The Twilight Saga

Why is it that when there is a war, humans always happen to be dragged in the middle? It's a pretty common happening, but what if humans were not only dragged into a fight they can't win, but were part of the cause? 

Our story first takes place with the Vampires, a blood sucking species that live in large groups called Clans. This race has been at peace with it's brethren the Demons for some time now. The two, even if they share some similarities,  have no wish to deal with one another. In fact, a treaty was created just to keep the races from having a conflict. It stated:  "the demon and vampire species may share the human race, humans being the main life source of both races, but they must let the humans live in peace and flourish".

This treaty lasted for at least three centuries until a cruel leader of a vampire clan decides to go against it. Other clans followed his actions, taking as many humans as they wished, causing humans to panic and run. Demons saw this happening, finding it to be harder and harder to get their own life source with the depleting human race. Vampires are kidnapping groups of human and keeping them, locking them up in whatever they have.

Before a war could break out, a party of demons go and visit the main start of this epidemic, the high vampire Clan. They request that the vampires stop what they are doing before it gets out of hand. The vampires refused, and locked the demons up as well. Unknowingly, the demons get locked up with a few human. Big mistake. These demons start to make deals with the humans and these humans are so desperate that they accept.

With their new found bond, the demons are able to use their willing human as a literal weapon, and escape the vampires. But now there is another problem: the human race is so depleted that the vampires have to be stopped before the whole race of humans disappears.



A strong race of supernatural being. They once used to be humans themselves, but things have caused them to either be changed or willingly give up their lives. They can run faster then a normal human, but are not as strong as a demon. Each vampire has the ability to posses one supernatural power, that varies from vampire to vampire. They need to drink blood to survive, and human blood is the best for them. 


Name: [Full name]

Crush: [Can be any species really]

Brief personality|| [Not just a few words]

Bio|| [A brief place for a human past]

Supernatural ability: [Only ONE and it must have some sort of a down side]

Image: [No real photographic images please]

Played by [. . . and a link of your user name]




Military Leader:


Name: Lee .T. Martin

Crush: TBA

Brief personality||  Lee can described by most women as a jerk. He loves to tease and joke around with the girls, but has no intention of actually dating any of them. He doesn't really care for other guys, treating them like any other person would. He is good around children, though, always finds ways to make them smile. 

Bio|| Sadly enough, Lee does not remember much about how he became a vampire or much about his past life time. The only thing he really remembers are places and pieces of names. Not much makes sense to him if he tries to remember too hard, normally getting things more mixed up and confusing.

Supernatural ability: Lee has extremely good eye sight. He is able to see more then half a mile away, and has no trouble spotting differences between two things. One major down side to this ability is that his eyes are very sensitive, and came spike pain even when they are blown in to harshly.

Played by LostSoull™


Name: Esther Sky Trés

Crush: TBA

Brief personality|| Esther is kind of well...[edited by mod] and has quite the temper, but truthfully, she's actually really shy. She can be kind of crazy and random too. She goes through moods swings, since she was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder when she was human, and a small part of it seemed to stick with her.

Bio|| Her mother had Bi-polar, like she did, and Schizophrenic as well. Her mother committed suicide and she lived with her grandmother after that, since her father was off in the army, and was unable to take care of her. Esther was later diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder, as well. She doesn't remember when she was turned, or much of where her grandmother or father are.

Supernatural ability: One thing that she was granted when she was turned was her one wish as a human: to be invisible. Now she has the power of invisibility, the only down side is, is that it can go pretty hay wire when she's emotional, and there's times where she can't turn it off when she wants to.

Played by Insanye (Felecia and Company)


Name: Florencia Marie Villecross

Crush: No crush

Brief personality|| There are two sides of Florencia. There is her usual nice side. She is a very quiet and stoic girl. Flor only speaks when spoken to. She is a well-mannered, soft spoken girl. She gets along with everyone just fine. Inside her fragile and sweet appearance, She is a brutal fighter. She doesn't like to kill, she only does when needed. Then there's her rare not-so-good-side. Flor turns into a rude, sarcastic, sadistic, girl. She doesn't need a reason to kill. She just does. Flor doesn't trust anyone and does things on her own. She is very immature and can't stand it when someone tries to correct her. She will kill them on the spot. It is clear that Florencia isn't exactly emotionally stable. However, she is a nice girl.

