The Twilight Saga

This is about a 16 year old mortal girl who is tries to escape her problems, Ariel. Will the Cullens let her? It unfolds slowly. (Renesmee is not part of this story, but the volturi thing did happen for some other reason. She was never born and edward never left, but bella did become friends as did edward with the shapeshifters)
Ariels POV-
I sat in the car with my two parents, i never paid attention to what they said anymore, they never stopped fighting. I was very depressed as we had just left my best friends,Daniel, funeral. He was the one who had always kept me grounded and i had no idea what to do. I wanted to die, my parents, i dought they would notice. the only reason i hadn't done anything to hurt myself yet was because of Daniel. Swearing not to hurt myself know if i died, he wouldn't live without me. All around i was slowly sinking into depression. We didn't live to far from La Push, and there was supposed to be a storm tommorow, perfect time to go cliffdiving. My parents would never suspect a thing...
*the next day*
i was already to jump to my death, i lied smoothly to my parents about going to my friends house needing comfort, no suspicion. if they even heard where i was going. As i drove I began to think of everything that had happened in the past month. Mom losing her job, my sister and my best friend dieing in a car crash. I didn't think i could take anymore, from my point of view, death was the only way out...
Edwards POV-
Everybody was preparing to go hunting, Bella was a vampire five years now, and no humans died for her. Carlisle now wouldn't let anybody die under his care, not after seeing her after the jump. The day Bella went cliffdiving with Jake and didn't wait for him, i shuddered. I trusted him but when alice had that vision of her i ran. The only thing i could do when i got there was change her. We didn't want to have to change people anymore, though we would. We would invite people who were hurting physically or emotionally and help them, our new family buisness. We were just about to leave when i heard thoughts that stopped me in my tracts. A girl was having flahbacks that were terafying. then i heard it I didn't think i could take anymore, from my point of view, death was the only way out...
"No," i said outloud.

