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Johnny is off pirates of carribean and his character's name is Jack.Robert is totally a better edward!They say he is hotter ,too.Uhhuh, Robert is so hotter!!!!!!!!!!!!Do you agree with me or them?

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this is sooo ironic Johnny Depp And Robert Pattinson are my 2 fav. actors!!!!! no lie i use to be obbsessed with pirates of the carribean!!!! i could not see any1 but rob as edward, but if there had to be a change it should soooooooooo be johnny. I also heard a rumor that johnny was supposed to be acting as aro?! please help me find out if thats real!!!!
Johnny Depp is 45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edward Cullen is supossed 2 be 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Johnny Depp always makes characters weird, like Willy wanka or Edward Scissorhands! They were both really weird! And Depp is not at ALL romantic like Edward or Rob. And I saw the movie b4 i read the book so i cant imagine any1 but Rob as Edward.
i think johnny is really cute for his age but i disagree he wouldnt be able to be a better edward that is do freaken wrong johnny whould be perfect for the part of aro in new moon :)
no way there is no one better for edward then robert.......................
Yep RobPattz makes a PERFECT Edward
rob is more..more...more hotter than johnny..
no other actor cant be edward...
only rob!!
robert pattinson is such a good edward!!!forget johnny!!!
i think that robert makes a great edward. i cant imagine johnny depp as edward.
i agree with u on the robert being hooter and a better edward!!!!!!
well.....jhonny is hot no doubt bt Robert is perfect for Edward !!!!! so respect 4 both........
no way robert is cute!!!!!!!!!!
Johnny Depp is too old to play the part of a 17 year old.


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