The Twilight Saga

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great job! i wish she wasnt so alone and it almost amde me cry wen he died :'(


Arietta’s pov

I wore a nice black dress, one that was long sleeve and it the dress barely touched my knees. I wore my L.A.M.B heels with it, and I stayed close to Kingston, who’d been up all night apparently.

He kissed my forehead and whispered, “I’m here, it’s okay,” and he lead me up to see my brother.

Nick laid in the coffin, his eyes shut and his face pale. It killed me inside. He was in a black button down shirt and jeans. I grabbed his hand slowly and forgot about Kingston.

“Nick,” I whispered, tears blurring my vision. “You were the best brother ever. . . All those times you sang me songs, when you’d drag me around the house, when you’d just yell at some one when they made me cry. . . I don’t know how anyone can forget you. You were one of the best people I ever knew. . . I’m gonna miss you.”

I bowed my head, said a little prayer, and stood up with Kingston. He lead me outside, where I sobbed my heart out into his chest, wishing it was me and not my loved brother, Nick.


One month later

Hayley’s pov

Josh looked at me sadly, his eyes blood shot. I sat up on the counter as he sat at the table. “It’s just not worth it,” he whispered.

I nodded in agreement. This was since 2004. . . I understand how hard it was to let go, but I could see how he just didn’t want anything to do with it anymore. “Yeah. . .”

“But Ari’s caught in the middle,” he mumbled. “We can’t just break her apart like this.”

“It’s for the best,” I reminded.

He sighed and more tears fell out of his eyes. He was losing so much too soon. I walked over to him and hugged him. “Maybe it wasn’t meant to last very long,” I told him, stroking his hair and kissing his forehead.

He looked up at me. “Well then I guess there was no point of starting this mess.”

“A mess?” I demanded. “We’ve all had great times. It’s just that you have to know when to let go.”

He stood up and grabbed his hoodie. “Letting go sucks,” he said angrily. “And you know darn well that this never would have happened if Nickolas didn’t die.”

“Of course I know that!” I snapped. “But if one thing happens---”

“It’s terrible, Hayley!” he yelled. “We had no reason to end it. How many people are we gonna hurt by doing this?”

“You’re hurting yourself!” I yelled back, my hands balling into fists. “You want to end it but you’ll fight about it when I prove a point?”

“You’re proving the wrong point, Hayley,” he spat. “You’re saying that even, with Nick here that it’d still collapse. If he was here, we wouldn’t be going through this at all!”

My anger took a toll. “You know what, I hope our son’s watching us right now and telling us we’re idiots. Maybe we’re both wrong. Maybe there’s another reason that this is ending.”

“It’s not fun anymore. We can’t put our hearts into it, and we can’t stop fighting over the stupid things,” he shouted, throwing a glass on the ground. “If Nick was here, it’d be so much fun, we’d have our hearts ready and we’d never fight like this. Look at that!”

I threw punches at him, standing in front of him, my bare feet getting sliced up by glass. But I could care less. I punched him in the chest yelling, “Don’t you dare blame this on our son!”

He grabbed my hands and pinned them to my side. “Get a grip, Hayles! Open your eyes and realize that it’s tearing everything apart!”

“You’re tearing everything apart by yourself!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “You’re blaming our son for all of this and you’re causing your own misery right now!” I kept screaming, tears soaking up my face.

“I’m leaving,” Josh growled. “I’ll be back later. Maybe you’ll shut up by then and realize that I’m basically right.” He left, and I threw a fit. I screamed and screamed, and when I finally couldn’t scream anymore, I curled up and sobbed.



Arietta’s pov

When the door slammed, I winced. Dad left. . . And I felt like I was going to die. It was nine at night, and he just left. I wanted to kill myself.

Instead, I snuck out of my window and I ran over to Kingston’s house with my bass in my arms. When I got to his house, I climbed up to his window and opened it, sliding through, into the dark room. “Kingston,” I whispered. “Kingston, are you in here?”

“Go away,” he groaned sleepily.

I walked over to the bed and tried to look for him. I poked near the bed and there was a feeling of skin. Kingston. “Please get up,” I begged with tears in my eyes, setting my bass guitar down. “Please, I need a hug.”

“You came all the way over here for a hug?” he demanded, angry. “Ari, go away. Now. Get.”

I sniffled, wiping my eyes on my hoodie sleeve. “My mom and dad had a fight, Kingston. I’m scared.”

He gasped, and with the help of the dim light that came from outside, I could see his silhouette get up quickly and pull me into a hug. “I’m sorry.”

I shook my head as I curled up against his chest. “Don’t be, just hug me,” I croaked, crying into his shirt. “Dad. . . He. . . He just left the house and the fight was loud. . . They’ve never fought before, and this scared me. And. . . I’m afraid that they might get a divorce.” I started sobbing, and he pulled me closer, stroking my  hair.