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Edward POV-
" This is not your fault. I can tell that that is what you are thinking. i dont need to even read your mind to know that because i know someone who would think the exact same thin," I let my eyes flash quickly to bella."So you can tell us all about it or i could just talk to them." She was very defensive , "You can ask Bella all you want, because i am not saying one peep. I am only gonna be here until i can figure a way that i can get killed." I was shocked at the strength of my words. "ARIEL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I hear Daniel scream as he poofed into the room, SHIW, if we could hear him he used everything he had to scream! I heard her whole conversation and said what he was saying for everybody. Daniel looked her quare in the eye and began,"listen to me, this is NOT you fault. I should have listened to you, and since i didn't I got a concequence, but you got one too that you did nothing to deserve. I love you and i can't stand to see this happen to you, I don't think i should come around anymore if it brings it back that much more." Everyone in the room looked to her and saw her shock and fear in her eyes. "No, Daniel, you can't leave me again. I will think about it no matter what. You leaving will have done nothing, but ruin me even further. Please don't leave." If ever a vampire could cry there would be a lot of wet eyes in this room. "I'm sorry, Ariel. I love you so much." Then he was gone, most likely forever.
More soon
Ariel had told us to all get out of the room, or else her trying to kill herself would go farther, however she forgot that we all could still hear her crying, whimpering,screaming. It had been a week before we tried to talk to her but she needed to live life again, plus she would starve if she didn't eat eventually. We knew it was too soon, but she needed to come out of that room where verything had gone wrong for her. Alice decided to take her with all the girls including esme to some bar party dwn the street. She had a vision of her laughing and being happy. Just that thought made Jacob beg and plead to let them. She was very willing though. In her mind all she could think was 'if i act normal he'll come back.' She didn't know that he was really gone forever. I somehow read his mind, he went to heaven. Once he went there he was never coming back. I don't even think he knew that he could Never come back. At this point my mind just kept wandering to the last thing that had happened to her. How could he leave her knowing how much pain she was in? Then it jumps to what he did was 100% right. Then i just wonder what would've happened if he hadn't died. They could of had a great life, but we had no way to get him back. Jacob felt bad now since he couldn't even get her to talk to him. I figured i should go talk to him now. "Hey Jake, how ya holdin up?" He looked at me hopeless, and in love at the same time. "Edward, what am I going to do? I finally imprint, and can stop phasing, but she won't even talk to me. As a matter of fact, she won't even look at me because she knows i love her. God, I should've just hidden it and pretended it wasn't there, but with imprinting we have no idea how. Your so lucky that the woman you love, loves you back. She isn't in love with another guy." I had to scoff at that, "Well she was in love with another guy, but we were friends so it was cool. You wouldn't happen to remember that would you jake?" he look startled that i brought that up, "Yes, true, but she still picked you. You don't know what it is like to first fall for a girl, then wach her get married to your best friend. Then to top it off imprint on another girl who is torn and broken who will never love me back. This stinks, I hope she is okay tonight though. Alice can be a little over the top." I was glad we were off of the other topic but i knw it would come back, "I wouldn't worry too much, Alice knows what she's been through, they should be fine."
Alice POV-
"Come on Ariel you look great, stop stressing." Poor girl didn't want to leave the room but we had plans, there was a kareoke bar and we had to go. "Alice I am not staying in here because I don't look good, but because I don't want to leave the room. Her voice sounded dead. I wasn't sure this was such a good idea, but nobody else had one. Maybe this would work. If it looked like too mush for her i would take her home, maybe the guys should come. "Edward, do you guys want to come as well?" He looked at me a little skeptically then shrugged and responded, " yeah I guess what are we wearing." I clapped and gave everybody including Jacob and a few other wolves outfits. Bella and I convinced Ariel that if she didn't come we would all be upset, and whether she wanted to admit it or not she was too much like bella to do something that would make others really upset. We finished getting dressed and left for the club.
*I want to see what others think so post what YOU think the outfits should look like, if enough are posted I will post a super long chapter after this one, remember you need one for everyone*
Edward POV-
"Bella, I am shocked you actually wanted to come." In that second she put her shield up, I didn't know why. However, I knew it had to be bad and she wouldn't tell me. We showed up at the club and then we saw a KAREOKE TONIGHT!!!!!!!! I saw Ariels eyes light up at the thought of singing. I guess that Alice did her research and found something she loved. She asked, "How did you know the one thing that always cheers me up? watching people being dumb on stage and gettingup there to prove i have one talent." That shocked all of us because she had so many talents, but if she thought this was a good thing then she must be amazing. I was honestly curious now. "I don't really know how I knew, but I saw you might like this so I figured you must like singing. By the way you, and all of the guys are signed up." That surprised all of us "WHAT, WE STINK AT SINGING!!!!!!!!!!!!" the wolf pack screamed. Ariel cracked a smile and said, " I call singing after them." Yes! she was a little happy at least that was a start. Then she looked nervous, "Wait can I pick my own song?" Alice looked at her and said, "Yes of coarse." at that moment she ran in faster than i ever think i have ever seen a mortal run. "Great job Alice. Just remember she doesn't drink, dont even try that one." "Yeah yeah yeah, i know. I am going to go get her a coke, she might end up needing that caffine." Then she looked to the wolves, "you guys are singing right away, if you care at all about her, this could were off and she won't want to sing." Thdy didn't try to argue and they were definetley right, they were terrible then they called Ariel's name, they said she hd to sing two, she had no problem with that. both of her songs were by Carrie Underwood, thefirst one was "whenever you remeber"When you look back on times we had
I hope you smile
And know that through the good
And through the bad
I was on your side when no body could hold us down
We claimed the brightest star
And we, We came so far
And no they won't forget

Whenever you remember times gone by
Remember how we held our heads so high
When all this world was there for us
And we believed that we could touch the sky
Whenever you remember I'll be there
Remember how we reached that dream together
Whenever you remember

