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Dear Doc, where do you think that Stephanie got her concepts of Grace and Psycology from:

Dear X
Thank you for your kind sentiment. One of the reasons that the "Twilight Saga" just fascinates me is that it is constantly analyzing "Love" (some would call all forms of love, "the expression of the essence of God in human affairs.") And the other topic that "The Twilight Saga" constantly probes is human psychology. I just happen to be fascinated by both. And I have studied both of them for years. I understand how Stephanie's life time study of love has made her an expert. (She just happens to teaches it at her church) But I have been repeatedly amazed at how her characters psychological actions so perfectly mimic the principles of modern psychology. Beats me. My brother would say: Even if you have no faith at all, the Judeo-Christian bible has always been the best selling book in the world, BECAUSE ITS THEMES ARE BASED ON GOOD HEALTHY PSYCHOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES. So maybe that is where Bella instinctively pulls her psychological principles from? OR, maybe it comes from spending a lifetime studying classical and neo-classical literary works.
I haven't read any of MS. O'Connell's works. I have heard that they are excellent. She of course is Roman Catholic.(I don't know what either the Catholic, or LSD stances on grace are, but to me God's grace would have to be universally constant in nature. I have always loved "houses of worship" When I was 16 I had an epiphany. My brother and I were studying the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, when and I felt an overwhelming urge to pray. My brother jokingly said "Aren't you afraid that all of your Methodist ancestors would object. No, "I said God and God's love have to be universal. From then on when ever I visited any "house of worship," I would have my own short personal prayer session. (It didn't matter St. Paul's Cathedral, St. Sophia's Masque in Istanbul, The Parthanon, Mayan temples, the Pantheon, The temple of Karnack in Egypt, The Temple of Refuge in Kona, Eskimo shrines above the Artic circle.) To me it was my way of saying to God, "You are God, your presence has been and still is in all of these places. And whenever acts of love were committed. It was your grace and your essence that was being expressed. ( I can't remember ever sharing this story before, you bring out the best in me)

Your right Stephi has a wonderful way of converting what had been monsters into very human like character. One head of Summit, on first discussing "Twilight" with Stephanie said, "Your vision of some vampires is that THEY CAN BE NOBEL AND COMPASSIONATE ???? "That's right noble and compassionate," she responded. Two billion dollars in gross sales revenue down, and with at least three billion more to come, MAYBE JUST MAYBE she hit on a universally appealing theme. As always thank you for sharing, Doc B M.D.

plz wite midnightsun plz!!!!!!
Dear Staphanie,
You are such an amazing author and have such a great talent! When the twilight saga came out I found myself in the books. I found a passion that I love. I found myself. You helped me believe that a Prince doesn't have to come for you to find someone you love. You showed me that there is love out there for everyone. As I read the books, I felt like I was there with them, experiencing it with them, and feeling like they were my family! When I found out that you were making Midnight Sun I was jumping up and down with excitement. As soon as I heard it was leaked on the Internet I was shocked. Don't let one bump in the road stop you! I love all your books and please please continue with everything and have a wonderful day! Thanks you for everything!
P.S. Can't wait for The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner!
love the books, i can't wait for the " short second life of bree tanner" to come out i want it
also a book more about reneseme would be inereating sort of a post breaking dawn
hi stephenie i just wanted to say that i think you should write a series for us team jacob fans!!!!about renesmee and jacob!!!!!please, please, please!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Stephenie.
Just want to say I totally love you and you have inspired me to write my own (but short) version of Midnight Sun. (Just in case you don't finish it. Then I'll go to Atom. lol x :) ) No not really. But yeah it's going well. I've read your Twilight Series eleven times and 'The Host' twice. I've read the partial version of Midnight Sun on your site. (I'm really sorry that it got leaked illegally. That must have been awful for you. :( ) Speaking of 'Midnight Sun' I really hope that you finish it. Even if it doesn't get published, you could put it on your website? Of course, it's up to you and I don't want to try and make you publish it like others are doing, but I LOVE your writing style and all your books and I'm just saying it would be really great for you to publish another amazingly written novel for us, your fans. Oh, and I can't WAIT for 'The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner' to come out! Thanks for writing amazing books for us to pleasure reas. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!! Scarlett. :) x
Hello Ma'am Steph,

Hope you would finish MIDNIGHTSUN...
P.S.sorry for using your screen name in

Dear Stephnie Meyer,
I love your books so much that somtimes i have to remember that twilight is not real! I wish it was! Will you please write more twilight books after twilight! If you dont i will be dommed! I need to know what happens next! If Seth imprints if Leah imprints... And are you going to finsh Midnight Sun? Everybody wants you to write more! no pressre! lol!
cant wait for the short second life of Bree Taner!
I NEVER believed any writer could be so AMAZING until I read Twilight!!!!! I love ALL of your books and Twilight is personally (Though I'm sure many others would agree with me) the BEST series in history! A treasure that one day I will make all my kids read:) An, Thanks to you, I now want to be a writer! THANK YOU STEPHENIE! I LOVE YOU!
Hi Stephenie!

I am obsessed with you, haha! I have always been a fan of literature. Reading is one of my all time favorite past times!!! But for the longest time I refused to read your books. I couldn't understand all the hype, or all the late night, standing in line waiting for a book to be released. Then about the time the movie Twilight came out, my sister insisted that I read it so I could go watch it with her. I had a bad attitude about it, but from the preface, I was hooked. I fell in love with Bella and related so much to her, and of course I fell in love with Edward. But I also fell in love with you. Not in a creepy way, I promise. You just have a special quality about you. I love your humility, your quiet confidence in what matters most to you, your creativity, your optimism, your love of and belief in deep and unending love. There needs to be a lot more of all of that in the world!

I have never been one to get excited or worked up about celebrities. They're just often photographed people. However, if there was anyone that I desire and would get excited to meet, it would be you! I would love to hang out, let our kids play, and just glean from your wealth of knowledge, ;)

I hope you know you have many, many people out there who love and support you! That may seem superficial coming from people who do not even know you, but I think I speak for many when I say, you have made an impact on me and I appreciate you sharing your imagination and spirit with us all! You are beautiful, lady, inside and out! Thank you for staying true to who you are and all that you believe! :D

P.S.: I also have to say, my husband, who hates reading and books, LOVES your books as well. I wanted him to see what I was so excited about so I started to read Twilight out loud to him and he wouldn't let me stop! Now he has started to venture out and read other books as well! You opened a very stubbornly closed mind! That is quite the accomplishment! So thank you for that as well! :)
i was wondering if she could tell more about Alice's human life.
& Edward's too...did his mother really know Carlisle was a vampire?? How???
Does Esme miss her ex-husband??
What was Emmet's family like??
I'm curious....
I read in an interview that Stephenie does not like it when her fans pressurise her to continue writing, so i'm just suggesting her ^_^


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