Bio|| Florencia was a professional violinist as a human. She was slowly gaining fame and people from all over the world flew in to hear her preform. There was a guy who grew obsessed with her music- and her. He stalked her down and tried to take her away but when she kindly refused, he stabbed her. Nobody knows how she became a vampire or what happened after that. All that is known about that event is two things. That was the day her bad side was born and that was her final day as a human.

Supernatural ability: Florencia can paralyze people by touching them with her hands. The people she paralyzes can't physically feel anything. They're mind goes blank and they can do nothing but watch. The paralyzing can last for hours as long as Florencia is touching you with her hand. For some reason, Flo cannot turn this off so she has to wear gloves so she doesn't paralyze everyone she touches. Also, paralyzing people takes a lot of energy out of Florencia. Therefore, she can only paralyze a handful people before passing out.

Played by Ran-chan


Name: Ethan Alexander Harper

Crush: No crush

Brief personality|| Like his human sister, Laura, he has an intimidating look that could scare anyone off. He is portrayed to be ruthless and sadistic killer, but that's only because of his power. He is quiet to people he doesn't know. A few of the vampire have gotten close to him and he speaks to them only. Ethan is fairly new to the whole vampire thing and there are still a lot of things he doesn't know, yet you could never tell by how composed he is. Never cracking a smile he usually lingers in the shadows and is quite a loner.

Bio|| He was a tattoo artist when he was human. He has multiple tattoos on his upper body and some on his right arm. As a human he was really mild and meek. Everyone knew who Ethan was. He had a personality that drew people to him, despite his scary appearance  He had a biggest and brightest smile anyone could ever see. He was also a chatterbox. Nobody could shut him off, but nobody really wanted to. He was the friendliest guy anyone could ever meet. How did such a nice guy become into a cold-hearted vampire? Simple, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He stayed a little too late over a friends house and decided to walk back home all alone. He was bitten just 15 minutes way from his house. The vampire who bit him just left him there in the middle of the street. He was found by another vampire who took him to the others. Once the others saw the potential of his power, they decided to keep him. He has been there ever since. He stills remembers his sister and wishes he could go back to her. However, the others convinced him that it would be too dangerous for him to be near his sister. A day doesn't go by that he wonders if she is okay. 

Supernatural ability: He can bring pain. He can make you feel so much pain that you'd rather be dead than feel the pain. He can control how much pain you receive. From a small headache to making you feel like you are on fire. The pain doesn't affect the outside body at all. It's more like your brain believes that you are in pain so much that you're body responses as if you actually were. Ethan can only two people at a time. He has to be very careful because if the more pain he gives, the more it hurts him. He feels some of the pain that his victims feel. The only reason it doesn't affect him as much is because he knows that he's not really on fire. However, if it gets too much for him he can very well kill himself or go insane.

Played by Ran-chan





This race is the weakest of the three. They have no supernatural powers, and aren't nearly as strong as a vampire or a demon. This race is extremely vulnerable to an attack, with no real way to protect themselves from a war like this. But there are a few humans that posses a strong life source, and are able to live longer, lift more, and carry on even when other humans have died. Demons purposely chose the strongest of humans to make deals with, seeing as the reward is much "sweeter" in the end. When a deal is made with a demon, the demon is able to literally transform the human into a weapon (sword, long bow, ect.) which best fits the human's background. This transformation normally makes the human sick once they are changed back into their human form.


Name: [Full name]

Age: [No one below the age of 18]

Brief personality and background|| [Easy enough to understand]

Has a deal with. . . [Must be a demon]

Weapon form: [No images, because we want you to be descriptive]

Image: [No real, photographic images please]

Played by [. . . and a link of your user name]


[No ranks set]


Name: Laura Mue Harper

Age: 29

Brief personality and background|| Laura, who also goes by her middle name of Mue by her close friends, has one of those mess-with-me-and-get-a-black-eye sort of girls. She's got this look to her that says the same. Most of her upper body, and her left leg are covered in tattoos. She takes great pride in her ink, they are all her design and the most of them were done by her kid brother. Laura has a strong bond to her brother, and would protect him no matter what the cost. The last time she saw him, she was heading to a run down building where she worked as a part-time close designer. She never liked her job every much, and was ready to quite that same day.