When you think back on all we've done
I hope you're proud
When you look back and see how far we've come
It was our time to shine and nobody could hold us down
They thought they'd see us fall
But we, we stood so tall
And no we won't forget

Whenever you remember times gone by
Remember how we held our heads so high
When all this world was there for us
And we believed that we could touch the sky
Whenever you remember I'll be there
Remember how we reached that dream together
Whenever you remember



We claimed the brightest star
And we, we came so far
You know that we, we showed them all
And no they won't forget, yeah

Whenever you remember times gone by
Remember how we held our heads so high
When all this world was there for us
And we believed that we could touch the sky
Whenever you remember I'll be there
Remember how we reached that dream together
Whenever you remember

Whenever you remember

Oh, Whenever you remember."
everybody was speechless, she was amazing. She took not otice and just jumped into the second song. I was sure she was singing it for Daniel, it was called "some hearts":
I've never been the kind that you'd call lucky
always stumbling' around in circles
but i must have stumbled into something
look at me am i really alone with you

i wake up feeling like my lifes worth living
can't recall when i last felt that way
i guess it must be all love you're giving
never knew
never knew it could be like this

but i guess some hearts they just get all the right breaks
some hearts have the stars on their side
some hearts they just have it so easy
some hearts just get lucky sometimes
some hearts just get lucky, lucky sometimes

now who'd have thought someone like you could love me
you're the last thing my heart expected
who'd have thought i'd ever find somebody
someone who someone who makes me feel like this

well i guess some hearts they just get all the right breaks
some hearts have the stars on their side
some hearts they just have it so easy
some hearts just get lucky sometimes
some hearts just get
lucky some times

even hearts like mine
get lucky, lucky sometimes
even hearts like mine

some hearts they just get all the right breaks
some hearts have the stars on their side
some hearts they just have it to easy
some hearts just get lucky sometimes

some hearts they just get all the right breaks
some hearts have the stars on their side
yes some hearts they just have it so easy
some hearts just get lucky sometimes
some hearts just get lucky sometimes
Everybody cheered at the top of there lungs, and started screaming for an encore. No surprise she complied, and sang you'll be in my heart by phil collins:
come stop your cryin'
it will be alright
just take my hand,hold it tight

I will protect you
from all around you
i will be here
don't you cry

for one so small
you seem so strong
my arms will hold you
keep you safe and warm
this bond between us,cant be broken
i will be here,don't you cry

cause you'll be in my heart
yes you'll be in my heart
from this day on
now and forever more

you'll be in my heart
no matter what they say
you'll be here in my heart,always

why cant they understand the way we feel
they just don trust what they cant explain
i know were different but deep inside us,were not that different at all

oh you'll be in my heart,yes you'll be in my heart
from this day on,now and forever more

don't listen to them cause what do they know
we'll need each other to have to hold
they'll see in time
i know

when destiny calls you
you must be strong
cause i may not be with you
but you got to hold on
they'll see in time,i know well show them together

cause you'll be in my heart
believe you'll be in,my heart
from this day on now and forever more

