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Hello!  My cable went out and I couldn't watch the show People's Choice Awards.  I was curious if anyone has?  If someone has, could you tell me who won?  If Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson won?  If Twilight Eclipse won?  Thank you!  Appreciate it!

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I didn't know for sure if she smoked, but you can tell by the color of her teeth that she's a heavy smoker.  Rob also smokes like a house-a-fire.  It's a real disgusting habit no matter what you smoke.  I know they are drinkers too.  It's a shame that they are so young and already they've let Hollywood corrupt them.  Well, if they want to age prematurely that's their business I guess.  I'm not their mother.
Taylor Swift has great clothes, always classy and stylish.  I have always been impressed with Selena Gomez and Carrie Underwood as well.
What about Rob's speech?  Really showed his true colors, don't you think?
When Rob gets nervous I think he always uses humor to cover it up, and I think that is what he did here.

What did he say? i forgot so please if you dont mind refresh my memory. Was it bad?

It's wasn't bad, it was just typical Rob. 

He thanked them for the phone (that was how they presented the awards, instead of an envelope it was a phone) and then said that he thinks he broke it.  


Like I said above, I think it was because he was nervous and used humor to get by.  He didn't have Taylor to cling onto like Kristen did. 


Caramella Im sorry if u felt i said something wrong. I dont like animosity especially online where things can get out of line. KS gets so much of ohhh why did she do that why didnt she do that. Once agian i apologise no ill intended. I too found it amusing because to me she doesnt come across and traditionally affectionate.

They had to show for sure! Won 4 awards!


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