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Hey, so I wrote another story, but this was has nothing to do with twilight. If you read my ff Eternal Sun, I will have the first chapter of the new ff within the next few days. This ff has no name yet,  but I really hope you all will give it a try! Thanks :) <3



I lived in a happy home, with a happy family, and all together a happy life. Until, one day, everything that was good in my world was torn apart. My name is Chloe, and someone needs to save me from this hell, before its too late.

Chapter One- That was the Past

Chloe, its time for school. You need to get up now or you will be late.”

My mother screamed from down the stairs. We did this almost every morning. I never was good at getting up so early every morning for school. I shot up from bed and put on jeans and a t-shirt. I ran out of the room and brushed my teeth, I ran to my brothers room next. I wake him up every morning. His name is Josh, and he is a senior at our high school. He has a spare in the morning, so I wake him up before I leave every day.

I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. I grabbed a handful of cereal, and put my books in my Roxy school bag.

Thanks mom, are you ready to leave?”

Sure thing Chloe, your father is in the den, why don’t you say goodbye to him while I heat up the car.” My mother said, while grabbing her winter jacket. It was October 19th, 2009.

Hey dad, gotta go to school, I love you lots!” I said while running up to him and giving him a hug and a kiss.

Bye my little Chloe, I love you too. I will see you right after school.” My father, Micheal, said.

I ran outside, and got in our Camero. I was not as late as usually am. I bet this is a sign of a good day. We only live five minutes away from my school, but I always get a ride. I said goodbye to my mom and walked into my school.

I was greeted by some of my friends. I would not say I was extremely popular, but I do have more friends then most. When I went to my locker, my boyfriend Chase was waiting for me.

Hello beautiful, how did you sleep?” Chase said, while wrapping his arms around me.

Fine, fell asleep pretty early, I'm barely even late.” I said, joking around with him.

We talked for a few minutes, but about nothing really important. I really liked Chase, we just did not have a whole lot in common. Chase is this unbelievably gorgeous guy, with sandy blond hair, and an amazing body. He was the star in almost every sport, and very popular.

Most of the people I met in high school so far was because they hung around with him. If Chase and I broke up I know I would not have as many friends. I am in grade 10, age 16. I have light brown hair, slightly tan skin, and average height. Their is nothing really special about me, so I don't know why Chase even likes me.

The bell rang, and I went to my first class. It was English, which was one of the only classes I liked here. We were currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I have already read it a good five times. My father is an English professor at the local university. My mother is a well known surgeon at the hospital. Out of those two jobs, I would choose my fathers. I do not pass out from the sight of blood, I just do not deal with others pain well. So I would be a basket case working at a hospital.

English went by fast, like always. I went to my locker and looked for my brother. He always came by too see me before he goes to his first class. I waited until the first bell rang for him to come, but he never showed. I walked to class, feeling a little nervous.

My brother and I are very close. He is very protective of me. We do almost everything together, we are not like the average siblings. We rarely fight, and when we do it usually ends up with is laughing at one another. I took out my cell phone, and looked over my text messages. There was 1 from Chase, and 2 from Josh. I skipped over to read Josh's.

Hey Chloe, I love you. I just thought I should tell you this. Don’t expect to see me, and do not blame yourself. Your the best little sister anyone could ask for. Love you, Josh.

Oh Josh, he must be skipping school again. He does this every once in a while. Josh will skip school, and mom and dad would get mad. So I would say I did not wait that morning to see if he got up, and the fighting would stop. I texted him back because his text was only sent 5 minutes ago.

Josh I love you too! You know that though. No matter what, I will stick up for you, you know that. I will see you soon, Chloe.

I sent the message, and tried to pay attention to my class, but something did not feel right. I lasted the rest of the class, but went to the nurse at lunch. I felt sick, I needed to go home. My mom and dad didn’t answer their phones, so I walked home. I checked my phone again when I was almost home. Josh sent me one last text message.

I’m not too sure you will see me again Chloe. I will always be around though.

When I read this, I almost passed out. I ran home, I knew something was wrong since I was at school.

I ran inside the house, and searched for my hero, otherwise known as my brother Josh.

