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I agree with you Addicted
Hello, Mrs. Meyer
I just wanted to say
Thank you. Sooooo much for the gift of Twilight. What an awesome,intriguing manifestation it has turned out to be. Plus, you made an old bookworm read again and again...and again! Thank you.
I love you. For your creative ingenuity. What an extraordinary gift you have.
I am sorry. That you had such a horrible experience some seven months ago (or so?). Although, I have never been through anything close to that, the manner in which you handled it really shows what a classy and understanding person you trully are.
Please forgive me. If could've done something to warn or prevent you from this unfortunate experience, I would have.
Now, as I wear my Twilight t-shirt proudly...and finish rereading Break Dawn. I can only hope that one day you will open you mind again and let Us into the world of Edward again.
Hi Stephenie, im a huge fan of yours even though u probably get that everyday, but its awsome knowing you live 2 hours away from me =0 i live in Flagstaff the coldest town in Arizona but anyways im really praying that you will finish midnight sun!!! forgive me but i couldent help myself and i read the rough draft!!! but it was amazing!!!! edwards point of veiw is awsome, the whole book makes so much more sense to me now!!!! i hope you consider finishing it, i almost had a stroke when the rough draft ended!!! i think you should write a book about Carlisles life, that would really make my day and it would be really interesting! So pppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee finish midnight sun it would me alot to me and all of your other fans!!!!! and you should come up to flagstaff and have a book signing!!!! thankyou for taking the time to read this!
dont loose hope!!
with love
Rachel K. =]]

P.S. i was wondering how many ppl esme has killed cuz rose said she did better than her which surprised me!!!!
You are a terrific writer--don't pay any attention to Stephen King. There's something about the Twilight's like crack. I just CAN'T get enough! And about that other book--do what you will. I will support you one hundred percent in whatever you decide! I wish you the very best.
Hi Stephenie,
thank you so much for changing my life. I'm from Germany, and the release date for breaking dawn is tomorrow... and that's the reason why I can hardly sleep... And I'm sure that I'm not the only one in Germany!
Thank you soooo much!
Dear Stephenie,

You have had the power to get me to read a book, I who never read books.
Ive read them all now. And I need more! You have a gift, an amazing gift! please continue :)
Dear Stephenie :)

I had an amazing time reading your saga and i really hope there are more series (Or even just single books. I'll take what i can get ;)) to come! I think your imagination is amazing coming up with two completely different yet incredible worlds... that of the saga and The Host. I also love your writting and how i can see everything in my head as i read the words! Amazing job! I'm looking forward to seeing more from you! :P

P.S. Like the person above me, i also disliked reading before the saga. So thanks for changing that!
I too beg you to please, Stephenie, continue the story! I did not know of your betrayal until you posted on your website, but I did read what you posted. I want it all! I want more! Your books have totally consumed me, I read all 4 books in week and continue to reread them.

And please do all of them in movies!
I have to agree with all these people when I say thank you. I love the Twilight series, and I too read it start to finish in a week. I only picked up Twilight at first, and I couldn't put it down till I finished it, then proceeded to B&N and got the other 3. You have put so much into these stories they are a life of there own. I read the partial of Midnight Sun ( I was doing great about ignoring it till you posted it on your site), and it seemed to give more depth to Twilight when I next read it. I hope you change your mind and do all the series from Edwards point of view, it really gives so much.
hi stephenie i just want to tell you that i respect all the work that you done i love you`re books very much and thank you because you brought something really cool in my life and please don`t stop from writing because for me you`re the best writer ever!
thank you again for all and hope that you`ll come to romania soon!
I am absolutely addicted to your Twilight series! And, I have to thank you because your books have brought my daughter and myself closer. We both read all 4 of them and we love that we have them in common and we talk endlessly about Edward, Jasper, Emmet, and Jacob. We have both gone to your official website and read what you have posted of Midnight Sun and we love it! It was so nice to be able to "see" things from Edwards point of view. We are praying that you are able to make peace with what happened and decide to finish it. You have so many loyal fans that would love to read the whole thing, please please don't punish us for the betrayal of another. PLEASE finish Midnight Sun.

I doubt that you will actually read this, but…

I just wanted to let you know that your books comforted me during my husband's deployment. He is a USMC Pilot. The story of Twilight kept my mind occupied and 'dazzled' me! What a miraculous story! Unlike anything I have ever read! I had no idea that fictional characters could keep such good company! Thank you for making me laugh, cry, swoon, jump for joy, gasp out loud, applaud, terrified, etc. Thank you for bringing these characters into my life…I feel like they are all my fictional friends/family.

Like every other fan, I do hope you finish and publish Midnight Sun. How complex Edward's mind is! What I wouldn't give to read the finished product!

I truly adore you, and only wish the best for you!



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