The Twilight Saga

Jada this is another version of memories fading away.

The quiet town of Forks has become a place of terror, and despair but even with some people who have yet to prove themselves the Love, and Beauty in other peoples hearts will light the way through the darkness that now surrounds forks. when this story left off Jacob  was now trying to gain Courtney back he was even ready to beat up Alex to claim her for his own, he is still trying to prove himself to her once again and get her to like him and leave Alex behind like an old movie that you have seen to many times.  

Noah and Ambreh became mortal from the orbs the Constantine had given them, and they are now trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered memories and are trying to patch things up with the ones they love. 

Josh got a startling surprise when andi told him that she would have to leave him. Andi has yet to tell Josh about how she feels about him.

Tanner and Ember have become part of the pack and tanner finally got out of the hospital and is now living with Ember, Sam, and Emily.

this role play is closed since i once let people join the original and only jada stuck around.

My Characters-





Jada's characters-





Twilight Relations_ The setting is in forks and the pack is a main factor to the role play.

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Andi_ I woke up to a voice, i sat up looked around and didn't see anything but i still heard someone outside on my room in the living room maybe. I looked at the clock and it was 6 in the morning. I listened to the voice for a few minutes, I got out of bed and hid under it, hopeing it was noah ambreh or josh, not some demon that Zander sent.

Zander_ I was tired of this that girl was not going to just fight me off, i am sick of her fighting so today everything is going to get on track with my plan. This will end today.

Josh~ For some reason I could not stay asleep. Everytime I woke up I would half expect to see someone or something standing by my bed. When I didn't, I went back to sleep, but woke up about an hour later. This kepting repeating itself and I didn't know why.

Zander_ I had to make some fun out of this, Josh was sleeping so i talked into his mind," Your going to lose her Josh, you can't stop a demon like me, say your goodbyes." 

Andi_ I heard footsteps walking down the hallway, I started to get even more scared. If that was possible.

Josh~ "You've already tried taking her and you failed. What makes you think you won't fail again." I mumbled in my sleep. Wake up, Josh. She's probably in trouble and you need to be there for her.

Zander_ "What makes you so sure about that."

Andi_ I had my door closed but i heard the door knob moving from side side and then the door came open.

Josh~ "I'm not, I'm just saying. What makes you so sure?" Wake up. Come on Josh, wake up for crying out loud.
Deyanira~ I stood in the corner of Josh's room. I agreed to help Zander out with his plan since it would help to progress the overall plan. All I had to do was make sure that Josh didn't leave his room to go help Andi. He was tossing and mumbling in his sleep. He was probably going to wake up any moment.

Andi_ I held my breath as i saw a person walk in, it was Zander. He walked around for a few minutes and sat on the bed. He had not seen me yet. I just closed my eyes and mentally said my goodbyes. I screamed when i felt a hand pulling me out from underneath the bed. I kicked out and screamed trying to get my leg free.

Josh~ I heard a scream and jolted awake. "Andi!" I got out of bed and ran for the door to my room.
Deyanira~ I grabbed Josh and pushed him against the wall before he could open his door. "Sorry Josh, but I can't let you leave this room."

Andi_ when i was able to get my footing and get my leg free, i kicked Zander in the rib cage knocking him over as he fell I ran out of the room, i heard josh trying to fight off someone, i ran down the hall to his door and went to open it but then Zander ran up behind me and grabbed my arms, putting them behind my back.

Josh~ "Courtney? What are you doing? Why are helping Zander?" I tried to get free, but she was strong. Ever since i've know her, I was never able to beat her in a fight or anything. This was not going to be easy. Not that anything was easy now-a-days.
Deyanira~ "Don't let your eyes be deceived. I have my reasons." I barely had to try to keep him against the wall. He was deffinitely no where close to as strong as his brother. I heard the last bedroom door open.
Josh~ Noah or Ambreh had heard us, thank god! "Noa-" I was going to scream for them to help, but Courtney covered my mouth before I could. Why did she always have to be so smart?!

Ambreh_ Noah and I ran out he ran to help Josh and I went to help Andi, kicked Zander back  and Andi and I took off running.

Andi_" Wait what about Josh?" I stopped running when we were out of the house Zander was running out but i didnt care I just needed to know that Josh was safe. I took of running as a shadow running right through Zander and into the woods behind the house, ambreh and I hid behind a bunch of trees right behind the window to Josh's room.

Zander_ i had lost sight of them," you think I will just leave?!!! Andi you know im not that stupid you are coming with me one way or another." i yelled out

Noah~ I barged into Josh's room to find his friend Courtney pinning him against a wall. I was taken back for a second.

Deyanira~ I threw Josh to the back of the room and face Noah. I smiled "This should be fun. Let's see how strong you are now that you're mortal." He immediately tried to get to Josh, but I stopped him by grabbing his throat and putting him on the ground.

Josh~ My head slammed into my dresser and I had a hard time focusing for a bit. I saw Noah flip Courtney onto the ground, but that didn't stop her there. She got right back up and went for him again.


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