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About 5 years after breaking dawn...RENESMEE RUNS INTO...!Edward gets hurt!!READ TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

Chapter 1: encounter

Renesmee POV:

"Renesmee wake up!" i heard Uncle Emmett yell which was completely unecessary considering i could here him even if he was whispering and i was already awake anyways. I got out of bed and Aunt Alice was immediately in my room.

"Nessie, can i fix your hair?" Alice begged.
"i dont know why you even ask Alice. You can pick out my jewelry and clothes too if you would like",
i said with some annoyance. she instantly brightened up of course.
"YAY! thanks, how about we do curls today, i already picked out an adorable outfit..." she talked on and on while she fixed my hair. (I will post pics after the post)

Once Alice had finally finished fixing my hair i got in my car, which was a silver lamborghini. I was in love with it, i think my dad was jealous of it though. The story was i was going to school with my sisters Alice and Rosalie and my adopted brothers Emmett and Jasper. Jacob was a friend of the family and was just staying with us. My mom and dad stayed at home with Carlisle and Esme who were my grandparents. I was goin to be a softmore while Alice and Jasper were going to be juniors and Rosalie and Emmett would be seniors. I had just turned sixteen, which i had asked for so that i was able to drive my car legally. Carlisle was the local doctor and Esme had a book store that was very popular. My dad and mom were both stay at home parents. They were keeping in touch with Zafrina and Nahuel. They wanted to make sure that they weren't getting any problems from the Volturi after our little "almost" battle. So far we've had no other problems. Which made it easier for me to focus on school starting even though i was as smart as any graduated adult from college.

"Nessie, remember, you have Biology, Geometry, Lunch, World History, English, dance, and gym. We all have A lunch and me, you, an Rose share dance class and gym."
"I know, I know." Aunt Alice had already told me five times this morning.
Okay, well, here we go" she said as we stepped out of the car that we had been in afor bout only five minutes.

I walked to my Biology class and the entire way people were staring at me. There were several guys eyeing me up and down. i was going to kill Alice for making me wear these too short, shorts. O well. Then I saw Jake pull up on his motorcycle but my dad had made a condition. He was only allowed to go to school with me if we had different schedules, which kind of ruined the point of sharing the same school. At least there was a six min passing per. between each class.

He came up and kissed me lightly on the lips. "Good morning", i said smiling. He grinned back then the bell rang so i headed off to class. There was probably five guys following me and then my mood got worse when i realized that they shared a Biology class with me. crap. i could tell this was going to be a long year. i walked up to the teacher and he sat me next to a handsome dark haired boy with bright green eyes. he immediately looked back towards his friends and one of them whispered "lucky". again, crap.
"Hello, im John, may i ask your name"
"umm, hi, I'm Nessie, its nice to meet you"
"I noticed your new here. Whered you move from?"
"Forks, Washington"
Then the teacher asked for silence and i was very thankful. This boy was clearly attracted by me and i wasnt liking it, i missed my jacob. At the end of class the teacher had finished his lesson and allowed us to talk for the last ten minutes of class.
"So i was wondering Ness, if you would like to go to the movies with me. A few friends are going and i was wondering if you wanted to come." This boy was clearly very arrogant.
Why has he already givin me a nick name! then i got an idea..."is it alright if i bring a friend?"
the boys eyes got wide, "Defantly!" he said with a little too much enthusiasm.
"Great i'll c u later"
"K, Bye"
Of course i wasn't bringing just a normal friend, i was kinda bringing my boyfriend... oops, did i forget to mention that, o well. It would b funny to see how that arrogant boy thought about my very handsome and muscular boy friend. I was smiling when i met jacob in the hall.
"So how was Biology?"
"Great, a boy asked me to the movies"
" o..."
"dont worry i asked him if i could bring a friend but i didnt acually tell him it was my boyfriend, it will be an interesting sight to see his reaction when we pull up, wont it"
Jacob smiled then leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. The bell rang and i hurried to Geometry. Nothing out of the normal happened except these girls kept on whispering about how they thought my shorts were too short. I was going to kill Alice. The bell rang so i went to lunch and i was planning on confronting Alice about my outfits.

