The Twilight Saga

Jada this is another version of memories fading away.

The quiet town of Forks has become a place of terror, and despair but even with some people who have yet to prove themselves the Love, and Beauty in other peoples hearts will light the way through the darkness that now surrounds forks. when this story left off Jacob  was now trying to gain Courtney back he was even ready to beat up Alex to claim her for his own, he is still trying to prove himself to her once again and get her to like him and leave Alex behind like an old movie that you have seen to many times.  

Noah and Ambreh became mortal from the orbs the Constantine had given them, and they are now trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered memories and are trying to patch things up with the ones they love. 

Josh got a startling surprise when andi told him that she would have to leave him. Andi has yet to tell Josh about how she feels about him.

Tanner and Ember have become part of the pack and tanner finally got out of the hospital and is now living with Ember, Sam, and Emily.

this role play is closed since i once let people join the original and only jada stuck around.

My Characters-





Jada's characters-





Twilight Relations_ The setting is in forks and the pack is a main factor to the role play.

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Blaise_ My friends hatched a plan, we would trick that girl, it was always fun to experiment with a good girl once in a while, especially when you know that you could probably make her do anything.

Alex_ I layed on my bed and then thought about Courtney she was so normal a girl that would be treasured by any guy, but yet she befriended people like me.

Doppelgänger~ I kept watching the guys out of the corner of my eye. You can never fully trust guys like them.
Courtney~ I was so conflicted right now. I wanted to go so badly, but at the same time, I didn't want to just leave everything in Alex's hands.

Blaise_ I smirked and our plan went into action we moved from where we were standing and move behind her she had looked to the side and i walked up really close to her and talked right by her ear," A couple friends of mine are having a party if you would want to go." I said.

Doppelgänger~ I spun around casually and leaned closer. I whispered in his ear with a smile "Listen, sweetheart. There is something that I'm looking for, but I don't think it's what you're referring to. I'm not stupid." I could tell that he was a little shocked by my reply.

Blaise_ I laughed," So I see." I said," I just thought you would want to have some fun, step outside of the good girl zone." I said.

Doppelgänger~ I smiled "Of course I would. You are just so mischievous and I see it in your eyes." I grabbed his shirt, pulled him down to me, and kissed him. I then turned and started walking away.

Blaise_ I smirked and said," Oh so that's your game?" I said as I followed her, yeah I micht have small feelings toward her but I want what every guy wants at this time of the night.

Doppelgänger~ "So now I have your attention, huh? What of it?" I continued walking as he followed behind.

Blaise_ " Well i will say that you surprise me, a good girl on the bad side of town, you know how to handle yourself, but i dont think your tough enough to last with us." I said and stopped walking, the chase might not be worth the prize.

Doppelgänger~ I laughed and turned around. "Honey, you have no idea what I'm capable of. Who says a good girl is really good anyway? A lot of times good girls are just bad girls that don't get caught or are just dying to live on the wild side."

Blaise_ I chuckled," And then there are the ones who attempt to pass for bad girls when they know their not." I said, referring to her.

Doppelgänger~ "Say what you want, but you haven't seen anything close to what I've seen. You don't know what tough is. You don't have the guts to do anything, but try and trick a girl for your own personal game. I've got a game too, and that involves ruining someone's life. I'm just trying to see if you're that tool to make it happen." I wanted, so badly, to show him what exactly I was capable of.


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