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Chapter Eight- I can't do This.
“Sure Tanner, if you really want to sit with the new girl.” I said, smiling.
Tanner sat down, and looked at the journal. I think he noticed right away that it was not the one from class.
“So, what do you think about the English ISU?” Tanner asked.
“Honestly, I think its really personal. She is asking a lot. In the freedom writers, They wrote what they wanted, but she has such personal things to write about.” I said honestly, closing my journal.
“Yes, I know how you feel. I don’t even know what to write on some of the days. Like what did I do this weekend. I went home, cleaned, made dinner, watched some TV, went to bed. Then I got up and worked all Saturday, and then went to bed. Meeting you was a very special, and happy, change towards my schedule.” Tanner said, looking like he was telling the truth.
Does he really do all that in his house. He seems to do a lot more then most teenagers, his parents must be really strict.
“Wow Tanner, you do a lot. My father just makes me clean my room. Do you always do all the work?”
“Actually Chloe, I live alone. I moved out of my parents house about three months ago. Then a month later, they got a divorce. My mom has a new boyfriend already. I work so I can pay rent, and of course I need to keep it clean.”
“Wow really? Your 16, and you moved out? Wait you are 16 right?”
“Yes, I am 16. There was some... things that happened in my family. Life got pretty hard living there, so I told my mom I wanted my own place. She understood, and even gives me a few hundred dollars every month to help pay some rent and things.”
“Oh, I see. Not to pry, you don’t have to even answer, but do want to talk about why you moved out? I saw it in your face when you told me about it, something was bothering you.”
“I have never explained to anyone why I chose to move. So, Id rather not talk about it here. Do you think you would want to come over after school? We can talk, and maybe I could show you some of Manhattan, I don’t have to work today.”
“That sounds great Tanner, why don’t you meet me at my locker.”
I wrote my locker number down, and he took it. I was going out, for the first time in what seems like months. When I lived back home, I went out all the time. When mom and Josh died, I never went out once, well until I told Chase I was leaving.
Tanner didn’t say anything, he was just staring at me. It was awkward, but more like he was trying to uncover something. I looked away before he found what he was looking for. We talked about some more mindless things, and when I looked up, I was surprised to see the cafeteria almost empty. Then, the first bell rang. I jumped up, but had no idea where I was going. Tanner laughed, took my schedule, and walked me to my next class.
“Thanks Tanner, sorry I guess I am going to make you late.” I said, kind of embarrassed.
“No worries, My class isn’t that far away, I will see you after school.” Tanner said, waving goodbye while he walked away.
My last two classes went by, but the dragged up like you wouldn’t believe. I had math for third period, and cooking for fourth. I was lucky enough not to burn the whole school down. I'm not that great of a cook. Like I have said before, my mom was the cook of the family. Being in that class actually made me think of her. A little to much for comfort. If I thought of my mom too much, I would cry, and would want to talk to someone. The problem was, whenever I felt sad, my mom was the one who I talked too. So, I ended up being thrown in a group, but never talking. I was holding back tears for most of the class, waiting until I was alone to deal with my feelings.
I have taught myself crying in front of others just hurts everyone. Not to mention crying on your first day at a new school would not be a smart idea. When the last bell rang, I actually think I jumped out of my seat, way to excited. When I left the classroom, I could hear them whispering about me, but I began not to care.
My feelings had me feeling like an old roller coaster. I would be happy one moment, and then plummet into sadness the next. I never knew if something was going to push to far, and I was going to crumble down in pain.
I went to my locker. Grabbing the books I needed and waited for Tanner to come. I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to do with myself. So I sent my dad a text, telling him I would be home later.
I closed my locker, and saw Tanner smiling walking towards me. My heart almost jumped out of my chest. Tonight, was going to be an interesting night.
aww does she like tanner he is so sweet