"Alice we need to talk"
"What is it Nessie?"
"You are no longer picking out my clothes!"
"Ugh, WHY!"
"Because everybody is starring!"
"Well whats wrong with that?" she asked innocently
"I have a boyfriend!"
"Its not like you have to be interested in them"
I was fixing to argue more when Rosalie walked up with a smirk on her face. Alice started laughing, im guessing she was remembering one of her visions.
"Omg, you will never believe wat happened to me" Rose directed towards me, she continued w/o even letting me guese.
"Some boy had the nerve to ask me to the dance right after i told him i had a boyfriend!"
"o, ya i have plans to go to the movies tonight wih a boy. I asked him if i could bring..." i continued telling her the story then the bell rang. My next two classes went by with no surprises. When we got to dance i was pleasantly surprised that we were learning latin dances. I would be doing the Mumbo. When we got into our practice clothes all the girls were literally jumping up and down with excitement. The teacher asked for a volunteer and of course Rosalie was the first with her hand raised. She started doing very complicatd foot work and all the girls just stared. Rosalie came back with a sug smile on her face. From then on all the girls were qiute jealous of Aunt Rose.
Gym was boring since we had to move so slow. after school i went home to get ready for the movies. Aunt Alice picked out a cute dress.
Jake was in a black leather jacket with sunglasses and bluejeans which alice was not happy about.
We chose to take my car and when we arrived at the movie theatre the five guys were standing there with three girls. im guessing that the other two(one was john) were waiting on me and my friend. When i brought jacob up with me their jaws dropped. Jake started laughing and put his arm around me.
John said "i thought you were bringing a friend?"
"She did, im her boyfriend" jacob said. john immediately backed up. It was a funny sight because jacob was almost a foot taller.
"John, this is Jacob. Jacob meet John. So what movie are we watching"
"umm, Zomby slayer..." he said with his head down.
"O ok, well should we get going?"
"Ya i guese" He wasnt so arrogant anymore i thought with a smile.
When we got into the theatres i sat in between Jacob and John. I could feel the tension in the air. It was funny when Jacob put his arm around me and bent down and kissed me with a little too much force.
Johns mouth dropped open and jacob stared laughing.
The rest of the night Jacob laughed and John and his friend just sat there pouting.
"Hey im gonna go get some popcorn" i told jacob.
He looked at me questioningly since i didnt eat any human food other than meat and eggs.
I whispered to him" everyone else is eating and i know your hungry, i doubt you want to leave me in here with john"
He agreed so i left. The popcorn guy had to go and get change since i had only brought a one hundred dollar bill. I was the only one in the room until i heard someone open up the door and then i froze. That wasn't a human scent, it was a vampire.

I turned around and standing right infront of me was Aro.

He grinned. Immediately i thought of Alice, how did she not see this coming, i knew she couldnt see me but she can see the volturi.
"hello renesmee, i know what your probably thinking. How did Alice not see me. Well i have met someone who has become of great use to me." Then another female vampire walked in. She had short black hair and was very beautiful. "This is Sonya. She has a very interesting power. You see, she can block other vampires from seeing me. Its as if im invisible so they would never be able to see me coming. All she has to do is constantly think of me and then they wont be able to guess my plans. Luckily she is very good at this so its not a hard thing to do."
i was immediately terrified. Where had this Sonya girl come from? What did aro want from me? then it clicked. He wanted my power. He wanted me...

Then Jacob walked into the room...

Chapter 2:

"Jake don't!" i screamed, jake was trembling and was fixing to phase, what do i do, i had to do something!

"What do you want with me Aro?"

"i've come to take you with me"

jake started, "Over my dead body!"

Aro smiled, "that can be arranged"

"NO! Jake dont" i was panicking, i new that either one of these vampires could take jake and if there was two of them... i hated to even imagine it.

"you can either go with us or we could just pay a little visit to your family, im sure they would enjoy that." he said with and evil sneer

"No, plz dont, i'll go"
"nessie no, u cant"
"i have to jake", he put his arm around me and thats when i started cryin, he kissed me then i knew that if i didnt leave now that i wouldnt b able to leave at all. so i pushed jacob off of me then i walked over to aro.

"wise decision" aro said"sonya, can you lead the way plz"
"yes master"
she took me to the car, i saw jake lunge then he phased but aro was already in the car and we were speeding away at an amazing rate, there was no way jake would catch up. i looked out the window and i saw the love of my life dissapear.

