The Twilight Saga

Edward is constantly abusing Bella and one day Jacob catches him in the attack what happens to them.but why does bella go back to he mean cheating abusive boyfriend 


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yea thx i usuaully do tht but i had got lazy  thx for the comment



so after a night off get beat for trying to runaway and leave edward i woke up in my bed with a mind spliting head ache. "bella someonne hear for you" charlie said sounding to happy."dad do i have to get up"i shouted back hold my head."yes" he said laughing."fine let them sit down im taking a shower"i stated blankly."ok" he said walking to the bathroom was hell for me every part of my body. the hot shower felt great on my aching skin. the walk didnt hurt as much but i got the suprise of my life when jake was lying on my bed."hey bells" he said sweetly i ran over to him giving him a very rare bella bear hug. i hug him until he whispered bells youmight want to get dress before charlie walks in.i got up fast and realized i was in nothing but a towel. he was doing some serious blushing."im sorry" i said smallly . i got dressed in the bathroom when i came back jake asked me a question i was not ready for.

"why are you covered in brusises and scares?"         

lol,np (:

Oooooooh, Edward's iinn trrouuublleeee !

"ummmmmmmmmmm i was clumsy and fell down the stairs" trying to sound condefenit as possible,  but his eyes were burning in to my soulhe stood up and walk over to me not once braking the stare."your lying" he siad blankly."n-n-n-no im not"i studder "yes  you are you only studder when your scared or lying" he said staring harder."dang of coruse my best friend would know when im lying"i thought in a panick.jake's nosie scroucned up like he smell some thing really bad."jake whats wrong" i asked concerned. before either one of use  could responed i seen edward lean asginst the window. he look heated.

"well,well well what do we have here ''edward exclaimed his voice lacy with venom and hate. jake push me be hide him and shaking i put my hands on his back to come him down."awwwwwwwww look bella trying to clam her little purse dog " he stated laughign jake was shaking worst and worst."jake clam down it's ok just clam down'' i soothed him the best i can i could until edward snitched my hair back hard i only thank god that charlie wasn't home .          


I agree


Edward is going to get BUSTED !!!!!!

Jake is going to be a mad little puppy. (;

Lol Purse Dog. That made me laugh. ^.^


i love it,

it's really different 

write more

i want to see Edwards vampire butt to get torn appart

llol thx guys and my friend has a purse dog
i woke up later that day i think? "she commin' around get heard some water."someones voices commanded. then i heard the door shut . i in haled deeply and realize that is was jake and billy told him to get me water."jake"were the first words to come out my mouth."shhhhhhhhhhh sweetie he'll be right back"as he said that jake opened the door slowly."here bells i bet your thirsty" he asked concerned  "yea' i said softly i drink the water hapily when i tryed to get up billy put his hand on my stomach "lay down for a little long you've been out for 3 hours" he said stern but caring i just  nodded already feel real dizzy. billy round out the room leaving me and jake alone to talk. "bella why didn't you tell me he was beating you " he asked sad angry and concerned. "i was scared i didnt want him to kill me, at i thought he only hit me when i had done somthing bad but now he beats me because he likes see me cry" tears streamed hard down my face in second jake had me in his arms "oh bella" he whispered "he won't mess with you no more i swear.
ahah, my aunt used to have one (:


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