“They won’t get a divorce,” Kingston told me, kissing my forehead. “Trust me. They love each other. Remember how we had a fight?”


“Well, we always solved the problem and we were bestest friends again.”

“But they were talking. . . About ending it. I heard them. They said that it had to end sooner or later. They had to’ve been talking about their marriage,” I sighed. “I don’t want them to get a divorce.”

“It’ll be fine,” he soothed. “Please get some sleep,” he yawned, laying down. I laid down with him, still snuggled up against him, and fell asleep quickly.

Gwen’s pov

Hayley knocked on my door at six A.M., making me a bit mad. I opened the door, waiting for her to jump in and scream and be so full of energy. But instead, I saw her standing there, crying so hard, trembling. “Gwen,” she croaked, “I can’t find Arietta anywhere. Josh left and now. . . Ari left. . .”

Just then, Josh ran up my side walk, and tackled Hayley in a big bear hug. “I am so sorry. . . I’m sorry, I love you so much.”

Hayley hugged him back, sobbing harder. “I love you too. . . We just need one more thing.”

“And that is?”

Hayley nearly choked on a sob. “J-Josh. . . I went into Ari’s room and she was gone.”

Josh’s eyes went wide, nearly the size of the moon. “Where could she be? We have to find her, holy crap. . . I’ll call the guys. We’ll find---”

Just then, there was a scream from the upstairs. A girl’s scream. . . “Arietta!” I yelled, and then led Josh and Hayley into the house. We ran up the stairs, and we could hear screaming and. . . Giggling?

“Kingston’s room,” I said, opening the door.

There Ari was, being tickled to death by Kingston. She squirmed away from him and jumped on his back, covering his eyes, and making him fall. They both laughed.

“Arietta Claudelle, what are you doing?” Josh demanded.

“At least she’s okay,” Hayley breathed, walking up to Ari and hugging her.

Josh seemed a bit annoyed. “So, you had no clue where she was, and you’re not mad at her for running off?”

“It was only Gwen’s house, and she’s not broken or nothing,” Hayley said as Arietta got off of Kingston.

“And you’re okay with that?” Josh demanded.

“No, but why yell at her? We’ll tell her it’s wrong and---”

“My mom would have grounded me for that,” Josh told her. “Don’t you think she should be punished?”

“Daddy,” Arietta started.

“Grounded,” he said. “Three days. Stay in the house for three days, you’re not allowed to leave.”

“Okay,” Ari sighed.

“That’s not really fair,” Hayley objected. “Maybe she was lonely and she wanted to hang out with Kingston. Or maybe she wouldn’t have left if you were there.”

Arietta fell silent with fear. She clung to Kingston and he looked down at her. “Adults always fight, but they still love each other,” he whispered as Josh and Hayley had a little quarrel.

“It is fair,” Josh snapped. “It’s what a good parent does.”

“And a good parent walks out on their kid, too, huh?”

“I didn’t walk out on Ari,” he growled. “I walked out on our little argument last night.”

“It was still wrong. So why don’t you ground yourself?”

“Momma,” Ari whispered but was cut off by her yelling at Josh.

“You honestly suck at this, Josh. You lack to understand everything!”

“You’re the one who can’t understand anything,” he yelled back. “And you’re the one who did all the damage here!”

“How so?!”

“You tell me I’m wrong, you start arguments, you’re worried sick about something and then when you finally find out that it’s okay, you don’t do anything about it. How many times did we have to tell Nick not to run off, and you’d just hug him, tell him that he scared you, and then not do anything about it? What kind of parent are you?!”

“A better one than you!”

“I knew it!” Arietta sobbed. “I knew you guys were talking about it last night. You guys are gonna get a divorce!” With that statement hanging in the air, Arietta ran out of the room and then we heard the door slam. I looked at Josh and Hayley. They were frozen.

“Great,” Kingston muttered. “Real nice around a kid. And you wonder why she ran away.” He ran out after Arietta, screaming her name.


Arietta’s pov

A strong had clamped around my wrist after I ran about a mile, and I turned and screamed. It wasn’t Kingston or Zuma, but a boy with dirty-blond hair and familiar eyes.

“D-d-don’t hurt m-me,” was all I could choke out as I fell, my legs sore and weak. I still remembered my dreams with a dirty-blonde killer.

“I won’t,” he chuckled. “But why are you running? Some dumb guy break your heart?”

I stopped dead. He reminded me of. . . “Tyler Gilbert?”

“Um, yeah. . . How’d you know?” he asked.

I hugged him. “I met you at a hotel in Japan and told you that I was running because some dumb guy broke my heart. I’m Arietta.”

