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Hey, so I wrote another story, but this was has nothing to do with twilight. If you read my ff Eternal Sun, I will have the first chapter of the new ff within the next few days. This ff has no name yet,  but I really hope you all will give it a try! Thanks :) <3



I lived in a happy home, with a happy family, and all together a happy life. Until, one day, everything that was good in my world was torn apart. My name is Chloe, and someone needs to save me from this hell, before its too late.

Chapter One- That was the Past

Chloe, its time for school. You need to get up now or you will be late.”

My mother screamed from down the stairs. We did this almost every morning. I never was good at getting up so early every morning for school. I shot up from bed and put on jeans and a t-shirt. I ran out of the room and brushed my teeth, I ran to my brothers room next. I wake him up every morning. His name is Josh, and he is a senior at our high school. He has a spare in the morning, so I wake him up before I leave every day.

I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. I grabbed a handful of cereal, and put my books in my Roxy school bag.

Thanks mom, are you ready to leave?”

Sure thing Chloe, your father is in the den, why don’t you say goodbye to him while I heat up the car.” My mother said, while grabbing her winter jacket. It was October 19th, 2009.

Hey dad, gotta go to school, I love you lots!” I said while running up to him and giving him a hug and a kiss.

Bye my little Chloe, I love you too. I will see you right after school.” My father, Micheal, said.

I ran outside, and got in our Camero. I was not as late as usually am. I bet this is a sign of a good day. We only live five minutes away from my school, but I always get a ride. I said goodbye to my mom and walked into my school.

I was greeted by some of my friends. I would not say I was extremely popular, but I do have more friends then most. When I went to my locker, my boyfriend Chase was waiting for me.

Hello beautiful, how did you sleep?” Chase said, while wrapping his arms around me.

Fine, fell asleep pretty early, I'm barely even late.” I said, joking around with him.

We talked for a few minutes, but about nothing really important. I really liked Chase, we just did not have a whole lot in common. Chase is this unbelievably gorgeous guy, with sandy blond hair, and an amazing body. He was the star in almost every sport, and very popular.

Most of the people I met in high school so far was because they hung around with him. If Chase and I broke up I know I would not have as many friends. I am in grade 10, age 16. I have light brown hair, slightly tan skin, and average height. Their is nothing really special about me, so I don't know why Chase even likes me.

The bell rang, and I went to my first class. It was English, which was one of the only classes I liked here. We were currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I have already read it a good five times. My father is an English professor at the local university. My mother is a well known surgeon at the hospital. Out of those two jobs, I would choose my fathers. I do not pass out from the sight of blood, I just do not deal with others pain well. So I would be a basket case working at a hospital.

English went by fast, like always. I went to my locker and looked for my brother. He always came by too see me before he goes to his first class. I waited until the first bell rang for him to come, but he never showed. I walked to class, feeling a little nervous.

My brother and I are very close. He is very protective of me. We do almost everything together, we are not like the average siblings. We rarely fight, and when we do it usually ends up with is laughing at one another. I took out my cell phone, and looked over my text messages. There was 1 from Chase, and 2 from Josh. I skipped over to read Josh's.

Hey Chloe, I love you. I just thought I should tell you this. Don’t expect to see me, and do not blame yourself. Your the best little sister anyone could ask for. Love you, Josh.

Oh Josh, he must be skipping school again. He does this every once in a while. Josh will skip school, and mom and dad would get mad. So I would say I did not wait that morning to see if he got up, and the fighting would stop. I texted him back because his text was only sent 5 minutes ago.

Josh I love you too! You know that though. No matter what, I will stick up for you, you know that. I will see you soon, Chloe.

I sent the message, and tried to pay attention to my class, but something did not feel right. I lasted the rest of the class, but went to the nurse at lunch. I felt sick, I needed to go home. My mom and dad didn’t answer their phones, so I walked home. I checked my phone again when I was almost home. Josh sent me one last text message.

I’m not too sure you will see me again Chloe. I will always be around though.

When I read this, I almost passed out. I ran home, I knew something was wrong since I was at school.

I ran inside the house, and searched for my hero, otherwise known as my brother Josh.

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Huh, really, well everyones different! You want to hear something even sadder, I have never even seen Titanic. Thanks for the comment. Chloes life will get better :)
omg i cried sooo much!!!!!!
but hopefully it will get better for chloe!!!
love it!!!
Hey guys, I have the pictures of their new apartment, so I will link them to this discussion! Thanks for reading, please read and comment! <3 :)

