The Twilight Saga

Most likely, the rating would be PG-13..

ive never written anything other than a fanfiction before... but i think its time to start. =) please tell me if i should continue. this is loosely based off of a roleplay i was doing. the rp is finished because i closed it, but these two characters were far from being finished. i give credit to Nicholle Lynn Wale for her characters Skye and Kyle, Lee-Anne credit for Alex and Skyla(Harleah-name changed sue to confusion for readers, and in memory of Lee-Anne, Harleah was her favorite name =). Jaini and Camden are all me. =) not all characters are being used, because not all characters were active in the rp...

The title will most likely change but for now its staying. =)

The title is from the song On A Lonely Night by A Rocket To The Moon





(still working on the other character banners...)



“Jaini?” I hid under to the sink in the bathroom, hoping he wouldn’t have the nerve to walk in here.  “Jaini, please, I just want to talk. I know you’re in there.” I could hear the tears in his voice. Why was I doing this to him? I didn’t know.  I turned on all of the sinks so he would hear me lock the door. I sat back down under them, tears rolling down my face, causing thick black trails of make-up to follow.  




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i dont know why the font is so small.... im sorry, if you have trouble seeing it please let me know.


but anyways, the title is taken from the song Letdown by This Providence.

(i love naming chapters after songs now haha ive never done that before.)


what did you think?

=D thank you! i will!
I absolutely lov it...keep writing!

yea this is great !!!!!!!!!

uh why did she run away ?????????

wanna no !!!!

so plz continue and keep up the gud work :)

I loveeeee it

this is so good!!!


cant wait for another update :<)

=D i really like doing it. =p but what i do wonder... is if anyone knows the songs. XD they arent the most popular bands in the world. LOL i LOVE A Rocket To The Moon. (On A Lonely Night & If Only They Knew) i got to see them in concert last weekend. =) they opened up for Paramore and it was AMAZING! haha im SO in love with Nick Santino's (lead singer) voice. XDD could you send me a link to your story please? i want to read it. =D

Love it!!!!!!

Update soon pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Awww.... This is good. Sorry I haven't been on in a week.
Love it love it love it :D Update soon please

this is good


a little confusing but good


ill email you


but i really want to see what goes on




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