He hugged me back and helped me to my feet. “Dude, it’s you! That’s so cool, you should come meet my little sister! You’re like her inspiration!”

I laughed. “I would but. . . I think I should go. My friend’s following me.” As soon as I said that, Kingston tackled me and we went flying. I giggled and sat up. “Tyler, this is Kingston. He’s meh buddy.”

Tyler smiled. “Cooleo. . . Why are you guys running?”

“I ran to chase her who was running because her parents were fighting because she ran away and snuck into my room last night because that night her parents fought,” Kingston explained.

“Oh. . .” Tyler fell quiet. “Well, wanna come to my house?”

“Sure,” I said, standing up. Kingston stood up and we walked hand in hand, following Tyler. Then, who I was guessing was Drake, ran out of a tree house, skipping in a pink tutu.

“Drake, you’re go gay, knock it off!” Tyler yelled.

“But there’s nothing wrong with being gay,” I reasoned with a frown.

Drake skipped over to me and shook my hand. “Ello, miss,” he said, smiling. “And who may you be?”

“Taken,” Kingston muttered in my ear.

“Ta--- Arietta,” I told Drake, giving Kingston a concerned glance. “Hi.”

“DUDE, ARIETTA FARRO?” he yelled, turning back to gaze up at the tree house. “LEON! ARIETTA FARRO‘S HERE!”


Hayley’s pov

“Let go of me,” I snapped at Josh, pulling away to go find Arietta.

“Hold on, we can just call her. You know darn well that she doesn’t leave without her phone.” Josh looked at me with soft eyes, making me sigh.

“Josh, let me go. I have to go find her.”

He still hung onto me. “Hayles, why can’t we do it my way first? If it doesn’t work, we can call Kingston. He should have his phone and---”

“I’m going out to look for her and you can’t stop me!”

“Why can’t you ever listen to me?” he yelled, his hands in fists as he let go of me. “this isn’t gonna help find our daughter. It’s the reason she ran!”

“Well maybe Arietta was right!” I screamed without knowing what I was saying. I couldn’t really stop myself. Then I blurted out, “Maybe we do need a divorce!”

Then, running as fast as I could, I screamed, “ARIETTA CLAUDELLE! WHERE ARE YOU?”


Kingston’s pov

I watched as Arietta and Tyler tried to beat each other in Rockband. Tyler was constantly flirting with her, making me a bit. . . Angry. Leon was just sitting on the couch, waiting for a turn, and Drake was sitting on the  chair, in a tutu, legs crossed, smiling. I swear, the kid was wearing scented lip gloss. He was already wearing sparkly eyeliner and he had pink faux eyelashes on. . . He was creeping me out by waving at me every three minutes. I swear, he was freaking flirting with me. . .

“In yo face!” Arietta giggled as the song ended.

Tyler gazed at the screen, in total shock. “But. . . But. . . N-nobody beats me! No one at all! This is no fair!”

Leon snickered, which seemed unusual since he was all quiet and serious.

The three’s baby sister, Natalie, clapped her hands and repeated after Arietta: “In yo face!”

We all laughed at that, and Drake waved at me again. Oh, brother. . .

“Kids, one of your phones are ringing,” Jenna called back to Ari and I. Jenna was the kids’ mom. She was such a sweet lady, and she loved her very kind but a bit creepy looking husband, Chad.

I hopped up and walked into the kitchen where Jenna was making cookies with Natalie. So cute. It was Ari’s phone that was ringing. “Hello?” I answered.

“Where’s Ari?” Hayley demanded. “Is she okay? What all happened?”

“She fine,” I told her. “She’s playing Rockband with a friend.”

“Is that her mom?” Jenna asked. I nodded, and she asked, “May I speak with her?”

They talked, and Jenna seemed a bit shaken afterwards. She gave Hayley her address and then Jenna hung up.

So, I went back to sit in the living room, where Leon and Arietta were playing each other in Rockband. Drake winked at me, and I wanted to leave so bad. Tyler shot him a dirty look and whispered, “Sorry about him.”

“It’s cool, I guess. As long as he knows I’m not interested.”

He laughed. “Good luck telling him that.”

Then, there was a knock at the door. Chad answered the door and Hayley stood there. As soon as Hayley saw Chad, she scream at the top of her lungs, and fell backwards and hit her head on the cement steps. She was unconscious.

“Ari, Hayley Williams is your mom?”

“Hayley Farro,” Arietta corrected Chad, and turned around to see her mom. “Oh my gosh, what happened?”

“I don’t know. . .” Chad admitted.

I walked out and scooped Hayley up. She was a bit heavier. Not trying to be mean, but a bit heavier than I’m imagine. But nothing too heavy for me. “We have to get her to the hospital. Her head’s bleeding!”

