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    I knew Bella as a child. We used to hang out all the time. Then her mom and dad divorced and I only saw her over the summer when she came to visit Charlie, her dad. Over the years she stopped coming though. I only felt as though I had lost a friend. I got over it and made new ones. Just yesterday I heard she was coming back. Charlie told Billy that her mom was getting remarried and that Bella thought it best to move back here for a while. All these feelings came flooding back. How we used to make mud pies together and when we got older we would walk on the beach together. I could not, could I? It's not possible. Everytime I heard Charlie speaking of Bella I became more tuned into his conversation or I got a weird feeling in my stomach. But still there was no possible least I don't think there is. A few days later Charlie drove up to my house. I was not sure what he was doing here at first. Usually he calls before coming over but this visit was a surprise. I quickly understood why.


"Billy, Jake open up it's Charlie."


I struggeld off of my old worn down couch and opened the door. "Hiya Charlie...." She was just the way I remembered her, only more beautiful. I stood there, mouth gaping open for a second.


"Bella! Its been too long. Come in, come in." Billy said rollling in his weelchair to the door.


"Jake are you going to let me by or just keep standing there like a..."


I quickly cut Charlie off "No, no. Um. Sorry, I just..." I moved out of his and Bella's way. I could feel my face turning red and turned quickly.


"Im just kidding with you boy. No need to get all worked up."


"Right" I said almost unaudible.


:"Well." Billy said. "Are you going to say hi or just keep standing there?"


I quickly cleared my throat, feeling myself blushing again. "Hi Bella."


"Hi." she responded. At that moment i realized all these years I had been lying to myself. I was in love with Isabella Swan...





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love it!!can't wait for next update!!
I added more to the story
"Quil, Embry. What's up guys? Are you ready for the first day of school?" I asked jogging up to them.

"Ah...our second year of High School. No longer the freshmen. The babes will dig me..." Embry said staring off in space starting to daydream. Quil quickly stopped him before he got carried away.

"Ok not that much has changed." Quil said laughing and punching Embry on the shoulder. "So Jake, I heard from a little birdie that Bella was back in Forks..."

"Yea." I said.

"So....." Embry asked.

"So what?" I said starting to get annoyed.

"Come on you like her. It's pretty obvious." Quil said laughing.

"How is it obvious? I have not even seen her in over five years. Was is obvious i liked her then? Cause I can not even remember if i did. We were just friends back then." I said. Just then the bus pulled up.

"Whatever you say man." Embry said climbing onto the bus.

As we arrived at school i went straight to the front office to pick up my schedule with Embry and Quil. We all missed orientation so we didn't have our schedules yet.

"I have U.S. Global two, American Literature, Chemistry, Algebra/Geometry, and Workshop and Mechanics for my electives."

"Let me see your schedule. I want to see if we have any classes together." Embry snatched my schedule out of my hand almost ripping it in half. "Lets see....." he said scanning over the paper. "We have American Lit., Mechanics, and Chemistry together.

"Quil, let me see yours" I said looking over his shoulder. "I have Workshop and American Lit with you.

"Cool." Embry said. "We all have that together. Man last year we all had like three classes together."

"Well we have the same lunch period. It's still fifth." I said just as the bell rang. "Off to first period Chemistry. See you later Quil"

Embry and I walked slowly to first period and ended up being late to class. Not a very great way to start off the year. Now my teacher already dislikes me. First period ended flying by along with second through fourth. When the bell for lunch rang i hurried off to my locker to grab my I.D. badge we have to use to order food. I walked into the cafeteria and found the usual spot I sat at. I suddenly hit me that i would bee seeing Bella soon. I only had two classes, U.S. Global two and Workshop left. I was dazed throughout lunch. I barely touched my food. Quil and Embry kept asking if i was alright and eventually left me to go sit with some of their other friends because i was ignoring them the whole time they talked to me. When I got to U.S. Global two time suddenly started going by very slowly. Don't you hate that? Whenever you can't wait for something time drags on and on and then whenever you don't want something to come up soon time flys by. So here i am still sitting in sixth period watching the clock tick off the seconds.

