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Hi I am one of your millions of fans from Australia
I would like to know if you are ever concidering following on the books from edwards perpective i know that this is a very popular idea and would be very appreciated.
Thanks Sharan
i wanted to thank you for all that youve done. youve brightened everyones day with hopes of meeting edward, or jacob, someday. ive read all your books at least 3 times, some over 5. they are amazing. theres no way i can ever thank you for continuing writing them.

thank you soooooo much,
Thank you for creating Twilight
for you, I wouldn't be able to find myself in the "real world"
When I need to escape the reality
I read your books like a guide
The books have taught me to observant
and love unconditionlly
Twilight saga is, to be remember forever and ever

"death is peaceful, easy; life is harder"
Bella Swan
hey, i love your writing it is amazing and i cant read any other books because your writing triumphs all others i have read and i cant stop reading your books you are an amazing writer thanks for all you do!!!!
love you and your witing for ever,
i know Stephenie is insanely busy but please Please PLEASE finish midnight sun!!!! Please? and if you have time after that please also the other three...and maybe more about renesmee or jacob or bella and dont, ohh pleease dont, leave anything about Edward out. thank you for being the writer that you are and for spellbinding us all with such a great love story.
I really need to second what Daniel F (justme) stated. You would at least sell two copies of Midnight Sun. I have to say I very much enjoyed that version of Twilight! Very insightful and entertaining. Both Breaking Dawn and the partial draft of Midnight Sun warmed me to Edward. I really doubted his love for Bella in New Moon and Eclipse. Of course I was looking at it from a protective mom's point of view and how I would feel if someone had "crushed" one of my children that way. I would want to rip their head off! That was pretty much how I was feeling about Edward and was really rooting for Jacob there, but in the end I know as a parent to respect your childrens' choices even if it means accepting something you wouldn't have chosen for them. So I resigned and both eventually and reluctantly "approved" of Bella's choice. (Like it was up to me). As you can tell I really came from a different point reading these books. LOL!
From one Stephenie (yes that REALLY is how I spell my name too! I was to be a "Stephen", little bit of a surprise for the parents) to another, I really enjoy your books. Once I'm done reading Twilight (I read the books out of order, I apologize) I plan on reading The Host.
I deeply hope you will reconsider Midnight Sun. I know you have at least two fans patiently awaiting its published arrival.

I just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed your books. I'll admit that, as someone who's actually read probably more than my fair share of vampire/supernatural love stories and watched every single episode of Buffy, I didn't jump onto the Twilight bandwagon right away. In fact, getting the first three books was kind of a desperate move on my part; I couldn't find anything else in the bookstore, and the release of the movie and the hype on Facebook (especially the flair) had made me curious, so I decided it was time to try it out. I'll also admit that I didn't really like the characters, except for Alice, much in the first three books--their reactions to everything just annoyed me, but I still couldn't put the books down. The story was too intriguing. I did finally fall in love with Edward, Bella, Jacob and the rest in Breaking Dawn, which I honestly think was the best of the Twilight Saga. I absolutely loved every second of that book.

However, beyond Twilight, I just bought The Host last night and finished it this afternoon, neglecting my family in probably a terrible way just so that I could finish it as quickly as possible. (I have a very wonderful husband who allowed me to do that.) And I wanted to beg you to work as hard and quickly as possible on a sequel for this one, which I've heard rumors you'll be doing. It definitely seemed like that's where the ending was headed, anyway. I loved EVERYTHING about The Host. It's a great concept. It definitely made me think, and I loved all of the characters from the first. I love how you resolved the love triangle, but I'm definitely curious how Burns might affect it in another book. Please? If you're putting the Twilight saga on hold due to what happened with Midnight Sun, please please please give me more of this new world of yours. I'm dying to find out how removing more Souls would affect the humans who were taken over, and if they're going to do anything about the children with souls since the bodies might not survive, and, well, everything. I'd definitely buy it as soon as it came out on the shelves, or maybe even before with a pre-order. Please?


Stephenie you are such an amazing author - i know you've probably heard this 10000000000000000000000000000000 trillion times, but i love love love love your books. they really created a unique and brillant escape for me to just get away from the real world for a while; they have literally changed my life- so for that, i thank you! :]
Steph - I have to admit it that you are truly an amazing writer... what a series! I have not ever read a series this intense and romantic! You have totally rocked my world... this is my HAPPY PLACE! It makes you believe in romance and takes you back to that first true love feeling! My daughter and I have been totally brought so close together through this series. She's a senior and we both have the book series and the soundtrack. My son and his best friend took me and my best friend (my son's best friend's mom) to the movies to see Twilight as well as the many times I have gone with my daughter and her boyfriend to see it. I do have to say I am a little more than obsessed with this movie though! I just thought that The Saint and Sweet Home Alabama and The Notebook (well, that one is totally romantic!) were romantic. Thank you so much for the memories you have created... you are amazing!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish Midnight Sun! I know everyone says it is unfair for you to stop writing and I understand your reasons for stopping, BUT please don't punish everyone for someone else's stupid mistake. I need to finish it! It is driving me crazy! I have reread the Twilight series like 9 times each and I have read Midnight Sun's partial draft AND I even read the parts you took out of the Twilight series that are on your website. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! These books changed some of my views on life and that may sound crazy, but it is true! They even't helped me through some hard family and friend issues. They helped me get away from the madness. Thank you so so much!
Please finish midnight sun....i cant get enough of it....when you stop writing just before the meadow im like nooooooooooooooo you cant stop there.
Youre a bit of a legend, and i love your work.
Please continue with it
I dont think you should ever stop writing edward.....get him in the host!!!
Stephenie, I love you and your books. The saga ranks right up there with Pride & Prejudice, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter for me, and believe me, that is saying something. I support you, but please, please, please finish Midnight Sun! Please keep writing about these characters. I would love to hear the whole saga from Edward's pov and know what happens with Nessie & Jacob and Leah and everyone after the end of BD. I know you were happy with the end of BD, but we are just dying for more. Please reconsider finishing Midnight Sun. I am totally supportive of you needing time, but could you at least give us a more definitive answer? Right now, I'm clinging to the hope the you will continue with the Twilight saga one day, but I would really like to be more sure of that. Please? For your fans and your characters, Stephenie? Wow, it feels like I have said these same things about a million times over the last few months, but they are so true.

Love & God bless!


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