Arietta gasped and Drake told me in a flirty tone, “I’ll call an ambulance.”



Hmm. . . Think Hayley will be okay? Think Kingston will leave Arietta for Drake? ;D

OMG!! Nick is watching over his sister :D and family.

i hope Arietta gets better soon :)

plus, im a new reader ! :)

this is so sweet nick is a great brother to his sister
Thirty-oneArietta’s pov

I woke up early to see the sun’s rays shining through my window and Kingston’s face so close to mine. He breathed on my neck, and I could feel his arms around me. I smiled. Really, I don’t think I could have been happier.
“I love you,” I tried to say, but I failed. I wanted to talk so bad. . . Why couldn’t I?
“You up?” Kingston mumbled, opening his eyes.
I nodded, snuggling into his chest and smiling. I wanted to stay this way forever. I had him, and nothing else seemed to matter at all.
“Your mom told me that you were upset because Paramore was over,” Kingston whispered, kissing my forehead. “So, I wondered if you’d like to play bass for my band? It’s still nameless, though. . . Maybe you can help Zuma and I name it. We also need another guitarist and a singer. . .”
I kissed his chin softly and nodded at him.
Just then my mom and dad came into my room. My mom’s belly looked big and swollen. A lot swollen. . . I was getting a brother or sister? Oh, I couldn’t wait. I jumped up and hugged my dad, and I hugged my mom and I waved to her belly.
Tears started to well up in her eyes. I didn’t understand that. She was. . . Crying? Why?
I gently wiped her tears away and kissed her cheek, smiling at her. She smiled back. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. “For everything.”
I shook my head and hugged her tight again. I felt terrible for yelling at my mom and I was so glad that I got to see her. SHE HAD A BABY IN HER BELLY! A SISTER OR A BROTHER FOR ME!
“You ready to go home?” dad asked me.
I nodded, waiting for them to sign the papers on the clipboard. Mom handed me a bag and smiled at me. “Go ahead and change into this. We can go home and just chill for a bit.”
I looked up at Kingston, smiled at him, and walked into the little bathroom inside of my room and I changed into skinny jeans, a Harajuku Lovers t-shirt and sneakers, then returned to stand by Kingston. I put a coat on and we walked out of the hospital.
We all went to our own homes, so Kingston was torn apart from me. So when I got home, dad got me the biggest bowl of Cap’n Crunch and I munched happily. When I was done, mom caught me up on everything that was happening around with our family. Then she decided to call the family and have them come down. I wanted to have Kingston with me, but I couldn’t use my words to ask.
“Ari!” EmBeth screamed, running into my house followed by Aubrie. They hugged me and I smiled at them. “Uh, don’t you have a voice?” EmBeth demanded.
Tears welled up in my eyes.
“I’m sorry!” EmBeth squeaked. “I was just wondering! Aww, I’m just glad you’re okay!”
Aubrie smiled at me. “EmBeth nearly had a litter of kittens when she heard you were in the hospital. . .”
“Arietta, the queen of Rockband!” Tyler joked, walking in and hugging me.
Drake and Leon followed, too. They hugged me, and Drake looked around. Biting his lip, he whispered, “Where’s Kingston?”
I shrugged.
“Are you okay?” Tyler asked. “You must have been really banged up. . . What happened?”
I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote, I nearly killed myself. But I’m okay. And I can’t talk, something happened to my voice box.
Tyler nodded understandingly.
After most of the family was here, hugging me tight, I saw one last person walk in. Zuma. I turned my back to everyone and let myself cry. I had everyone here, but not the one guy who mattered the most.
Then, a handsome face was gazing up at me as the boy bent down, and his brown eyes melted into mine. “Well, beautiful,” he whispered, “you shouldn’t cry. It’s not right. I think a smile would suit you better. It’d go nice with your gorgeous eyes. . . And I like happy girls.”
I wrapped my arms around him and let all my misery and worry sink out of my system. I wanted to tell him I loved him so much. . ._____
Tyler’s pov

I watched as Arietta threw her arms around Kingston’s neck. She seemed so happy with him. . . And I was jealous. I wanted her to be mine. . . I wanted to love her.
Angry, I walked outside and started to walk home. I could easily win her heart. I was charming, I was handsome. . . I was going to get her one way or another.
Even if I had to kill Kingston. Even if I had to threaten her life. I’d get Arietta Claudelle Farro to be mine.____
:OComments? Buzzes? I love them.
there is NO way he is going to get Ari! well at least i hope not LOL :)
dun dun duuuunnnnnn haha i love it!!!
when r u updating???
hahaha. i nearly had a litter of kittens...


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