"Mr. Black. Mr. Black. Hello?" It took until the hello to realize that i had been asked a question.

"Uh. What did you want?" I asked.

"What do I want? Well first I want you to answer the question I asked you twice already....."

"Which was?" I said interrupting him.

"....Then I want you to stay after class. Do not interrupt me agian Mr. Black." The whole class started to giggle. "Back to what i was saying, I asked what Mitchell just said. Will you repeat what he just said?"

"Uh....Um he said......"

"See boys and girls, this is why you need to pay attention. If you don't pay attention in life then you may miss out on an important opportunity.

The rest of the class pretty much went downhill from there. We ended up getting lectured for about thirty of the fourty five minute class period. I got called on for just about every question Mr. Johnson asked and the class went by slower than ever. After staying after and finding out that i now had three days of lunch detention I had to rush to Workshop so that i would not end up being late. As I walked into the classroom Quil was already seated and had saved me a spot next to him.

"Feeling any better." He asked me.

"Well lets see....sixth period blows. My teacher hates me and i have three days of lunch detention. So I now get to spend the next three days helping the prick file and grade papers, pick gum off the bottom of the desks, and run errands for him, instead of eating lunch with my friends." As I was talking I got more and more angry and started talking louder. By the time I was done half the class was staring at me.

"I take that as a no." Quil said.

"Okay class My name is Mr. Vaughn. I'm your workshop teacher. If your schedule does not say Workshop seventh period with Mr. Vaughn then you are in the wrong class......" I tuned the rest out. The bell rang and I put my stuff quickly in my locker, grabbed what I needed for homework, and ran out to the bus. I ended up being one of the first kids on in my rush to see Bella. Only, I didn't think about all the other kids that had to get on and the fact that we were on a schedule so really rushing made no difference, it only made me bored and alone on the bus for five minutes. The bus finally reached my road and I jumped off the bus forgetting about Quil and Embry.

"See you later too." Embry yelled.

"Bella is back for one day and he already forgets about us." Quil said.

I reached my house and unlocked the door and went inside. My dad was sitting in the living room watching t.v. I threw my bag on the couch and sat down. "Hey dad, how was your day? Mine was ok. Well actually it was pretty bad. The day drug on and on and then i got detention for three days and...." By the time I got to the words The day you could not understand what I was saying anymore.

"Hey Jake, slow down before you hurt yourself. Did you say you got detention already?"

"Yea. It's not that important though. My teacher got mad at me because I zoned out and could not answer him when he asked me a question, that's all."

"Uh huh." He said. "Son you're not on drugs are you?"

"No dad. Why would you think that?" I asked.

"You just seem very.....are you sure you're not on speed or anything?" He asked as if he didn't believe me.

"Dad, I'm not on drugs. Trust me." I said matter-of-factly.

"Ok. Whatever you say." He said rolling into the kitchen opening up the fridge.

"So when are we going over to Harry's house?" I asked

"Oh ok. So that's what this is about." He said popping open a can of beer and rolling back into the living room. "You just want to see Bella." He said laughing.

"Dad, what time?"

"Probably around six thrity."

"Ok. Well I will be in my room doing homework until then." I said grabbing a bag of chips walking up to my room. As i got in my room I looked at the clock and saw that it was four. "Only two and a half hours." I whispered to myself.
Its fine, no need to apologize. lol. Thank you so much. I will keep you updated.
this is good
when are you going to write more ??
can u please keep me updated

probably later tonight Yes i will
I like it so far. I love to read so please keep on writing. It is getting interesting! Poor Embry and Quil...Jacob needs sometime with his friends but who ever does when they are in love!
awesome!! ;)
aww bless jacob.your storys fab update soon!!


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