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i dont know about you guys but i am missing twilight more than ever right now. we are now past the one year mark of the release of part 2 which to me is amazing. i cannot believe it has been a whole year already but it doesnt make me miss it any less. ive been keeping up on the news of rob and kristen too just to see what projects they are doing or drama that they are going through i just cant stay away. i may just be the only crazy person feeling like this lol but if anyone would like to talk about the movies, characters, or rob and kristen feel free to post. i miss being on these message boards where we can freely talk about it and not be made fun of.

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My sister in law and mother had a tradition of seeing a Twilight movie together each Thanksgiving or Christmas (whichever holiday we were together for) and this will be the first time in 5 years that we don't have a movie to see together.  It has been a fantastic tradition.  (And we will probably continue with another movie, but it won't be the same).  My sister in law is a Vampire Girl and I'm a Wolf Girl and my mother has read the books but always got them mixed up (like wondering why there wasn't a baby in Eclipse, lol) so it was a wonderful time with lots of laughs. 

that is really cool. i didnt start liking twilight until after eclipse came out on dvd so the only movie i got to see in the theatre was breaking dawn part 2. i love how you guys kept a tradition of seeing the twilight movies that is just wonderful. 

I wasn't really a fan of Twilight (the movie) or NM (the movie) but it was my sister in law who had read the books and encouraged us to see them as a fun girl movie for us to watch together.  I read the books after watching NM and it was the books that made me really like the characters.  

the books are really amazing. my sister got me to watch the movies bc she really thought id like them so i finally gave in, turns out she was totally right. i started the books right after i watched the first movie. 

Aww, that is great. :) 

i think the story is so interesting and i like her take on the mythology of vampires and werewolves. 

What is it that you find interesting?  

And yes I like the changes that she made to vampire and werewolf mythology. 

i like that Bella is smart and clumsy i like how stubborn she is and how much it gets her into trouble, it also cause those around her to be hurt she is so head strong with her decisions and once she makes them she thinks that is the right thing. i also like how only some of the vampires have special powers and i love how Edward cant read her mind and that Bella is pretty much immune to all the powers. i like the idea of vampire venom how that is what changes a person. i even like the werewolves and how when vampires are around it causes them to change and join a pack. i could go on forever but those are pretty much the tops things i like. 

Me too, to sad stephenie didnt right anymore novels.

i was on another board and someone mentioned that there should be books about Renesmee and Jacob also maybe that she turned to the dark side that would be very interesting. 

I miss twilight too I need another book amd movie. but if its any consellation vampire academy series is going tobe n theaters the first movie comes out on valentines day. author richelle meade

My awesome boyfriend got me the white collection of all the books including a short book Stephanie wrote about Bree Tanner the young girl who was killed in eclipse. Reading the books over again is helping with my withdrawal lol


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