Has a deal with. . . :  [OPEN]

Weapon form: Laura takes the form of a long sword. The blade is slightly curved near the tip, and there is no hand guard to protect the hands of her demon. The handle of this blade is pure silver, and is a two handed sword. Her blade itself is is three feet long, and it has small spikes just as a rose has thorns on it's stem.

Played by  LostSoull™


Name: Castel Grant Mice

Age: 25

Brief personality and background|| He's the calm, easy going kind of guy. He's basically nice to anyone, and is quite the gentlemen, unless you rub him the wrong way. His history involving vampires, isn't the greatest. Most of his family were killed by them, and he was also often warned away from demon's by his grandfather. Now basically his entire family is dead, and he's on his own now. Has to take his own advice and make his own decisions, whether they turn out good or bad, that's all up to him.

Has a deal with. . . : Eara Millie Calvi

Weapon form: Castel turns into a giant circular blade, like a hula hoop, expect it's not a hula hoop. It's only way of holding it is on the inside of the giant circle. The blade has of three claw like edges jutting out from three points around it, giving it more chances to shred something to pieces. The inside where it is held, is a shining crimson, decorated with silver designs.

Played by Insanye (Felecia and Company)


Name: Blake Clayton Spade

Age: Twenty

Brief personality and background|| He isn't the easiest to get along with. Blake has a tendency to be rather rude and somewhat cold towards people. He has no problem telling you when you are annoying him and what about you is annoying him. He isn't violent though. He would never go as far as to hit anyone unless they stike him first (unless they are really young or a female human. Then he doesn't hit them even if they do hit him first). He has a dark aura, and he knows it. In truth, Blake is bitter. A vampire murdered his best (and only) friend. If it weren't for that then he wouldn't have ever bothered to make a deal with a demon. He seeks revenge and will not rest until he is satisfied. He usually has a mad expression or a scowl on his face. There are times that he does smile but most of them are angry or sort of scary looking. A real smile though, is very rare. Every now and then he will show kindness towards people.

Has a deal with. . . : [OPEN]

Weapon form: He turns into a sort of double sword. One blade is pitch black and the other is a bright white. Both swords are connected to a purple handle in the middle. The black blade has a lot of markings that makes it look like it has stiches it is also very rusty-looking but it is still dangerously sharp. The white blade is much very smooth and looks a lot like a diamond by its shine. Nothing can dent it. Both blades are 2 inches long and pretty wide.


Name: Nathaniel Clark Larterson

Age: 19

Brief Personality and Background: Nathaniel is a very kind person who takes responsibility in most everything, even if it's not his fault. He tries to call everyone by sir or miss, but lately he's been having trouble remembering his manners. He would never threaten or try to hurt anyone, no matter what the circumstances. If his own life was on the line, he wouldn't save himself if it meant to harm the other/s. His older sister was killed by a vampire, so he has a lot of pent up anger towards them. Still, he would never harm any of them. For one, he knows that he would have no chance in winning, and the second reason is that it's entirely against his motives.

Has a deal with: [OPEN]

Weapon Form: He turns into a pair of throwing knives, both with a long, sharp blade that's black in color. Both blades have a small, intricate cherry blossom on the handle, and leaves and stems that seem to grip onto the demon's wrist until the point of being thrown at the target. However, while gripping onto the demon's wrists, and can become tight to a point where it's uncomfortable and almost painful.

Played By: Misuto~


Name: Aya Falks
Age: 23

Brief Personality and Background|| Aya grew up with her uncle and younger cousin, as her parents were both involved in a time-consuming business job and had to travel often. She's rather quiet and shy, though she wishes that she would speak more often to those around her. Her uncle always told her that if she stayed that quiet it would prevent anyone from having words to twist, but it would also pent up all of the things she wishes to say. Growing up she was a very sickly girl, and still is, however it has toned down. She has asthma which prevents her from doing anything too physical, and at times she passes out rather easily. Aya is a very sweet girl to most she meets, but can often be called fake for being so kind to most. She's nearly always smiling, though can be angered easily.