Bellas POV:
me and edward had been enjoying our time alone since everyone decided to go out tonight. the house was all ours. thats when the pone rang"ugh, ill get it" i said. edward pouted

all i heard on the other side of the line was jacob phasing then the sound of wind and an agonizing howl

i stood there frozen until edward came over"Bella?, whats wrong? what happened?!"
"shes gone. they took her. nessies gone"

edward was frozen for an eigth of a secound then he took off runnin in circles so fast even my vampire eyes had trouble keeping up. he took the phone. he started calling all of the cullens and started calling for plain tickets. he was packing all of our stuff when alice arrived.

"How did i not see this! whats happening!!! Bella snap out of it!"
thats when i realized that standing here was not going to do nessie an good. i helped pack and then once veryone arrived we started off towards the airport, edward was trying to figure out how alice could have missed something so big. We arrived at the airport and jake was waiting for us. he was still trembling, i was afraid he was going to phase any minute with hundreds of people starring at us. We started talking about strategy. we were going to go to aro because he wouldnt be expecting it and we would fight, to the death!

Chapter 3:
the volturi

Renesmees's POV:

We were on the plane and well on our way to Volterra. I didnt know what my family planned to do but i knew that it wasnt going to just be sitting around doing nothing. I was scared of what could happen to them, there were so many vampires here that were powerful and i didnt know if my family could get enough with them to fight the volturi off like they did last time.

"So how do you like Volterra?" he asked with a smile. He was somehow scarier when he was being polite.

"I might be able to enjoy it if i didnt know i was experiencing the last few minutes of my life"

"What?! These are only the beggining minutes of your soon to be magnificent and powerful life. i would never hurt you Nessie." aro said.
"No, these are the last minutes of my life because i would never fight with you. I know that if i dont fight with you then you'll kill me so yes, this is the end of my life."

"You might reconsider when i tell you this. If you dont fight with us then i will sadly kill all of your family and friends. It will be a terrible loss to our kind but if its the only way to establish justice, then so be it"

"Justice?! Justice?! How can you truthfully say that his is justice?! this is the cruelest thing i have ever experienced. your using a young girl for power against her family! how is that justice?! "

"Because young Renesmee, your family had a lot of power and if they made a bad decision then we wouldnt be able to do anything about it. So i'm restoring balance so that our vampire world can be ensured of justice."

"So thats whats gonna be your reasoning to everybody, Balance! "

Then we landed, he didnt continue and we exited the plane. We got in the limo and drove off. When we arrived at the center of Volterra he took me to this huge building. We entered and then i saw all the people from my nightmares ever since the battle in the clearing. Jane, Marcus, Caius, Alec, Chelsea, Corin, Demetri, Felix, Heidi, and Renata.
They were all there, just starring at me except for jane who was very fiercly glaring at me.

"This is Renesmee as you all know. Renesmee, this is my guard and fellow brothers."

"Hello Renesmee" they all said at once. They reminded me of my old toy robots. I remembered how my mom told me that they didnt voluntarily love Aro and the rest of the Volturi. They were forced. Thats when i thought of something. Could they do that to me? Ofcourse they could, and they would...and they did...

Chapter 4:
What happened?

Bellas POV:

When we went inside the airport i saw what edward had been doiong when he was running around on the phone, he had been gathering. They were all there... Zafrina, Kachiri, Senna from the amazon coven, Eleaza, Carmen, Irina, Kate, and Tanya from the Denali coven, Amun, Kebi, Benjamin, and Tia from the Egyptian coven, Maggie, Liam, Siobhan from the Irish coven, even the Romaians, Stefan and Vladimir, were there. They somehow got the nomads to come(Garrett, Mary, Peter, Charlotte, and Randall). Alistar and Charles and Makenna were there too. There were new faces as well..

"Edward who are they?" i whispered.

"Bella, this is Tyler, Kylie, Krystle, Searra,clint, and Brittany. Clint, Kylie and Brittany are all talented in their own very unique ways. Kylie can see birth and death before it actually happens. Brittanys is a little more complexed. She can put a shield around someone , but it is used to keep powers in. For instance, she can decide to keep Jane from doing any harm by basically creating a bubble around her. Jane wont be able to use her power on anyone, but Brittany can only do this on one power at a time. It also creates a bounce-back, the vampire who she got the power from will also feel the pain. Clint can duplicate any vampires power. For example,if he were going up against me he would also be able to read my mind. If it were Alice he would see the future, but ofcourse he wont be going up against us. He could go up against Jane and create a lot of pain for everybody apart of the volturi but with you(Bella) on our side Jane wont be able to harm us. She'll be able to get a taste of her own medicine. Tyler will help us with his strength and Searra and Krystle have amazing speed which im sure will be of much use. Everyone else has decided to help us fight, even if its to the death. But we are sure that with our new allies we will defeat the Volturi, so it will be a celebrated death." Then Edward took my hand and we entered the plain...