oh you'll be in my hearts
no matter what they say
you will be in my heart,always

yes I'll be with you,cause I'll be there for ya always
always and always
just look over your shoulder,just look over your shoulder
turn around,and look over your shoulder
cause I'll be there,always...
She bowed and stepped off of the stage. We all ran to her and asked her why she never told us, "I forgot how much I loved it. She picked up her drink and finished it quickly. "I guess you are thirsty." She laughed and said, "No, I just wanted to be able to watch others sing right now. We all watched as she cheered on whoever was going, even if they were terrible. Then she almost fell. We were about to go to her when some jerk waled up and tried to help her, but I read his mind and told Jacob to go to her now and told everone else to stay back. i didn't want more than one to go becasue that guys would think we wanted a fight, and I knew Jacob wouldn't stay back. Then she did something nobody expected, she kissed te weirdo, but then seemed to snap out of something and told jacob to get her out of here. She knew something was wrong and then I read the guys mind. He had slipped ecstacy into her drink! I was glad that Jacob brought her over here. I told him right away and she asked if she could go home because that guy gave her the creeps, and she felt weird. This had been an interesting night. Jacob, Alice, and Bella decided they would take her home and we would go in the other car ten minutes so if the idiot tried to follow her we could stop him. We were just about to leave when a guy came up to us and said. "Hello, are you friends with that girl, Ariel?" "Yeah, you could say that why?" "I want to sign her to a recording contract, she is amazing. I couldn'tfind her. You don't have to answer now just take my card and give me a call."
_comments please. All lyrics curtousy of, no copyright intended those song belong to phil collins, carrie underwood and there recording labels, not me
I was utterrly and completely shocked, this could be just what she needed to get out of this funk. I knew it wouldn't make anything change, but singing seemed to be something that really helped her. I only got home the next day, not sure if I should even try. I wasn't sure until I heard her talking to Jacob, "I don't know what came over me last night, I wasn't sad anymore for a short period of time. I thought about HIM of course, but it was the first time it was in a good way. I even wrote a few songs, but it obviously doesn't matter, getting to a record label is something I could never do." I smiled at that, this was going to be great for her.