Has a deal with...: [OPEN]

Weapon Form: Aya takes the form of a large traditional fan, with beautiful flowers along the edges and birds resting in a tree. It may seem like a harmless weapon, however there are sharp spikes at the end of each fold, making it easy with the proper technique to cut at enemies.

Played By: Misuto~


Name: Jacquelin "Jack" Wind Rave

Age: 20

Brief personality and background|| Jack's life was never very interesting and still isn't really, even now. She was bullied a bit as a child, because of her insistance of being called Jack. Her parents were good to her and loved her very much and still do. She lives a quiet, seemingly ordinary life on her own now. She's kind, humorous and trusting.

Has a deal with. . . :  Sage Justice Mentro

Weapon form: Jack turned into a sword with carved snakes on this hit, and small designs on the blade. Inside the hilt is a chain, which connects to the blade, which enables to blade to shoot out like a whip (or nun chuck I guess), whenever needed or necessary.

Played by Insanye (Felecia and Company)





A demon is a twisted creature. They like to make deals with human, taking their souls for themselves but in return helping them out for as long as they wish. Demons are extremely strong, but they lack in speed. Humans are a main life source to this race as well, seeing as a demon needs souls to keep up strength and their own life source. Just as vampires, a demon can have one main supernatural ability which varies between person. Demons are immortal, making it very hard is not impossible for some to kill them. One way to kill them rather easily, but is dangerous, is to wait until a demon shows it's true form to attack.  


Name: [Full name]


Brief personality||  [Not just a few words]

Owns a deal with. . . : [Must be human]

Supernatural ability: [Only ONE and there must be a down side]

Image: [No real photographic images please]

Played by [. . . and a link of your user name]


Leader: Eara Millie Calvi

Second in Command:

Military Leader:


Name: Eara Millie Calvi

Crush: TBA

Brief personality|| Eara is a very strange girl. For being so young, many are surprised that she is the current leader of the demon realms. She is often found staring into space, but her mind is not wondering. She is normally very aware of her surrounding, taking in everything around her that she finds interesting enough to listen to. She is calm most of the time, and very composed, but since she is int he body of a child, there are times when she does break down. Out of no where, she may break down and act the age she looks. But she can easily regain herself after a while. Eara cares for her race very much, doing anything to stop wars and unneeded conflict. 

Owns a deal with. . . : Castel Grant Mice

Supernatural ability: It is very rare to make a deal with Eara, only for the fact that her abilities suck the life out of her. She is what's currently known as a "Shadow Summoner". It's normally a type of dark magic, but Eara are made it her person ability. Since this magic is so powerful, it takes bits and pieces of her life as she uses it. When she does, she is able to physically summon any creature found in the dark realm, including common earth animals. From a bird to a dragon, she is able to bring them to her quickly and with ease. Each time she uses her magic, her hair looses just a bit of color at the root, showing how much life she has left.

Played by  LostSoull™


Name: Sage Justice Mentro

Crush: TBA

Brief personality|| Sage is a bit aggravating to many. He doesn't know many boundaries and likes to do things his own way most of the time. But, he does known when enough is enough, and who not to mess with. 

Owns a deal with. . . :  Jacquelin "Jack" Wind Rave

Supernatural ability: Sage has the ability to fly, of course. With his bat like wings he can fly 20 mph. Although, he is strictly forbidden from flying too far upward, because he might just get attacked by an angel as he gets to close to heaven itself.

Played by  LostSoull™


Name: Lily Anne Hart

Crush: TBA

Brief personality|| Lily is bubbly and giggly, but don't let that fool you. She's actually seriously violent, and liking to talk to herself a bit too. She does her best to keep her violent tendencies to minimum  but she just finds aggression and violence so fascinating for some reason. She does her best to get along with people, but that doesn't always work out, considering her odd behavior and moods freak people out sometimes.

Owns a deal with. . . : [OPEN]

Supernatural ability: Lily has the ability of fire, and she certainly is fascinated with it as well, and would be what humans would call a pyromaniac  The only down fall to this ability  is she feels the heat of the fire, and is often covered in burn marks because of it.

