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I need your opinions regarding these questions. I just though of them out of the blue.
Please answer.

1. Caius doesnt have a wife. Can you tell me why?
2. What do you think happened to Gianna, the human 'receptionist' in Volterra?
3. Is Marcus mute? He didn't say anything all through out the books.
4. Do you think Nessie and Jake will have children?
5. Breaking Dawn mentioned something about "The Children of the Moon", the real werewolves. Do you think they will be included if there will be a fifth book?


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the "5th book" is TWILIGHT in Edward's POV.
There is no 5th book yet...

; (
1. i think she died a long time ago.
2. g def food.
3. i dont think he cares about anything. monotony.
4. i hope. that was the whole point of the imprint.
5. only if it were delving into the past. they were more interesting in thier hayday so to speak.
oooh. theres an idea for a different kinda fanfic!
1. Caius may not be married but his mate is Athenadora.

2. Stephenie meyer says she gets eaten

3. Marcus isn't mute, he's just really depressed. It's probably because his mate, Didyme was killed a long time ago by her own brother Aro in order to keep Marcus from leaving the volturi. The only reason he stayed with the volturi was because of chelsea.

4. Probably.

5. I don't think so as they didn't play a big part in the story, and if there is going to even be a fifth book.


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