Renesmee's POV:

I was ready to fight, it no longer mattered to me that they were my family and friends. I had no interest in my past relationships including Jacob's. They would all die and i would help do it. No one was going to stop me.

"Nessie, is there anything i should know about like new powers discovered or has someones power gotten better since the last time we met, any allies i should know about?" Aro asked.

"No master, not that i know of. they might bring along some new allies today but i doubt they will be able to get enough allies to stop us. We are the Volturi. No one can defeat us."

"of course dear, we have no worries" he said with plenty of confidence."Jane, is it time for Nessie's lessons on fighting?"

"Yes master, would you like me to get felix or demetri or would you like myself to teach her?" and i could tell that she was hoping he would say someone else, as was i.

"Would you Jane? You have the most experience."

"Yes master, my pleasure" she said sarcasticly.

so we began. She taught me everything that i needed to know about fighting. Luckily i already knew a lot and i was a skilled fighter. Uncle Emmett and Jasper had helped a lot. They had never imagined that i would be going up against them...

Bellas POV:

While we were on the plane all we did was talk strategy. We were pairing everybody up with who we thought they would be able to defeat the easiest. Kate and myself were going up aginst Jane. Edward and Brittany were going up against Demetri. Vladimir and Stefan were going to take Alec.Tanya and Irina and Carmen were to take Caius. Benjamin was going to make sure that the volturi couldnt escape once the battle began. He would probably end up making barriers to block the door. Emmett and Tyler were going up against Felix. Alice insisted on taking Aro but Jasper wasnt happy about that so we decided that they would both take on Aro.Esme, Carlisle and Jacob would protect Renesmee and try and get her out of there as soon as possible. She was half human after all and these vampires dont have great control in a middle of a fight. The wolves and the nomads(Randall, Makenna, Peter, Charlotte, Garrett, Mary) would stand on the side lines until Kylie had a vision of someone on our side dieing.. i hated to even think about that...and then they would help with whoever needed the most. Clint and Charles would take on Marcus. Tia, Maggie, Krystle and Searra would take on Sulpicia and Athenodora and Chelsea. Zafrina, Kachiri and Senna would take on Heidi. Allistar, Eleaza and Amun would take on Afton and Kebi. Liam and Siobhan will take on Corin. After we had all that sorted out edward told all of us that we should try and relax so that we're ready. Ya, like i would be able to relax...

After we exited the plain we got in our limos and we headed off toward Volterra. Everyone was already relaxed except for Edward and myself. He reached over and took my hand. Carlisle tryed to sooth us but nothing helped. Then jasper started to relax us and then thats when we arrived. We all got out and we took the many, many passageways to a room that i had never been in. Edward was leading the way so i was guessing that he was taking directions from Aro. Then he stoppd all of a sudden. "Edward, whats wrong, what is it?" i asked. He didnt answer he just starred at nothing. I started panicking. I almost broke Edward's hand trying to get him to answer me. He finally answered and told us something that ruined everything and it was the one thing we weren't ready for..."Chelsea has forced Renesmee to side with them, she plans to fight against us" and then with no hesitation at all, we ran.

We entered this huge room which i'm guessing Aro had made for a battle because there was only one way in and with Benjamin on our side there would be no way out. When Aro saw all of us come in he for the first time lost control of his facial expressions. First there was disbelief, then doubt, anger, and finally fear. He regained some control but if you looked in his eyes far enough you could tell his only emotion right now was fear of being defeated once and for all. I immediately looked around the room, i saw a lot of faces and some controlled themselves better than others, but you could tell that most were planning on just running out of the door any minute. Then... i saw her...

Chapter 5:
The Battle!

Bella's POV:

She was standing with the rest of them and was in those dark cloaks that i knew way too well. She looked at me as if i was her enemy and i knew edward was right. i had hoped that some how he was wrong even thugh i knew that it werent possible. i cant believe we hadnt thought about it before, its just i never thought that they would be able to break our binds. How were they able to do it now?