Played by Insanye (Felecia and Company)


Name: Gweneth Victoria Hale

Crush: She has a slight crush on Sage, but she tends to change her mind a lot.

Brief Personality: Gweneth is rude, annoying at times, and tends to act in a second's notice rather than thinking about the situation properly. Her mouth has no filter at times, and she will gladly put on a smile, yet hit you at the same time. She's the type of girl to claim she has schizophrenia whenever she does something wrong or violent. However, she doesn't have a case of schizophrenia, and just makes it up when in trouble. For the most part, the other demons figured the lie out, but she still continues with it. Gweneth also tends to change her mind often. She will claim to like someone one day, and will easily claim to hate them the next. You could say that she's like the omega of the demons.

Owns a deal with: [OPEN]

Supernatural Ability: Gweneth has the ability to hear exceptionally well. She's able to hear footsteps and noises up to a mile away, sometimes even the tiniest squeaking of a mouse or the sound of bees swarming. However, the downside to this is that she is extremely sensitive to noises close by. She often becomes overwhelmed by too many noises that are close by. Sometimes, depending on how loud those noises are, she is put into a state of shock, leaving her physically immobile for a short period of time.

Played By: Misuto~


Name: Ruby Doe Layton

Crush: No one.

Brief personality|| Ruby is one of the strangest demons of the bunch. She is unable to make any sort of deal with a human, and has to resort to feeding on dead souls as a different type of food source. Ruby tends to distance herself from the other's, not likeing to talk very much in public. She feels shy when in a large group, and would normally stand by the nearest exit. At times, she can be jumpy, as if scared of some unknown entity. Besides being unabled of a few demon traits, Ruby seems to be accepted by her demon coparts although she knows she is not the most liked. 

Owns a deal with. . . :  She is unable to make a deal.

Supernatural ability: Ruby is able to block flame and deflect them toward any rival close by, however using this power draws a lot of attention. Also, she is protected from most types of damage by an energy barrier that is around ehr at all times. it's weak compaired to most demons, and is only able to block melee attaks from an average ranking demon. Unfortunately, Ruby takes harm from any type of dark or shadowy magic ,which other's find strange for a demon. Again, she is unable to use any sort of dark magic herself.

Played by  LostSoull™


Name: Elliot Ren Kumori 

Crush: -- 

Brief personality||  Elliot is a real gentleman. He's never raised his voice at a woman and always greets them with a gentle kiss on their hand. He is always dressed elegantly and speaks in a polite voice most of the time. However, he has a sharp tongue and can flat out insult someone with a smile on his face. It's terribly hard to annoy him but surprisingly easy to make him mad. When he gets mad he turns into a sadistic, cold-hearted, and violent guy. Nobody who has made him mad, has walked away without a broken bone or two.... He is rather cunning and likes to tease people. Elliot is a very patient person and always has a pleasant look on his face. Every now and then he will say something flirty but pay him no mind, that's just another way to tease people.

Owns a deal with. . . : [Must be human]

Supernatural ability: He can turn into a shadow. During this time he cannot be harmed. He can do this as many times as he wants but he has a time limit. If he reaches his limits he turns back to his human form. When that happens, his strength decreases to about the same as a human for a long time.

Played by Ran-chan




All rules must be followed. If it so happens that we find someone breaking our rules, you will be kicked and your character deleted. If things get to far out of hand, you will be reported. If you would like to speak to the writer of the plot or have a problem you would like me to help with, message me [LostSoull].

Thank You ~


  1. Follow the normal site rules. Role playing rules can be found [HERE]
  2. Please make at least one of each species (Vampire, human, and demon). Also try your best to keep the gender count about the same.
  3. Please try to keep the chit-chat at a minimal. I will leave the original forum open [HERE]
  4. No Gary/Mary sues! That is completely unacceptable and your character will not be accepted.
  5. All supernatural abilities must have a sort of down side, as to not make one character to powerful.
  6. Yes, character can and will die. But ask permission before killing (or turning if your a vampire) another players character.
  7. Please, try to make replies a bit long. NO one liners. At least a paragraph per-post.

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