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    I knew Bella as a child. We used to hang out all the time. Then her mom and dad divorced and I only saw her over the summer when she came to visit Charlie, her dad. Over the years she stopped coming though. I only felt as though I had lost a friend. I got over it and made new ones. Just yesterday I heard she was coming back. Charlie told Billy that her mom was getting remarried and that Bella thought it best to move back here for a while. All these feelings came flooding back. How we used to make mud pies together and when we got older we would walk on the beach together. I could not, could I? It's not possible. Everytime I heard Charlie speaking of Bella I became more tuned into his conversation or I got a weird feeling in my stomach. But still there was no possible least I don't think there is. A few days later Charlie drove up to my house. I was not sure what he was doing here at first. Usually he calls before coming over but this visit was a surprise. I quickly understood why.


"Billy, Jake open up it's Charlie."


I struggeld off of my old worn down couch and opened the door. "Hiya Charlie...." She was just the way I remembered her, only more beautiful. I stood there, mouth gaping open for a second.


"Bella! Its been too long. Come in, come in." Billy said rollling in his weelchair to the door.


"Jake are you going to let me by or just keep standing there like a..."


I quickly cut Charlie off "No, no. Um. Sorry, I just..." I moved out of his and Bella's way. I could feel my face turning red and turned quickly.


"Im just kidding with you boy. No need to get all worked up."


"Right" I said almost unaudible.


:"Well." Billy said. "Are you going to say hi or just keep standing there?"


I quickly cleared my throat, feeling myself blushing again. "Hi Bella."


"Hi." she responded. At that moment i realized all these years I had been lying to myself. I was in love with Isabella Swan...





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Thanks so much!
wow finllay something thats not normal in this story
I know. I wanted to develop a good relationship between Bella and Jacob before I made a bunch of abnormal stuff happen. It will make things more interesting I think.
ahh i love it, as always. update soon :D
As they stalked closer to us, Bella became more and more frantic looking. She was frozen in place as was I. I remember was looking to my left to see Embry charging the...the...what were they? I was now having a really weird dream. At least I hoped it was a dream. My dream was a lot like what happened, though, so maybe it was real. Bella screaming, Embry and I taking off to find her, Seeing the...whatever they were stalking closer and closer to us. Embry charged the...vampires? That's what they were. I don't know what made me come to this conclusion, but something deep down told me that that's what they are. As Embry leapt into the air he started having spasms all throughout his body. Suddenly, he shifted into a...werewolf? This had to be a dream. It had to be. Embry landed on top of one of the girl vampires and tore her to pieces. Bella finally snapped out of it. She shrieked loudly and started running. 'It's just a dream', I told myself. I tried to take off after Bella, but my legs were locked in place. 'It has to be a dream', I wispered to myself.

"Snap out of it!" I heard Embry yelling. "Jake! Help Bella!" He was human again. How did he do that? What was I going to do against a bunch of vampires? I looked around to see that two of them had followed Bella across the field. They were gaining on her fast, too fast. She wouldn't get away. "JAKE!" I snapped my head towards Embry. "GO!"

Suddenly, everything seemed so much clearer. "This isn't a dream?" I asked shaking my head back and forth.

"No, now go help her!" Embry mangaed to say while transforming back into a werewolf. He tore another of the vampire guys to pieces. So now two were down. Embry started fighting with the biggest vampire. The vampire got his arms around Embry and squezed, hard. It sounded like a few bones broke. Embry yelped, but quickly got out of his hold and started circling him. The other two vampires left, were now circling around Bella. She started to huddle down to the ground.

I took off running as fast as my legs would let me. I didn't have a plan, but maybe I could distract them long enough to save Bella. Long enough for Embry to get over here and help. "Hey! Over here!." I yelled running towards them.

"Go get him, Luke." I heard the girl say.

Only the guy came after me. Great. The girl was still walking around Bella, laughing, prodding, chanting things that I couldn't hear. Bella cowered down further. 'Oh, *edited by moderator*, I thought. This guy was fast. He was already in front of me. I heard another yelp, Embry was hurt again. This distracted me long enough for Luke to grab hold of me. I heard a god awful tear. 'Please, don't be Embry', I thought. All noise behind me had stopped. Who was dead? I didn't have time to think about anything else though. I was being pulled in different directions now. When did the girl vampire get over here? I tried to see where Bella had gone. I saw her about twenty feet away. Dead? Unconscious? I couldn't tell, but she wasn't moving. Suddenly, Luke went flying through the air. Embry was alive. I don't remember anything after that.

My eyes slowly opened to a too bright room. Why am I in a hospital? I tried to sit up. "Ugh!" Everything hurt. Something was weighing my arm down. I looked over to see that it was in a cast. I tried sitting up again, slowly this time. I managed to pull myself halfway up. I looked down to see my foot in a cast, too. "What the hell?" I just sat there for a minute, trying to figure out what had happened. I couldn't remember anything after Embry and I going outside to find Bella. I saw a button, buzzer, thing next to me on the hospital bed. I pressed it. Not long later a nurse walked in.

"Oh, you're awake! Are you hungry?"

"Uh, no. Well, yes, but do you know what happened to me?"

"You have a minor concussion, a broken arm and leg, and some scratches on your face. Want to see?" She went over to a sink in the corner of the room and picked up a little mirror.

"No, like what happened? How did this happen?" I said gesturing to my body.

"Oooh. You and your date had gone outside during your school dance." She paused.

"I remember that." Well, that wasn't exactly how it happened. She was mad at me so Embry and I went to find her.

"Good, good. Well, someone in the parking lot ran you guys over. He may have been drunk or something. The police are still looking for him."

"Right, yea." I said acting like I remembered.

"Here." She handed me the mirror. My face had a gash running from my left eyebrow down to the middle of my cheek. There were a few minor cuts, too. Great.

"Not too bad, huh?"


She made a face. "Well, just be glad you're alive. I'm going to go get you some food." She stormed out of the room.
What was her problem? I closed my eyes, trying to remember what happened again. Ugh! This was so frustrating.

"Hey, man." It was Embry.

"What's up?"

"Not much. You look better."

I rolled my eyes. "Right." I said sarcastically.

"So uh....what all's wrong?" He said sitting on the end of the bed.

"Minor concussion. Everything else you can see for yourself."

He looked me over. "So you can't remember anything?"

"No, not really. I just remember us going to look for Bella. That's it."

"That sucks."

"Yea, so how did we get hit and you didn't?

"Oh, we went seperate ways to look for her. I guess you found her and then...well you both got hit by a car."

Realization hit me suddenly. The nurse had said 'you and your date got hit' and now Embry was saying 'you both got hit by a car'. "How is she?" Embry looked down at the ground, not saying anything. "How is she!"

"She has a concussion like you...." He paused. "She's in the operating room right now, she lost a lot of blood."
I'll write more in a hour or so...or tomorrow if i dont have time.
just as good as ever! :D
Lol, thanks :)
Finally sonething not-normal is happening...Hmmm is Bell gonna be okay??..Cant wait to see what is going to happen next
Yea, I wanted a good storyline before I started making a bunch of stuff happen. I wanted to build up a good relationship with Jacob and Bella first, too. I guess you'll have to keep reading to find out ;)
Wow a climax


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