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Edward is constantly abusing Bella and one day Jacob catches him in the attack what happens to them.but why does bella go back to he mean cheating abusive boyfriend 


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awwwweh !.

feel soooo

sorry 4 bella.

Jake seriously needs to kick Edwards




bells bells wake up.

with that my eyes fluttered open. "hi jake" i said softly. " hi baby girl how you feelin"he asked stroking my head ever so softly.jake i love - "hay baby" a girls voice rang thought the air. "yes honey" he repiled back. my heart stopped i couldn't breath. when she came in to the room it got worst the way jake looked at he was like she was his world i realized he imprinted. he got  up and gavve her a deep passionate kiss. i seen the giant rock on he finger. i was to late."the guys want to know if your goign to invite bella to the bonfire" she asked panting for there kiss. "i have asked yet" it's ok " i dont want to go any ways". i said as i prayed my voice would not crack. i got up. jake im goingg to go home  and talk to charlie for a little and tell him everthing ok" i didn't give him avchance to reply i was out his room in seconds."hay bell's what happen with you jake and tracy"i look at them, tears now pouring hard down my face.the only thing i was able to say was: it was a mistaake coming here good bye"

with that threw my shoes on and ran out the dorr with my keys in my hand. maybe it was dum of my to leave edward at less he didn't treat me like a princess but hand another girl. so i drove home and went up stairs to find a sad edward on my bed.he was at my face in seconds and whisper somthing her never said before."bella i will change plEase don't ever i mean never ever leave " with thaat he took me in to a deep kiss. maybe just maybe he love me and would stop life goes on ever with out your true love.


 my and tracy were making out when paul came in lokking upset" What the hell jake how could you hurt her she loves you and now she gone runnong back to the leech what if he starts to beat her again it's YOUR fault if she dies. and if he doesn;t  kill her self die of a broken heart." he was fumming shaking to the core ready to phased. what the hell are you talking about man. "she doesn't love me and if you care so much about her why the hell didn't you tell her you imprinted on her huh and why did you stop her"i said get angry as well" because the look on heart face hurt so much like she watch all her dreams hope and life disapper"he stopped shaking" she looked like you scream you hated her and that you replaced her with tracy, she said it was a misake coming here jake she crying so hard and so much jake your an ass with thats paul stormed out 


sorry bout the mistakes


later that day tracy went home. which made me feel lonely and sad and stupid so many emotion the only reason i moved on was because paul imprinted on her. but it like every time im around her i feel like she needs to be in my arms and she supposed to me mine . this doesn't make i decided that the best way to get some answers is to talk to my dad and sam. so with that i was off to sams


"sam" i asked my voice littered curiosity and wonder. "yes" with hat yes it all came out."i love tracy because she makes me happy and she helps me forget that bella is in love with the blood sucker and that .paul imprinted on her and now i find out that bella has b.een abused and wasn't allowed to talk or to see me now im stuck because when it comes to bella its strong like if im not. with her a piece of me is missing. is it possible for the wolves to trade imprinted because paul like tracy and i love bella and plus tracy  has always had a little crush on paul uhhhhhhhhhhhh what do i do?" i said all that and the mosted he said to me was " go to bella if she takes you be with her if she doesn't she doesn't ok.



can't wait 4 more,

keep it up

lol,i said my aunt had one-to the purse puppy thing.

And awwweh!. - to the chapter.

And,i liked that chapter (:



i just hoped bella didn't run back to the leecha yet maybe i still had some time. the horrible smell it jake hard he was to later she had already ran back to him. now if he killed her it was my fault, he thought slowly.but ill try.



edwards was being so nice he had even made use dinner."mmmmmmmmmmmm oh my goodness this taste great edward wow" i exclaimed as my tasted bubs went crazy. he smiled : i told you i would change after that dog tried to take you away for me i thought life was unlivable" "edward im sorry i ever thought  you didn't love me i so sorry" i spoke jump in to his lap hugging him for a long time til i heard a knock. when i went  to open the door to find jake standing there looking sad."why-y-yy are you here jacob i sad trying not too cry my eyes out with that edward came to the door "what do you want jacob." he demanded "bella" he said matter-a-factly " i dont care she here with me now you had a chance and you lost it" his voice was laced with venom beside for what bella told me you already have an imprinted" "yes but- " NO i screamed you have your life and your soul mate go be with here because apparently you wanted to be with her yestarday" with that i closed the door on his. edward had put his on my face so fast i thought he was going to hurt me but instead he kissed me a long happy safe kiss.
Woww thisss ridiculously orginal



man im stupid why do i have to love my best friend more than my future wife. tracy had notice my discomfort she kissed me softly."jake are you think about bella "she asked sweetly "yea i cant just keep think about bella with the leech she claim has changed and that now "LOVES" her " i said make sure to put the air quotation in on love." jake i know you are worried but jake im here right" she said ." yea i guess" i stated blankly."i love you tracy"" love you to jake

the day of the wedding


"edward are you ready" i shout up the stairs. "yes love be down in a second". me and edward are going on a getaway for a little while so we can reconnect better." ok we stop by jakes wedding and then were off "i said smiling "sounds like a plan love"

at the wedding

"hi jake you look great"i said smiling." you dont look to bad your self" he complemented me" as he fixed his tie the best why he knew how. " jake let me see" i stated laughing at the fact that he hand no clue how to put a tie on." i dont understand why you think you could put a tie one when you spend all you time running around half naked " we both laughed at my comment. "does she know what you are?"i asked out of pure curiousty  .he grabbed my hands and looked me in the eyes . "no because im getting cold feet." he said sounding hypothesized.i could help but a laugh. only the pack and me would get the joke."sorry Sorry" i said as the laugh started to subside." jake your 108* is death for a regular person. you cant get cold feet on her she your imprint" in said smoothing out his suit. he grabbed my hands and looked deep in my eye "no i didn't i love her but not as much as i love you" he siad getting to close to me face." no jake im with edward nowand its your wedding day ok" i ran out the room when i went to go to the bride to give her  congrats what i saw i would never for get....................................................


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