The Twilight Saga


    I knew Bella as a child. We used to hang out all the time. Then her mom and dad divorced and I only saw her over the summer when she came to visit Charlie, her dad. Over the years she stopped coming though. I only felt as though I had lost a friend. I got over it and made new ones. Just yesterday I heard she was coming back. Charlie told Billy that her mom was getting remarried and that Bella thought it best to move back here for a while. All these feelings came flooding back. How we used to make mud pies together and when we got older we would walk on the beach together. I could not, could I? It's not possible. Everytime I heard Charlie speaking of Bella I became more tuned into his conversation or I got a weird feeling in my stomach. But still there was no possible least I don't think there is. A few days later Charlie drove up to my house. I was not sure what he was doing here at first. Usually he calls before coming over but this visit was a surprise. I quickly understood why.


"Billy, Jake open up it's Charlie."


I struggeld off of my old worn down couch and opened the door. "Hiya Charlie...." She was just the way I remembered her, only more beautiful. I stood there, mouth gaping open for a second.


"Bella! Its been too long. Come in, come in." Billy said rollling in his weelchair to the door.


"Jake are you going to let me by or just keep standing there like a..."


I quickly cut Charlie off "No, no. Um. Sorry, I just..." I moved out of his and Bella's way. I could feel my face turning red and turned quickly.


"Im just kidding with you boy. No need to get all worked up."


"Right" I said almost unaudible.


:"Well." Billy said. "Are you going to say hi or just keep standing there?"


I quickly cleared my throat, feeling myself blushing again. "Hi Bella."


"Hi." she responded. At that moment i realized all these years I had been lying to myself. I was in love with Isabella Swan...





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Ashleigh, I know I already told you but I can not help it to don't tell you again - You are AMAZING writer! :))) I love your story.
Well, I have one question for you... would you mind if I translated your story to my language and let my friends read it??? (They all love Twilight and I'm just little upset that they can't really understand English very well and they miss your great story! :) )
Well, thank you so much. I don't mind at all. I would actually like for other people to be able to read my story :)
Google translated automatically the story in your language
Not really... Google Translator is not that great :-/ It translates the sentances the way you can't even understand it...
So have you been able to share any of it with your friends?
Awesome chapter post soon
Awesome story!!!!can't wait to
thanks. i'll update tomorrow.
sehr gut, bitte mehr.
Love it (like always)
I'm a new reader and I read it and LOVE IT write more please!!
I love new readers :) Thanks so much. I'll keep you posted.


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