The Twilight Saga

Hi ladies, if you met and fell in love with a wonderful guy and he broke the terrifying and shocking news to you that he was Lycanthrope and wanted to break off the relationship  for your safety  what would you decide to do?  baring in mind you have already fallen for the guy and want to spend your life with him.

Hypothetical question of course :)

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I don't know what a Lycanthrope is. 

In fiction a Lycanthrope is a werewolf, also there are people who are beleived to suffer from Lycanthropy-----they beleive they can turn in to a werewolf, can be seen to take on all the physical atributes such as on all fours, howling at the moon etc.

I probably should have known that lol :D 

There are  of course Shape Shifters, but in my opinion they are different to a Lycanthrope. They are people who take on the shape of many animals and Wolves are just one .

There are many folk tales about werewolf like creatures "Beast of Bray Road" to mention but one. :)



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