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    I knew Bella as a child. We used to hang out all the time. Then her mom and dad divorced and I only saw her over the summer when she came to visit Charlie, her dad. Over the years she stopped coming though. I only felt as though I had lost a friend. I got over it and made new ones. Just yesterday I heard she was coming back. Charlie told Billy that her mom was getting remarried and that Bella thought it best to move back here for a while. All these feelings came flooding back. How we used to make mud pies together and when we got older we would walk on the beach together. I could not, could I? It's not possible. Everytime I heard Charlie speaking of Bella I became more tuned into his conversation or I got a weird feeling in my stomach. But still there was no possible least I don't think there is. A few days later Charlie drove up to my house. I was not sure what he was doing here at first. Usually he calls before coming over but this visit was a surprise. I quickly understood why.


"Billy, Jake open up it's Charlie."


I struggeld off of my old worn down couch and opened the door. "Hiya Charlie...." She was just the way I remembered her, only more beautiful. I stood there, mouth gaping open for a second.


"Bella! Its been too long. Come in, come in." Billy said rollling in his weelchair to the door.


"Jake are you going to let me by or just keep standing there like a..."


I quickly cut Charlie off "No, no. Um. Sorry, I just..." I moved out of his and Bella's way. I could feel my face turning red and turned quickly.


"Im just kidding with you boy. No need to get all worked up."


"Right" I said almost unaudible.


:"Well." Billy said. "Are you going to say hi or just keep standing there?"


I quickly cleared my throat, feeling myself blushing again. "Hi Bella."


"Hi." she responded. At that moment i realized all these years I had been lying to myself. I was in love with Isabella Swan...





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lol, thanks.
I know Jacob I fell in love with a boy once by the name of Daren its out that he's a player and i dont want a player why i said that is i find out that he was with almost all of the girls where im form he hurt my feelings thats why i love being on your team JACOB I THINk You For being a geat friend TAYLOR LAUTNER p.s.JANELLE
Embry and I talked for a good two hours. He explained everything to me about vampires and werewolves. He explained how werewolves are considered protectors against vampires. He apologized for not telling Quil and I. It was just such a shock to him and he didn't know how we would handle it. He then continued on to explain why he started hanging out with Sam and the others.

"Wait,wait, wait. Back up." I said interrupting Embry. "Sam and his 'gang', aren't really a gang?"

"No." Embry said calmly.

"They're all werewolves? All five of them?"

"Yep. Now, I thought you said you weren't going to interrupt me." He said squinting his eyes at me.

"Sorry, continue."

Embry left around eleven. He needed to get home and get ready for school tomorrow. We both agreed on not telling Bella anything. There was no reason she had to know the truth now. If she ever remembers what really happened, we would tell her everything about...everything. I wasn't up to going back to school tomorrow, so I layed on the couch to watch t.v. for a while. I realized about twenty minutes into The Crazies, that I wasn't really watching it. My mind kept wandering to different things. I decided to go up to my room, so I flipped off the t.v., grabbed my crutches, and headed for the stairs. These things were so awkward.

"Jake." It was my dad.

I struggled to back down a few steps. "Yea?"

"When did Embry leave?"

"Around eleven. He has to get ready for school and stuff."

"Oh, yea. I forgot tomorrow was Tuesday." He said scratching his head.

"Yep." I said standing awkwardly on the steps.

"So are you heading off to bed?"

"No, I'm probably just going to listen to music or call someone or something."

"Oh, okay then."

"Yea, I don't think I'm ready for school yet."

"I understand. Well, night."

"Night." I said. When I got into my room I plopped down on my bed and sighed. I couldn't wait until I could walk normally again. I was dreading going to school Wednesday. I already knew how it would be. A bunch of random kids walking up to me all day giving their condolences, telling me how sorry they were. I hated extra attention, which I'm sure I'll get plenty of. I'm starting to wish that I had never gone looking for...well, no. She would be dead if I hadn't gone looking for her. I would say that I wish I never went to talk to Embry. I mean, that is what made her leave in the first place. If I hadn't gone to talk to him though, we wouldn't be friends again. "Ugh!" I threw one of my crutches that had been leaning against my bed, across the room. "Oh, great!" I hadn't really thought that through. Now I only had one crutch by me. "Well, if there's a fire, I'm s**t out of luck." What am I doing? Talking outloud to myself? I'm losing it. I really felt like I was going crazy. I hadn't seen Bella in two days. I would see her tomorrow though. I could get someone to drive me over to the hospital, seeing as I can't drive. Quil and Embry would be in school though. Charlie could pick me up on the way to the hospital though... I looked over at the clock, It was twelve. Too late to call him. Hopefully, I would catch him before he left tomorrow. I managed to make it to the other side of the room with only one crutch. I picked up the one I had thrown. Much better. I grabbed some clothes from my dresser and went to take a shower. It felt so good. I hadn't taken a shower since the morning of the dance. Once I got back I went straiget to bed. I would see Bella tomorrow, I reminded myself over and over as I fell asleep.
awsome,cool,IDK THE REST LOL
thanks! what do you mean, you don't know the rest?
Thanks! You'll find out soon :)
curious about the update :)
I'm updating soon:)
Awesome as usual
Love it


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