"As I'm sure you already know, Renesmee has seen the truth in our ways and has decided to side with us." Aro said with a smile.

"decided, decided?! Renesmee hasn't decided anything! All of us know she was forced just like all your other followers!" Edward yelled. I was afraid that he was going to attack Aro right then and there. i grabbed his hand.

"I dont understand, Chelsea has never been able to break families apart before" Esme said with great sadness.

"Chelsea has grown stronger as I'm sure some of your family members have." Aro said while looking at me.

"Edward?" i said, and i knew he would know what i was trying to ask him without saying it outloud even though im sure that Aro could guess what i wanted to know. The only thing that i wanted to know was how do we save her without hurting her or having her hurt us.

He looked at me and nodded his head. He had a plan, but what? He just simply said"stick to the plan". What does that mean, oh. Jacob, Carlisle, and Esme would take care of her. They would probably take her outside because as soon as she waaway from Chelsea Jacob would be able to get some since into her. We just had to do our job so that they could get her. But how do we begin? i looked at Edward and then i knew. He would start it and i would be right behind.

He looked around at all the people then he looked confused. i followed where he was looking and it looked like he was looking at this young female vampire. Who is she? He stiffened beside me and when i looked at him he had calmed down. He spoke to all of us now, "They have a new member. Her name is Sonya. She is able to block all thoughts and visions of a certain vampire. She can do it on only one vampire at a time. Thats why Alice didnt see Aro's plan."

He then looked around at all of us and then down at me, i understood. He was making sue we were all ready. My shield exploded. We were all covered. I was ready...

Edward lunged. He went straight towards Demetri and then there were vampires moving everywhere. Kate was standing right next to me and we were already cornering Jane. She knew it was the end but she probably planned on not going alone. If she was going then she was going to make sure that one of us went with her. Then something hit me from the back. Once i bounced off the wall I turned around and standing right in front of me was my Nessie. But she didn't look like my Nessie. Then Carlisle, Esme and Jacob had a hold of her. Jacob had a hold of her waist her arms were pinned against her sides and Esme had her legs. Carlisle was holding her head still so that she couldn't bite Jacob. They had her close to the door and they probably would have made it right thenand there but Demetri came out of no where. He was charging right toward her and had the darkest black eyes i've ever seen. Edward was on top of him in a tenth of a secound. Brittany was blocking his view while Edward was moving all around him ripping pieces off. I knew that they had it under controol so i focused back on Jane who had been pre-occupied with Kate. Kate was finishing her off when all of a sudden Jane made a fast move to the left and got a snap at Kates shoulder. I immediately went for the kill. Jane was in more than ten pieces in a secound and I already had the fuel and lighter out. Finally Jane was gone. I noticed that the battle field had become a little bit smaller. We were one of the first ones to defeat our opponent. Liam and Siobhan had defeated Corin. Emmett and Tyler were finishing up on Felix. Edward and Brittany had just finished off Demetri. Edward was immediately at my side. We went to where Jacob, Carlisle and Esme had Renesmeee. Then she looked at me and for the first time during the battle she looked like my Nessie. I looked around and i coulnt fid Chelsea and then i realized that she was gone and that my Nessie was back. Then the most horrible thing that could've happened, happened.

Clint and Charles had been going up against Marcus. Marcus had already injured Charles which distracted Clint for half a secound. But it was enough. Marcus charged towards Renesmee, but Edward was faster. He jumped inbetween them and then Marcus was on top of him and was ripping Edward to pieces. Then all i could see as I stood there frozen were ten giant wolves leap. Marcus was gone in an instant. Left laying there was Edward who had been bitten in at least ten different places. Emmett and Tyler had finished off Felix so they were carrying Edward off. I couldnt move. All I could see was Edward. I pictured him laying there hurt, over and over again.

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He leaned down on one knee..."Ness, I love you and you know that I plan to spend the rest of eternity with you. I want to be able to wake up every morning and see your face. I want to be there for you every day and I can promise you that I will care for you more than any one else has cared for someone. You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will always be yours. You have altered it forever. Renesmee Carlie Cullen, Will you marry me?" ... ome!!!! that was the sweetest thing ive ever heard, she better say yes!
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