way.

Im sorry for the delay having a writers block.


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