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Some people seem to be just too eager to criticize the Twilight saga whenever they get an opening. It's almost pathetic to watch as they spread the most hateful comments about the books.

One of the things they just can't stop talking about, is that Bella is in love with Edward because "he's hot." Of course, I think all of us here know all about how that's the wrong assumption to make.

I try to ignore the comments they make, but that doesn't usually work. I end up thinking about it for a long time.

So, what made you fall for him? His looks? Or his personality?

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I think the targeted audience for the Twilight series in general makes our fandom easy targets for criticism. Tween and younger teenage girls... It's an audience most franchises, like the movie industry, tend to ignore the most, and now they've finally found something aimed at them, and they're excited, obsessing, and having fun (as girls do, as girls have always done at that age), and people can't accept it. It's like the Hannah Montana craze or the Jonas Brothers. I've never cared for them, but I'm not going to say other people can't love them and bash the fans because they "have no taste", or judge them, expecting them all to be "squealing, clueless little girls" (or that male fans are "gay"). Even the older fans of Twilight get bashed for ridiculous things. It's really quite stupid, to be honest. People who are vindictive and cruel with their words toward people they don't even know, to children...I just can't understand.
Yes, it's all true. But these people don't even READ the books before they turn their noses up. It's very saddening.

His personality... The way he is so romantic and caring... The way he is polite and over protective. The way he loves Bella... I love Edward for that reason the most! I love that they can over come anything to be with each other and deal with the consequences of being with each other (Ravid Vampires and Jacob ** Unitl Nessie**) His looks have nothing to do with it because you don't no what is in SM mind it is a book first and fore most! The books are WAY better than the movies and although I do think Rob is HOT! I love Twilight for the books and the way Edward is potrayed in the books!


Good Question!

Thank you.
I think its his personality b/c he cares for Bella he doesnt want noone to hurt her. Of course Edward going to be hot he's wrote that way and acted that way<robert pattinson>. but what really matter was how Edward does things old fashion he propose to her that way then gives her the special moments in life that he couldnt. He wants her to have a normal life. Thats what make us to crazy for him. Hes passionate, compassionate, and super hott ,..,
I like Edward, not bcause of his looks, but his charming personality. It hardly matters what you look like from the outside. You can easily loose your looks, but whats inside always stays. I'm a huge bookie, and have read many many many books, so i can proudly say that Edward is the most decent, adorable, sensible, charming, understanding, capable charecter ever! He's simply mesmerizing. Hats off ,Cullen


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