Chapter Six- Anticipation
My father and I finally finished unpacking. It took almost all week. I never went back to the coffee shop, or even the library. It was Sunday, the night before my first day of school. I had to go to the library and return my books, I really wanted some new ones anyway.
“Dad, I need to go out for bit, do you need anything while I'm out?”
“Here is some money, can you bring coffee home?”
For some reason I knew he was going to ask that. I took the money, said thanks, and walked out the door. I I was nervous about seeing Tanner again. There was something special about him, which terrified me. I couldn’t handle a relationship. I couldn’t even think about guys. What am I saying? I don’t even know if he is interested. I probably just amused him while falling over myself and then stuffing my face with food. Oh great this is going to be awesome.
I went to the library first. Picked up the next book if the Darkest Powers trilogy and Wurthering Heights, and signed them out. I stuffed them in my Roxy school bag and walked slowly to the coffee shop. Of course, he was working. When I walked in he smiled, and I blushed.
“Hey Chloe, hows everything going? Would you like the same thing you had before?” Tanner asked.
“Hey, and nothing really, just unpacking things. I cant stay today, I need to get home and get ready for school, really don’t want to goo back.”
“Trust me, I don’t know want to back either. I'd rather just work.” Tanner admitted.
He smiled and gave me my coffee. He was so easy to talk too. I did really like him.
“So I have to go, but maybe we can talk later.”
“That sounds good Chloe. Do you maybe have a cell phone number I can have?”
I smiled and gave him my number. I really wanted a friend here, it was hard having no one to talk to. I got my coffee left. Before I went home I stopped off at a dollar store, I picked up a journal. I had a lot to tell Josh.
To be perfectly honest, I have read the words Josh wrote me at least 50 times since the coffee shop. It took me so long to read it, but now I keep rereading, just so I can have his voice in my head, like he was reading to me. I’m learning to hide my emotions well. My father is happier then he has been in months. So, I don't want to be the one who brings him down.
I'm still hurting. A lot. I need my brother at school tomorrow, and I need my mom to drive me there. I would do anything just to change my life back to the way it was. I know I can't though, so I will just hide my depression.
When I got home I gave my dad his coffee, and sat on the couch. He went into his office, so I was alone. I opened up my journal, and wrote my first letter.
Dear Josh
I found it kind of funny that you begged for me to write this. Of course I would. To know that when I write something to you, and you will read it, makes my heart feel a little stronger again. I miss you every second of every day. We were so close, we did so much together. I am having a hard time living without your presence. You always made me laugh when I was sad. Now, there is no one to do that for me.
Dad seems a lot happier since we moved. He is really excited for his first day tomorrow. Me on the other hand, is extremely terrified. High school is hard enough, but now I have to go there without knowing anyone. As you already know, mom and dad were in an accident. So that makes tomorrow even harder. Every morning mom would come upstairs and wake me up. She would drive me to school and we would talk about anything. I told her everything that happened at school, she knew everything that was going on with me and Chase and our friends.
I have to take the subway to school tomorrow. Yes the subway, I have TERRIBLE sense of direction. Remember last year when I took the bus home from the mall and ended up at the edge of town. Nothing like walking around New York with a map crammed in your face, I’m going to look like such a tourist.
I met a guy the other day. He works at a coffee shop, and it is right next to the library. There is something about him, I don't know, but it makes me want to spend time with him. I gave him my phone number, hoping maybe he will text me and show me around. The only two places I know how to get to is the library and the coffee shop.
Well its getting late. I should probably go to bed, have to leave pretty early tomorrow to get to school. I’m so nervous. Please, watch over me. You will probably get a good laugh, there is a very good chance of embarrassing my self.
I love you so much Josh. I love you too mom, if you are there. I wish you both were here. I cant stop thinking about you too.
Love, Chloe.

I had tears in my eyes, so I went up stairs to take a quick shower before saying goodnight. When I finally went back down, I just walked to my dad, hugged him and said I loved him. I wasn’t in the mood to talk. I went straight to bed. Already knowing I will not sleep. I haven’t slept a full night since I got out of the hospital.
I closed my eyes and wished tomorrow would never come.
Loved the last few chapters. Sorry it's taken me so long to read them but I haven't been on much. It's great that they moved away but sad as well. I know first hand how hard it is to move away from loved ones even if they no longer are living, I still went to visit them everyday. But change is good too. I really hope Chloe's first day at school doesn't go to badly and Tanner, I hope he's able to show what a good guy he is by showing her around and helping her out.
Keep up the excellent work and I look forward to reading more.
Heather, thank you so much!
I will post more soon, Im just not getting as much feedback as i like, I only have around 6 readers :(
This story means a lot because I thought of the whole idea on my own, When I write my stories about twilight, all the characters are from her ideas. I will post tomorrow morning no matter what, thank you for reading. And feel free to tell people about it! :)
Thanks so much for reading every chapter! I love reading your commments!
If you like my story, please tell some of your friends about it, I will post the chapters quicker if i had more comments :)
aw this is really good but its so sad for chloe please write more soon:)

P.S. i love the darkest powers trilogy:)
Thanks for much!

