The Twilight Saga

this is based of of the song Outnumbered by The devil wears prada

(dont listen to this song if you dont like metal-core!!!!)

the Zombie Apocalypse has happened and now the virus is spreading into forks,the Cullen's have moved to another state to defend their home and the people they love but Bella wouldn't go considering that Jacob might die,her and Edward got into a fight along the way to the way to the new safe house that ended their relationship for good Bella now is trying to find her way pack to forks trying to stay alive trying to find Jake and trying to stay alive.Along the way she meet a group of people who are heading to forks will she trust them and travel with them or will she think they are infected and run from them.


Bella Swan~


The Orange Ninja 

Jacob Black~

He has lived in the small town of forks his whole life he is a werewolf that is with a pack led by sam although the apocalypse has happened all he thought of was the true love of his life bella, The day to apocalypse started he knew that he would find her on way or another.



 other pack members~

new characters-



The Orange Ninja 

Amber Richardson~


Amber grew in a very small town in southern michigan, Her family was very distant and hateful, the only two people she ever talked to was her older brother Kellin and Her younger sister Camilla, her father was a mean old mister who took his anger out one his youngest three kids, Amber always was one to think of the worst case sinario but nothing she could have imagine could have prepared her for what was in store, while playing a game with Kellin and a few of his friends, she realised that something was wrong, she looked behind the garage only to see that one of kellins friends had been turned, after running and grabbing Camilla and finding Kellin they drove off, after many troubles the three of them got seperated sending amber into a state of panic, she knew the Kellin would have Camilla, but she was all alone until she finds a girl named Emma, and soon after two boys, Lance and Noah.


Emma Mquein~


Emma grew up in a small town in maine, her father was abusive towards her and always hurt her in many ways, she ran away when she had found out that she was a werewolf she wanted to get away from the drama of her home only to fall right into the drama of the world, she fought zombies everyday until she came across a girl,Amber, she became her friend and has been by her side ever since, while with Amber they found Lance and Noah, two boys that had grown up together and were best friends.


Noah Curtis~


Noah grew up in a home that had his whole life planned, his father wanted him to be a football star when all noah wanted was to be himself, he went along with it and kept his real self hidden even from his best friend, Lance. When the apocalypse started Noah and Lance teamed up and fought zombies together.


Lily May
She is half vampire half werewolf but can only turn into an actual wolf, unlike Jacob or Noah. She's been a loner for quite some time and is desperate to find a place to settle down in.



After his entire family was killed by the apocalypse, he tried to outrun the spread of the disease, little did he know he'd end up at a high tech safe haven. They knew this would happen, the disease. He didn't even ask them when they said they had been planning for years to prepare (Twist? I think so.) They helped him back onto his feet then hired him as a guard. It's only his 8th day on duty when he sees huge wolves roaming around the area. One had icy blue eyes and a white coat while the other was a dirty blondish color and wonderful grey eyes. the next day he can't think of anything else except the white one. The day after that an entire pack comes...

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Bella- I hesitantly opened the door and breathed out a sigh or relief, flingin my arms around him "Are you okay?"

Jake_ " Im fine." I said and sighed," Are you both okay? Did anything happen?" I said checking her.

Bella- I shook my head "No, we're fine. I've been checking on Luna every two seconds and she's okay."

Jake_  I smiled and wrapped Bella in my arms once again and said," I was so scared that something was going to happen to you guys." 

Amber_ I looked around, making sure  there was no more zombies.

Lance- I limped back to the village and whimpered quietly before phasing back and falling into my back, closing my eyes.

Bella- I smiled and shook my head "I wouldn't let anything happen. "

did lance get bit?? or is he just sore??

Amber_ i saw Lance and ran up to him." Lance!" I was terrified.

Lance- Iglance up at Amber and groaned quietly. I had been running when a zombie tackled me, bit me and when I fought him off I had tripped and heard my leg snap. "It burns. " I said and grit my teeth.

oh so both!!

Amber_ I started to cry,"Somebody help!!" No this could not be happening, not to Lance.

Emma_ " Amber! Whats wrong!." I then saw Lance on the ground,I then ran to Bella and Jake's house." Bella open up. Lance is hurt."

Bella- I ran to the door and opened it "Where is he? What happened?" I looked at Jake "Luna's asleep. Come with me. "

Lance- I squeezed my eyes shut, It felt like my veins were on fire and my leg was completely useless.

Emma_ I lead them to Lance and I pulled Amber out of there. She would not be able to take seeing Lance like that.

Amber_ I kept looking back, I could not loose Lance, I needed him, how could I ever live without him.

Bella- "Lance, try and relax, I know it hurts. " I said and put my hand on his chest "Calm down. "
Lance- I nodded a little but it was so difficult when everywhere was burning.
Bella- "I can fix his leg, I need you to make sure he doesn't change. "I said to Emma.

Emma_ I nodded, I have never tried to stop somebody from turning but i have to try.


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