love alice cullen awsomest cullen
Thanks Lily ;)
I will post another chapter soon!
Please tell some of you twilight saga friends about this story, if I get more comments, i will post faster ;)
awhh Thanks Alice Cullen.
You will see what happens with Chloe and Tanner :)
Thanks for commenting!
niice chapter !! i feel like chloe is bella and tanner is edward !!! hehehe anyways plz post asap !
In a way thats it. There are some major differences though, you will see. Honestly, I have never compared them until now.
A major difference is the way Tanner and Chloe handle Tragedy compared to Bella and Edward.
Thanks so much for commenting! :)
loved it goo chloe her and tanner seem to be getting close....POST MORE SOON!!!!:) love you story
Chapter Nine- Is this a date?
“Hello Chloe, are you ready to go?” Tanner asked, still smiling.
“Sure am. Where are we going anyway?”
“Well I will show you some of New York, but do you mind if we go to my place first? I want to throw my stuff there.”
“Sure thats not a problem.”
Tanner and I walked out of the school together. I do not know why I was nervous, but I was. I have hung out with boys one on one before, but it never felt like this. Tanner was different, and I hope to God that he is different in a good way.
We jumped on the subway that would have led me home, and got off at the same place I would have gotten off. We walked for a few minutes, and then I started to notice the neighbourhood. We were only a few blocks away from the coffee house.
Tanner and I talked about mindless things. We were just trying to get to know each other, We only walked for about five minuted when he led me to an apartment building.
“We do not live that far apart. I live about five apartment buildings away.” I said, blushing a little.
“Huh really? That’s pretty cool. I knew you must have lived close to the coffee shop, but I didn’t think we would live on the same street.”
He led the way to the elevator. He lived on the tenth floor. The building was nice, a little more run down then mine, but still nice. He lived in apartment 1025. he opened the door, and waited for me to walk in.
“Nice place.” I said.
“Yea its okay, would you like a tour?”
I nodded and he started to show me the rooms. First the living room, then the dining room, kitchen, bathroom and then the only other room in the apartment.
“Tanner, you live alone?” I said, quite surprised.
“Yea, for about five months now. Had to move out of my parents house, its a long story.”
In that moment, I saw the maturity Tanner had. Past conversations flew through my head, and I felt a deeper connection with him that I haven’t had with anyone else in a very long time.
“So, either we can stay here and just talk and watch TV, or we could go out. What every you want.”
The answer that I said surprised me deeply.
“We should stay here, I will learn where everything is sooner or later.”
Why is this so surprising? Well, any type of conversation that leads to me talking about my self is always a huge no no. If you talk about your self, then you will talk about your family and history. Most of the time I run away from situations like this, except now, when I'm walking into it myself.
Tanner led me to the couch in the living room. He turned the TV on, but put the sound down really low.
“Okay, I want to get to know you a little better. How about we play 20 questions?” He began.
“Your not going to want me to answer 20 questions about myself. Lets do ten.” I answered honestly.
“Okay, I will start. Whats your full name?”
“Chloe Amber Fields.”
“Do you have any brothers or sisters?”
“Uh... I have a brother, his name is Josh.” I answered, sadness filling my mind.
“Are you okay? You look sad all of a sudden.”
Oh crap, why can everyone read me so well.
“My brother, he is not around anymore. Next question please.”
“Okay, Are your parents still together?”
“In a way, I guess. They never got a divorce, they were in love.”
“Chloe, are your parents okay?” Tanner asked, very slowly. I think he was catching on.
“My father is fine physically... and my mother is gone too.”
“By gone, what do you mean?” Tanner asked sweetly.
Tanner was asking personal questions, but I never felt forced to answer. He made it feel like he cared about everyone word I said. He made me want to tell him everything. Even the things I sworn never to talk about. When I was about to answer, tears filled my eyes. Tanner reached for my hand, and squeezed it.
“My mother and father were in a car accident. My mom was driving, they were going to go out for lunch together. Someone hit their car on my moms side. Their car flipped and severely hurt my parents. The other people in the car were okay, but drove off before the police got there. My mom died in the hospital that night, but my dad survived.”
About time I was finished I was crying. Tanner moved closer and held me very tight. He never said a word, and when I started to feel better, he smiled in relief. It was strange, usually when I cry, I cry for hours, but with Tanner it was only for minutes.
“You can ask your next question, even though I think I know what it is.”
“We can stop Chloe, you don’t have to say anymore if you don’t want to.”
“I’m okay Tanner, for some reason I feel better talking to you about it.”
“Okay, if you want me too. What happened to Josh?” Tanner asked, grabbing my hand again. He asked this question quietly, like if saying it too loud could hurt me more.
“Josh killed himself. We were so close, and I never saw it coming. He sent me a message that morning, and I could feel something was wrong. I ran home at lunch to see if he was okay. I ran straight to his room, and fell to the floor. My brother hung him self in his room. I don’t really remember anything after that for a few hours. When I finally woke up, I was in the hospital. I was emitted because I passed out when the EMS came. I found out about my parents shortly after. Then everything goes blank again.”
Did i honestly just tell him the whole story. I have never done that with anyone. Ever.
this is really good
OMG this is so good!
I really can't wait for more!!
Your awesome! ;p
write soon:D(lov all of the storys)
aw sad but i loved it please post more really soon!!!:)


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