And I LOVE the darkest powers stories, I didnt know anyone who read those books other then me, gotta love this site :P
hehe !! nice chapter and ill tell my friend to read this awsome story !!!
awwwwwwwww so sad and sweet its so nice how tanner is so kind to cloe and its also sweet how she writes to her brother

love: alice cullen
Chapter Seven- First Day
When my alarm went off, I started to freak out. I was so nervous, a new city, new house, new school, new life. New, new, new, I’m not great with change. I got dressed in a blur, and couldn’t even eat breakfast. I ran downstairs to say good luck to my dad because it was his first day too.
I walked to the subway, praying to know where I was going. I was lucky enough to get on the right train, it was helpful that there was about 30 teenagers on it, so I was pretty sure I was right. I sat down, with my headphones in, listening to Hedley and trying to calm myself down.
When I got off the subway, it was a short walk to school. I went in and went straight to the office. They gave me a map to show me where all my classes were. I could do this. God, please help!
The first bell rang, so I had no time to get to my locker. I walked quickly to find my new class, luckily it was on the first floor, about two doors down from the office. I had to go to the teacher first so she could fill out my papers from the office. So, of course, when the last bell rang, and everyone was seated, she made me introduce myself.
“Good morning everyone, I hope you enjoyed your break. We have a new student joining us. Why don’t you introduce yourself.”
“Uh, hi. My name is Chloe, Chloe Fields.” I’m not liking this teacher much right now.
Everyone just looked up, looking bored already. The teacher smiled and pointed at a seat. Then, the classroom door swung open.
“Your late Mr. Mason.” Ms. Dawn said.
“Sorry, Miss, I missed the train and had to take a bus. My fault.” Tanner explained to her.
“That's fine Tanner, take your seat.”
Tanner went to the back, close to where I was standing dumbstruck. When I realized the desk Miss. Dawn pointed at had an empty one next to it, I sighed in relief. Maybe I will not be alone on my first day.
I sat down, and then Tanner sat down next to me. He looked at me and smiled, which melted my heart. I smiled back, truly feeling happy at the moment. Josh needed to hear about this! I took my bag, pulled out my binder and my journal for Josh, I began to write while the teacher went over what she taught the last school week.
You will never believe who is sitting next to me in my first period! Tanner, the boy I told you about from the coffee shop. I'm so less nervous now, I know at least one person at this school. I wish your were here, you would love it. This school is huge, and it is right in front of a park. I miss you, I don’t enjoy anything the way I used to. Everything feels like it has some sort of darkness over itself. I will write some more at lunch, it's not like anyone is going to sit with the new girl. I love you.

When the teacher finally started to teach something new, I paid attention. I was quite happy to learn that this class was English, but it was creative writing class too. This teacher seemed pretty good, and was very enthusiastic about her assignments.
“Okay class, I have decided to give you your ISU early this year. For those who do not know what ISU is, it is 'Independent Study Unit'. I have thought of a new idea, which I hope you will all write. Have any of you seen Freedom Writers?”
A few student rose there hands, including me and Tanner.
“Well I was thinking we could do a project like the teacher made her class to, with some minor differences. I will give you all a notebook to write in I will have some points I would like you tell me about.”
The teacher went around and handed out the ISU worksheets, and our journals. It was my first day and I already got a huge assignment, this should keep me busy. It sounded like a pretty cool project, until I read what she expected from this ISU.
We had to write in this journal everyday. Each day had a different theme, the themes where what were making me uncomfortable.
MONDAY- Your weekend, what you did, did you enjoy yourself. Anything that happened.
TUESDAY- Your past, things that happened to you that made you happy, sad and the different changes in life.
WEDNESDAY- Write about your family. Who is in your family, does everyone get along. Use this journal to let your feelings out. You can tell me about something from the past, or something that happened recently.
THURSDAY- This day is all about you. How you feel, whats going on in your mind, Friends, or relationship problems. Anything that will help me learn more about how you think.
FRIDAY- How was your week at school. Did anything new happen, or did you meet anyone new. Maybe you can even tell me your plans for the weekend.
SATURDAY- Talk about things you like. Music, books, and things you just like to do.
SUNDAY- You can write whatever you feel like writing. Maybe you heard a good song, read a good book, or something happened and you just need to vent. Sunday is whatever day, so do what you choose.
Oh no, this is going to be a train wreck. I felt like crying, almost everything she listed on here, I hide from everyone. Now she wants me to write it down. I looked around, everyone seemed to be enjoying the idea of this project. Tanner was the last one I looked at, and he looked as afraid as I was.
The teacher taught us some ways to write this journal, and how we will be marked. I could not pay attention though, I was hating this project. The only part I heard her say was,
“I’m not marking you what you write, I will never mark you for telling me how you feel. I will mark you on how you write, like spelling and proper sentences. It also should be in paragraphs, at least one per journal entry.”
I blanked out until the bell rang. My next class went by in a blur, it was science, so I had to pay attention. I went to my locker for the first time, and then headed to the cafe to get some food. I was not looking forward to lunch. Rather not sit alone at a table while everyone stares at you. I went to the cafe, got food, and did exactly that however. I pulled out my journal for Josh, and started to write him.
“May I sit with you, Chloe.”
I looked up from my journal to see Tanner Mason looking down at me.
AMAZING! write more soon:)


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