srry guys, I wioll post more l8r but i have practice, write more soon i hope
okay, my team wone a game today, so a post for you guys-
Ariel POV-
I had just woken up to see Jacob in the room, I was starting to like him a little, but i didn't want to betray Daniel. I guess I should think more about it. "Good morning Jake." he smiled, "good morning, you were amazing last night, the best singer i have ever heard." I blushed at that. "I don't know what came over me last night, I wasn't sad anymore for a short period of time. I thought about HIM of course, but it was the first time it was in a good way. I even wrote a few songs, but it obviously doesn't matter, getting to a record label is something I could never do." I noticed him smile slightly, you wrote a song, can i hear it?" I smiled at him, "Not yet, I need a guitar to finish it, I can't buy one though, no money. Maybe I will go home sson." His eyes flashed with panic, I wonder what that was about. "Idont think that is a good idea."
Jacob POV-
she can't go back, not after i have finally found. not only that, she would sink deeper into depression every single time they yelled. Any progress made would help nothing, it would all be erased in the house. "Ariel, could you come down here please, " I heard Edward call. "Coming," then she whispered, "what did i do now." I heard him chuckle to low for her to hear. "Yes, Edward." He just kept smiling, creep, his smile turned wider as he read my mind. "Well , i think this card says it all," and he handed her what looked like a buisness card. She looked down at it and smiled, reading her eyes, " Where did you get this?" I watched as edward read her mind. "Well, after you left a man came up to me upset that he missed you, gave me his card, and said you could be the next big thing, he thinks you could go all the way." She screamed she was so happy. We all smiled, "When do i get to cal him? Soon right like soon. Oh My gosh, this isn't a joke right, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She seemed so resistent *sarcastic*
When they told her to call whenever she ran to the phone and dialed the number. this could end only two ways, and with her talent it had to end good. She was pretty agile so while she was in the other room i said to bella, " you must be so jealous, she can run as swiftly as you, and your human." everyone laughed remembering clumsy bella.
Edward POV-
we were all silent, sicne we were all evesdropping on the conversation. we listened to both sides of the conversation, "Hello, this is Ariel...," she stopped and eyed us for a moment, we realized there had been something she didn't want us to know, "Rutes. I am calling about a proposition given to me about becoming a female singer." We all gasped, knowing she wasn't lying about her last name, and knowing that wasn't her last name by birth, but she wasn't lying, but then did that mean she was lying about being engaged and not married to down play it. 'Ah yes Ariel, you really had my boss blown away, he said if you called and i put u on hold i was fired.' The women on the other line gave her an address and wished her good like. She also told Ariel to come to the address in two weeks to discus it, they parted and we were all frozen, still in a state of shock. I was the first to talk, "Where did you get that last name." She looked away and I read her mind..
I am sorry dad, but I love him, please give us your blessing. I know you are mad I tried to hide it from you. I knew you would say no." then she physically flinched at remembering the first hit. Her father, the one time he pays attention to her is when he finds out that she wants to run away and get married. Her mother left for a 'break' the night before and her dad had been drinking. "YOU ARE A LITTLE BED HOPPER AREN'T YOU! YOU ARE ONLY GETTING MARRIED BECAUSE YOU ARE A PREGNANT LITTLE PIECE OF CRUD! ROT IN HECK, YOU ARE NOT EVEN MY DAUGHTER AND I HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THIS!" she began to visibly cry in her flashback and real life. He kicked her hard as Jacob could and left her on the floor in pain. He came back in with a bat and I was afraid of what i might see next. He broke as many bones on her left side as he could, then took her to the hospital and said she had a bad crash. she later found out that her real last name was Rutes, finding any excuse to not legally be owned by that bast**d of a step-father, and changed to her real name as soon as she could.
*end of flashback*
She broke into sobs, nobody understood what had just happened in her mind, but me. I ran over to her a pulled her against me and just let her let it all out. I mouthed to the others, 'Its a long story, but that is her real last name, an dshe is upset because her step-father kicked the H-E-double hockey sticks out of her when he found out about Daniel.' They all ran to her, each patting her back, and Jacob taking my position, while putting her on his lap on the couch. she curled into him and we all sat around, not believeing how much crud she had gone through. Then I read her mind, it was some weird voice she seemed to unconciously listned too, 'What are you doing? You don't let the love of your life know this and now edward does? You are an idiot, you should just go home and let your step-father at you again. not like he was really ruining anything, you are just shiw.' I could tell she believed every word of this demon side of her mind, and before any of us could react she ran to the nearest room, locked it with her mystical power, but the worst part, no windows, so we were going to have a tough time figurin out how to get in. on the lucky side, nothing was in there that she could even use to try to kill herself, it was just a closet with clothes. one fault with this sheid was i could still hear her mind, 'yep, find a stinkin phone, that will save everything, call the idiot and her will be here in a minute to kill you. then what? hurt jacob, expose the cullens when the knife didn't penetrate skin?' I noticed her thoughts get more guilty, 'they try and help you and you do this. jacob is by far in love with you and you are going to just let him watch you fall apart? if you wouldnt do that to daniel would you really do that to jacob. you just need to get your but out there and be whatever they need you to be. your miserable life will be over soon enough, why not let them think at least that when i die i am happy. i can not believe how this turned out. I should've lied to the stupid receptionist, that would've fixed everything. that is it, go outside and just do whatever you can to lie your arse off until they believe you are happy.' obviously she didn't know i heard every word of that because she walked out with a convincing smile and called jacob over. "hey, sorry about that, i just really miss my birth dad, it was a lot." and she didnt know that i told him, one look at jacob told me he was thinking the exact same thing. "Anyway, I was wondering if you maybe wanted to go out tommorow night?" everyone froze and jacobs jaw dropped, they didnt know what i knew. he suttered for a moment, "well, uh, y...s..yeah i guess, I would like that." Her fake, but convincing smile spread wider and she kissed jacob on the lips then said she was tired and went to bed. Nobody else know, but she was crying, thinking of that kiss as a betrayel, but still the right thing, this family needed to have a meeting about this, soon.
(really long for me, only because I couldn't stop. please comment, one comment and i will post more as soon as i see it.)
i love your story please please write more (see now you have one more comment
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heyy to any of my readers i feel terrible, but i couldnt remember my password for a long time and ive been busy, but i am happy to say that i have been writing and plan on picking up this story, and possibly my others as well. Again i feel horrible thnx for your support!

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